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How to Deal with Popping Pimples Addiction

Updated on January 3, 2011

Are you a pimple popping addict? If so, then that is bad. Addiction is never good in any sense of it. Popping pimple addiction means you have no control on your pimple popping and as we have seen in the previous hubs, that is not good. Pimple popping should be controlled and done using the proper techniques and done at the proper time. But then again, it is hard to blame ourselves. In our effort to look good and attractive, we want to get rid of all those unsightly pimples at once! However, there is where the saying "patience is a virtue" would act as our words of wisdom.

As already discussed before popping pimples is not bad. Controlled pimple popping can even bring you quick relief! This is especially true to young adolescents because that is the time when they are very conscious of their looks. Just imagine that you are going to have your first date with your longtime crush and suddenly a big pimple pops in the middle of your nose! Truly frustrating. And as such, many people disregard all advice and wisdom and just simply pops pimples whenever once takes surface. In time, this becomes a habit, becomes second nature and becomes an addiction.

pimple popping addiction
pimple popping addiction

Pimple Popping Addiction

When you hear of the word "addict", it normally brings with it a negative connotation. We normally picture drug addicts who plug in drugs into their blood stream. And with good reason too. Addicted to anything is never good for us. Addicted to drinking softdrinks or colas is not good as these will destroy our health in the long run. The same is true with popping pimples. Addicted to doing so would bring us much harm. Why?

There are a few good reasons. First and foremost, if you are addicted to doing so, controlling your urge to pop them would be very hard. Even with your knowledge that doing so improperly and at the incorrect timing, addiction to it would override all reasons and the desire to look attractive would impose itself.

Another reason is that being addicted to it means doing so habitually and thus we might do so in public without us being conscious of doing so. If that happens in public, it might bring us shame because many a times, when you pop a pimple with your bare hands (or fingers) the puss from those pimples will squirt out! If someone sees you doing this, it would destroy your image and self-respect.

Control that Pimple Popping Addiction!

Drug addicts go to rehabilitation centers just to control their urges and remove their drug addiction overtime. Fortunately for you pimple addicts, this is not necessary for you. With a few simple techniques, you can control those pimple popping urges. The most powerful way is by education. Knowing something and convincing yourself that popping pimples is bad is the first step to controlling your urge. There are 2 ways to do so. One is to think of negative things related to popping pimples. Imagine in your mind's eye that you would have a scarred and ugly face if you continue your uncontrolled pimple popping! Once you have that negative blockade, think of something positive in contrast. Picture yourself looking good with strong sex appeal! I'm sure you could think of a lot more...

In the end, it is our knowledge of popping pimples is what is essential. As they say knowledge is power. Do some research either on the internet or the library or ask your dermatologist what’s best for you. If you do so, you are on your way to controlling your pimple popping addiction.


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    • profile image

      grossworse 3 years ago

      Well! Avoid looking at yourself in the mirror....or if u do...dun come real close start examining your acne...just take a glimpse and be are done...just avoid mirror it helps....the only way...otherwise education and...all that ideal stuff seems good on internet.. When u face it u know it

    • profile image

      lucy 5 years ago

      I have been suffering for three years I have scared and ruiend my face I'm so ugly now makeup doesn't even help I used to look like a model now I have scars all over I have a serious problem I pick my whole face I can't stop its so bad I cry myself to sleep I wish one day I had the power to stop I will never get my face back I don't have money for lasers or medicine its really hard I know I'm not alone.

    • profile image

      Rachel 5 years ago

      I have a pimple popping addiction and the person who wrote this obviously has never had any kind of addiction to anything before so they wouldn't understand.

    • profile image

      AF 5 years ago

      Thank you. Seeing so many people in the exact same or worse positions, I'm starting to believe there's hope this nightmare will end.

    • profile image

      carrie 5 years ago

      i have a problem popping pimples,i always have popped mine,my husband, and now my sons,i know i putting him kinda through child abuse,but when i see those huge zits i just can help myself,but i have bought him pro active and encourage him to wash his face so he want have pimples,i just wish i could stop, i do have ocd and even on medicine for it so i think that is some of my problem,i'm just glad to know i'm not the only person out there with this problem.

    • profile image

      sc 5 years ago

      My problem is pretty bad. It's part of my routine to pop my pimples and blackheads. When i wake up, come back from school, and before i go to bed. My girlfriend tells me to stop and she's obesessed with picking scabs so i have a number of scars on my arms and shoulders.I am scared of taking my shirt off because of how my arms and back look, so I basiically don't go to the cottage, swimming or even play soccer with my shirt off if i'm put on the no-shirt team. My girlfriend always tells me to stop and the worst part is that i wine at her about how i can't stop which makes her mad, and i understand why.

