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How to Deal With the Mentally-Challenged?

Updated on July 7, 2013
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special childunderstanding the needs of the disablespecial people needs acceptancedealing with the mentally challenged
special child
special child | Source
understanding the needs of the disable
understanding the needs of the disable | Source
special people needs acceptance
special people needs acceptance | Source
dealing with the mentally challenged
dealing with the mentally challenged | Source

We find it really difficult to deal with special persons. Some laugh, tease and even make fun of them. But the truth is, those mentally-challenged individuals should be given the most amounts of care and attention.


Family members of these people should have enough patience and understanding. They should be the one to look after them. They must not isolate them but instead, let them live a normal life. They can also take them to a medical constitution where proper care, attention and therapies can be given to them.


Acceptance is the best thing that a family could give to a special person. Being able to accept that they are not the shame of the family and it is not their fault that they have that condition is a great relief for the patient. Family members, friends and people who these patients trust most can be a big help in caring for them.


It is a great effort to care for a mentally challenged person. Helping them out to do normal things can be really rewarding. They don’t need pity from us, what they need is love, care and understanding.

Vita-Living - Creative Caring for people with developmental disabilities by Deborah Dorsey

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      pooja 3 years ago

      I like to stay with them....actually I love this types of children