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Five Steps in Dealing with Panic Disorder

Updated on June 28, 2013

Five Steps in Dealing with Panic Disorder

Five Steps in Dealing with Panic Disorder
Five Steps in Dealing with Panic Disorder | Source

Steps To Stop Panic

Panic Attacks Helped

Five Steps in Dealing with Panic Disorder

There are actually more than five steps in dealing with panic disorder. Focusing on what works best when in this situation is primarily what will be discussed. Severe anxiety can lead to panic disorder. A panic attack that one experiences cannot be seen. Panic attacks can only be felt by the individual experiencing these frightening mental attacks on themselves. Assuming you already know what causes a panic attack in you or in a loved one, I will not go into depth about this. There is plenty of material on the internet about what a panic attack is to the person going through this disorder. If not treated, anxiety can turn into panic for a person and then into full blown agoraphobia. Agoraphobia is fear of the marketplace or general avoidance of places where others gather. The psychological response from a patient with panic disorder is that they fear, fear in itself. There are no known full cures for those of us that experience some sort of panic or even agoraphobia. Cognitive therapy is one avenue that has been proven to work with some patients. Medication works almost too good for a short time, yet addiction can become a factor with this regimen of action. Hopefully we will touch on the five steps that you have not tried in controlling your panic attacks. This is the goal of this article for those that live with this affliction and pain.

1) The first of five steps, in dealing with panic disorder, is to get a neurologist or psychiatrist that specializes in panic attacks. There are some that deal with Generalized Anxieties, but do not focus on the panic aspect of the problems you may be fearing. The internet is full of local doctors that specialize in panic, so put forth an effort to seek these doctors out. A good psychologist is another avenue you want to be looking for also. You may need medication if your problem is keeping you from working and living a life, normally. What is normal you may say? It is when you can face your fears and feel confident in facing them. There is such a relief when you finally gain control over a part of your life. Your family will notice this also, and this will reflect upon yourself as a positive. Is medication really the option to consider? Yes, if you want to feel the benefits of getting out of the house and know that a miracle would have to happen for you. Why? Because the medication, such as Xanax is fast acting and you will feel like a normal human being in a matter of an hour or so. It is quite humiliating to feel so good, when you felt so bad for so long of time. You will think it is a miracle drug, yet be cautious of the habits this drug can enforce upon your soul. Please be aware of the dire consequences from Xanax and reap the benefits from it while you work with a therapist on the underlying causes of your extreme anxieties. The goal is to make you feel normal with the medication and work with therapy while reducing the use of medicine at the same time. This step is a long shot, because it is so easy to get use to just taking the pills and forgetting your panic. Do not get caught up into this, or you will have further problems in the future. Doctors are here to help and some will continue to keep you addicted to Xanax or other drug in this class.

2) Ok, so you do not want to go the medication direction. This is your choice and life. There are breathing techniques that can be used to calm your inside mind and body. The best way to describe the breathing technique is to first lie down. Once you have yourself comfortable, start breathing in a slow manner. Put your hand where your tummy can be felt moving up and down. This will help you in being aware of your breathing. When we have panic our breathing speeds up rapidly, causing us to think we may pass out or have a heart attack. The trick to this exercise is to learn how to breathe deep and slow. The more you can make your own body more relaxed in tense situations, the better you will get. This is very true and works well whether you are just stressed out or having extreme panic. While lying down and one hand put on your stomach start breathing in and out slowly and close your eyes. You may fall asleep doing these release techniques. This is ok. Your goal is to learn that deep breathing and controlling your intake of air as you breathe deeper and deeper. There is excellent hypnosis MP3s and CD’s that can help you learn how to relax, and breath. These are very helpful and some panic sufferers are actually able to rid panic out of their life doing this process. This technique is good to use when you are in a grocery store setting and start to feel a panic attack come on. Start breathing slow, and realize you are getting calmer. This process is not easy, it takes time and practice to learn. DO not be disappointed as not a one of us knows perfection to stopping these attacks. This is a cognitive therapy way of dealing with anxiety and panic, and it works. You have to give it time and realize this. There is not a one step on here that is easy to overcome, your will is what is needed for any of these to work. I have chosen what has worked for me as a man who has had this all my life and read numerous books and watched DVD’s and spent several thousands of dollars for psychiatric help and hospitals.

3) There are several “Get Well” books out there and some are better in the trash. You will read the same thing over and over. What you want is results and that is what I am trying to present here, is a few steps for results to a healthier and productive you. Another way to tackle this panic situation is the “In your face Fear Factor” as I would call it. Possibly the most disturbing and fearful way to rid of panic disorders and best way. The idea is to put yourself in panic driven situations and let you sweat it out. If you’re afraid to fly, for example. Book yourself a trip that is about forty five minutes to any destination and a flight back. What you have here is a paid ticket going round trip and you booked the flight and made all the arrangements. Granted you’re not liking what I am saying, yet if you can use your breathing techniques and leave alcohol alone, you will make out just fine. It will be uncomfortable at first, but breathe in and out slowly and think positive thoughts. You will enjoy this trip because you lined it up and took it and passed the fear factor to an extent. This can work in a mall setting or anywhere you feel fear. Face it head on and sweat it a little, and remember that no one sees you having a panic attack. Keep this all in your mind as you do these exercises for yourself. There is no silly fear out there, its all real, your goal is to conquer it. Why do we have this? I have no idea, there is really no definitive medical reason or hypothesis why panic actually takes control over some of our lives. There guesses. We just want to control the nervous problem and move on, right? If you can meet your fear face on and do this continuously, you will have conquered panic disorder completely and this may be the best of all ways to deal with panic disorder. Again, these are the ways that work and I have seen them work. Each person has their own way that has worked for them. So there are many books about this problem that affects so many of us humans.

