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How to Deal with Molluscum

Updated on June 15, 2011

A Mother's Scare

I have never been so scared as a mother as I was when I took my daughter to her doctor for the warts on her butt. When we went in and showed her she said "I can't be 100%, but they look like genital warts." How does a 2 year old get genital warts?!?!? My heart sank and I began to cry hysterically. She recommended that we see a Dermatologist to see our options for removal. Because the warts were located right in the crack of her buttocks, they were causing much discomfort. Racking my brain for many days, I wasn't sure if laser removal was right for a 2 year old and still trying to figure out how she got them in the first place. How was my daughter going to live with this disease for the rest of her life?

Our visit to the Dermatologist brought a lot of relief. She explained that yes because of its location it could be genital warts, but because she was a child it could be something called Molluscum. The heart wrenching part, she had to cut a wart to do a biopsy to be sure. She explained to us that she has seen a rise on Molluscum, 3 out of 4 kids will more than likely get it. It is most common in kids, but adults can get it too. We waited for the results, and what a relief it was Molluscum, not genital warts. Which gave me another mind boggling question, if this is something common in children, why did her PEDIATRICIAN not give this to me as an option?! Why did she scare me with a STD common in adults?!

We still weren't sure where she had contracted it, because she still had to have direct contact with the virus to get it. We came across a myth that said you can contract it through swimming, but doctors have not found the connection. They believe it is contracted by the sharing of towels, which we know everyone does at the pool. So I do believe this is where she got it.

No Cure - Just Precautions

There is not a lot that you can do for the warts. Yes you can possibly have them removed by the doctor, there may be a cream to use. But not all of these methods mean they will go away and not return. It is something, unlike genital warts, that will go away with time. Just take some necessary precautions to keep it from spreading.

When the doctor took a biopsy of one of the warts, my daughters started to go away. When we went back for a visit the doctor was surprised, especially given how bad the cluster was. But as time went by, the warts just seemed to spread down to her buttocks, instead of in her crack. Which for me was ok, she wasn't in discomfort anymore. But we had to be sure to keep them covered so they wouldn't spread.

We have been dealing with this for over a year now. They seem to go away and come back. I have tried covering the warts with antibiotic cream, waterproof band-aids, and wiping them with antibacterial wipes. It says to keep the warts clean and dry, which is a little hard to do, given where they are located. We have changed diapers numerous times, finding that Pampers are the only diaper that seem to help with healing. We have to change her quite often, but they do seem to be disappearing. She has had a few burst open, which are the warts you need to be concerned with spreading the virus. We made sure when changing her that the affected areas were wiped last, so we did not accidentally keep spreading it around.

She is around more kids than she was use to, so we have to make sure any warts not on the buttocks, is covered. She uses her own towel after her bath and pool. And none of the other children have gotten it.

Not Life Changing

Molluscum is not something I would consider life changing. Yes, we have had to adjust somethings and be a little more cautious when it came to other children. But this is not something that is making her sick, just causing minor skin irritating warts. Of course the situation and location of every person will be different. I thought my situation would be difficult, given she is 2, but we have adapted pretty well. I am hoping with the same precautions they will soon be gone.


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    • Corndawgg profile image

      Corndawgg 6 years ago from Topeka, Ks

      Yes it is... It is especially heart breaking when it causes them pain and discomfort. We had never heard of it either, so that is another scary thing, what else is out there that people don't know about?

    • ThePracticalMommy profile image

      Marissa 6 years ago from United States

      Never heard of this, but I'm glad you shared. It's so scary to think of all the things out there our children can pick up...