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How to Deal with Nervous Energy

Updated on August 10, 2013

Nervous Energy Can Make You Feel Neurotic

Untreated anxiety can get worse and worse...
Untreated anxiety can get worse and worse... | Source

Dealing with Nervous Energy

A lot of people experience nervous energy in many forms, some that they are aware of and some that they are not. It's not always easy to identify why this nervous energy develops. Sometimes it can be a matter of a nagging conscience, while at other times it is simply a matter of diet. Other times it is connected to various levels of depression and yet at other times nervous energy can build up as a result of changes in one's life, changes that are perceived both as good and bad.

Drinking a lot of coffee and smoking cigarettes is often a culprit of nervous energy that people experience, while at other times it is merely a chemical imbalance within the individual that causes them to feel filled with agitation or simply the need to jump around and move in order to attempt to quell the sense of discomfort.

There are a wide variety of natural methods for dealing with nervous energy however that can be positive and beneficial. Whether you are feeling edgy because of things you need to do that are not completed yet, or are feeling jumpy just because you have consumed too much caffeine, similar methods for dealing with this nervous energy are oftentimes helpful.

Getting Back to Nature Can Help Ground You

Stop, live in the moment, and notice nature's beauty above you, below you, and all around you.
Stop, live in the moment, and notice nature's beauty above you, below you, and all around you. | Source

Meditation Techniqes

Sometimes attempting to clear your mind may be beneficial to you. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Some people meditate in order to clear their mind and some other suggestions may be considered to be various forms of meditation.

Imagine in your mind a room filled with clutter. Then picture yourself picking up each piece of clutter and putting it outside of the room in a slow, but organized fashion. Once you have pictured yourself moving everything out of this room, whether in a slow and organized fashion, or by taking a shovel and throwing it all outside of the door of the room you are imagining yourself in... Then watch yourself take a broom and sweep the tile or hardwood floors inside of this room, getting all of the dirt into a neat pile to pick up, or simply sweeping it outside the door.

Allow yourself to remove everything from this room, every item and every speck of dirt. If you find yourself feeling as if there are things in this room that you cannot afford to get rid of, remind yourself that this is just a mental exercise and that in this moment, you are free to throw everything out and that there will be no negative consequences as a result.

Once you have the room in your mind entirely cleaned out, then imagine a large comfortable chair to plop down in and relax. Don't worry about being sweaty and messing up the nice chair... Just sit down and relax and if you wish, you can imagine that a fan is now sitting across the room from you and blowing soft, relaxing, cool air on you while you rest in the chair.

It is probably not a good idea to do this mental exercise while driving though....

Relaxation is Essential!

Picture of a waterfall at the Basin in Franconia Notch State Park, in New Hampshire U.S.A. - This is a very relaxing place.
Picture of a waterfall at the Basin in Franconia Notch State Park, in New Hampshire U.S.A. - This is a very relaxing place. | Source

Relaxation Tips

Another great way to reduce nervous energy if you are able is to find an excellent herbal tea that has a pleasing aroma and pleasant flavor. If you need to sweeten it, you may choose to use honey, instead of regular sugar, in order to sweeten the tea in a more natural way. Allow yourself to sit down in a comfortable spot and position and slowly sip this tea, feeling the steam against your skin as you drink.

Taking a hot, steamy bath that is just cool enough to relax in without burning you, but hot enough to have an almost sauna effect is another good way to reduce the negative, nervous energy as the steam seems to almost soak all the energy away from you and you might need to lay down afterward and take a nap from the exhaustion caused.

Various types of aromatherapy are also well known to be of benefit for relaxation and combining these with your bath time or with your nap time might result in you feeling much more refreshed and revitalized when you wake.

I can't list all the different ways to get rid of nervous energy here, but simply knowing that there are a great number of ways to approach this matter to help yourself to relax and better focus is the first step in dealing with nervous energy.


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