This is more for the men out there, and it applies to women. There are some men that drink too much and you know who you are. How many of you drink to get rid of an emotional problem just to have the problem come back the next day. Maybe a few of you understand where I have been, I know from AA meetings. Men are the highest group to drink alcohol to control panic attacks because” It is not their sickness or problem.” I have news for the men out there that most of you drink in excess because of depression and anxiety of a situation. The trembles of the next day hangover make you take pills to dissipate the headaches and nerves. This is a part of panic in fact. Don’t believe me, take a look at the other guys and how much they drank. Did you drink more than they did last night, and why? You have to own up to it and be a man

Men have anxiety and fears, we were brought up not to show these though. We are the tougher sex

4) in reality this is not true. For a man to admit he has fears is very slight to happen. He is too proud to admit he has any problem and therefore will drink himself to death if not paying attention to his health. It’s ok to drink alcohol, if you’re not a panic driven person. If you are a select few of us though, alcohol to women and men will make this panic disorder even tougher to control. It’s a dual addiction type problem and needs to be treated as one. Treatment centers for men and women prove that most are in for rehabilitation because of the underlying cause of addiction. This could be fear, depression and the list goes on and on. If not treated for the underlying issue, you will go out and instantly drink again and again. What about the pills (like Xanax) and drinking. Here we have a fine line. If you take your medication without alcohol and take it as directed by a doctor that specializes in panic disorder then ok. If your alcoholic and then start taking medication for panic you are looking for trouble of addiction. This is where I will let you decide, because there are some whom successfully have been able to handle the medication without drinking becoming a problem. Most in AA would disagree with me and say you’re taking another drug to cover the alcohol for your anxiety problem, and I respect their feelings. AA is a program of recovery from addiction, whether from pills or liquor. Let’s put it this way, if you were diabetic and had to have insulin for yourself to live then after you gave up drinking you would go back to your regimen of insulin. Maybe that is not a good example of what I am trying to convey, again it is a risk you will have to determine if it is worth possible addiction to Xanax and then another treatment center and then starting at square one with coping with panic. It is a crazy, medical issue we have to deal with. Why oh Lord do we have to go through this anxiety and life at the same time? It can frustrate a person so much, but remember there are directions to go if one way does not work for you. These steps are the true nature of this disorder and I am not sugar coating any of it. It is real, the fear is there, and we want relief and deserve it.

5) The last step of overcoming panic disorder is not a pretty one. Some of us have had support over the years for this disorder and have had our bills paid by family members because we could not leave the house. We tried to explain our situation to loved ones but they grieve and help us out nonetheless. God bless them for this monetary support. This is where panic disorder books do not talk about and that is the person who has no family unit to support their actions or in actions. The panic prone person has persecuted himself for years at times, and without help from a family member, most of us would be homeless. There is no program for those with our disorder. We might be called other mental names to grant us access to mental wards of the state or if you’re lucky a treatment center that specializes in Panic disorders. There are such places in Boston, Arizona, and a few other states. These facilities cost lots of money, so it is back to being filthy rich to go to such facility. It makes one wonder how many homeless people there are that are panic stricken and just don’t have the help we have. The author is not saying that you should be grateful for having this disorder, but we are the lucky ones that have a significant other or family member that helps us to live as normal as possible with this nervous problem. Try your best to take advantage of any way out of the house and into the world of fear and regain control of what is yours. I would hate to know that you are homeless because you have Agoraphobia (fear of leaving the house), and reading this article. My heart goes out to you, the system is not fair.

In conclusion, these steps are the most sought after for panic disorder recovery and without faith and works you will not change. If you do not change let us hope you can laugh and live in your own little world and we understand why you may have given in and up. My only hope ifs that you keep trying like we have and make it out just a baby step at a time. It is possible to live life to its fullest having panic disorder and it’s a fact that you could lose everything because of this disorder. Please feel free to post your thoughts on this article and what has worked for you to get over panic attacks. One note, is that you cannot make us do these things to get better. We have to make our own decision to get better. You may think you are helping in pushing a person you love out of the house if he or she does not go out and get a job and start making a living. With panic disorder suicide is an unfortunate alternative that you do not want to see happen, so be careful how you deal with a panic prone person. It is quite unnecessary for anyone to take their life when there is so much help out there in the world. There may not be a cure, but there are fixes and steps to take to get better. I hope this has helped someone that has this disorder or a family member that may be at odds with this circumstance of a chemical imbalance in their loved ones body that they cannot help. God bless everyone that lives with this and God will always help if asked.Dealing with panic disorders are life threatening, and can be treated , always keep this in mind.


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