    • profile image

      some OCD girl 5 years ago

      I have a problem with popping blackheads and it doesn't help that I'm double jointed. It started in middle school when I was so stressed out all the time and I picked at them covertly during class to ease my stress. Now I'm addicted to it and everyday I feel as though I HAVE TO pop them when I'm nervous, stressed, or depressed or else I'll feel an unnerving crawling feeling all over my skin. I currently have scars and small scabs all over my back (especially my shoulder blades), my chest, and my forearms. I hide the scars on my forehead with bangs. The rest, I find that I HAVE to get rid of ASAP so nobody sees. I also have a big problem with OCD in trying to pop other peoples' blackheads and zits. I can't stop staring at them and wonder if they're going to do anything about them! I've been doing my best not to help myself to taking a bobby pin to their skin to eject them, but it's like torture almost. Especially when some poor teen has them all over and they're big enough to stick a pin head through! Just thinking about it makes my skin crawl...

    • profile image

      chickenEater 5 years ago

      hey guys a simple trick to quit addiction is to wear an elastic band around ur wrist, if u touch or pop ur pimples pull back the rubber band and let it whip back on ur wrist - painful i kno but this trick really does work. it means u hav 2 hav a rubbber band round ur wrist day n nite tho

    • profile image

      some weirdo........... 6 years ago

      seriously though, when popping your own is no longer enough that you have to pop your partners aswell (like me) then that becomes an adddiction.

    • profile image

      TikaaniTatkret 6 years ago

      I too have this addiction, but mine is taken to a whole new level: I actually spread the pus on the mirror. I make a horrible mess, and I don't know what to do because I can't stop!

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      I used to have this problem really badly... And still do but not as bad. The worst part is that, to protect my face, I started to pick at the pimples and pores on my chest. I'm a female, and for some reason I chose this area, I have no idea why, but now the main area that I used to do this at is so saggy, so now I have very saggy breasts from stretching the skin.. It's horrible, I mean i'm only 19! I regret doing that so much!

      By the way, my picking seems to be spurred on by certain food allergies I found out about, the same allergies were causing the original acne that I was picking at, gluten and dairy. Also sugar for some reason will make me pick again, I have a weird feeling it has to do with low dopamine levels because that is also behind OCD, ADD, and restless leg syndrome. Try taking L-tyrosine or L-dopa and eliminating gluten, dairy, and sugars

    • profile image

      John doe 6 years ago

      I understand the theme of this document but it has to be one of the worst written article's I have ever seen. I hope not to offend but spend some time working on word flow and expressing your thoughts a bit more fluently! And I love popping zits, do you ever pop a big one then rub all the puss somewhere else on your face or back hoping to create more zits? Mmmmmm

    • profile image

      mimimi 6 years ago

    • profile image

      mimimi 6 years ago

      Hi, first of all I want to say that I am really NOT glad to see that there is more people with this problem. As explaining my problem doesn't help anyone, let me gather here all the tips I found in the previous answers and add my suggestions:

      Matthew & lili advise to avoid mirrors (lili even took out the light bulbs in her bathroom). I would generalize it by also avoid as much as possible any way of searching for pimples you may have: directly by looking with your eyes, wandering your fingers through your body or any other searching strategy you found for finding them. This our "24h searching mode" is a hard habit, probably unconscious, but it is easier to stop it than to avoid messing with the pimples once you found them! That is not the ideal solution (we have to be able to look at the pimples and say, 'hey you, I see you but I won't mess with you! not now not tomorrow and I won't think about you anymore'), but it can help with getting rid of the habit.

      Freaky-k has a plan for women: get your nails done, you will be too worried bout ruining them to pick pimples. Right now she has managed to stop the pick sessions. This makes me think of a couple of alternatives: cut your nails really short; it makes it difficult and uncomfortable to mess up with pimples. Hopefully uncomfortable enough to let you have this little moment to realize that you have to stop. The other alternative is to cut the nails really rough (with the teeth for example) to make them harm your skin if you mess with pimples. Of course, a bigger problem will arise if it doesn't stop you, but it sometimes worked for me.

      Shana suggests to picture your face (or body) in the worst condition and then picture it with the most sex appeal you can. She also tried posting a picture of someone with beautiful skin in her room. To see something inspirational helped her with her everyday problem.

      Frustrated tell us to be careful with pulling hairs they can grow back ingrown!

      Other things I could think about is to put on gloves or some kind of fingertips covering (it may look strange, but it can be really effective), go fast (at the toilet, when showering, shaving...) if you need to hurry you won't stop messing your pimples (you can even time yourself and reward you if you are fast enough or let you just very little time to go to the toilet before going to work), put on your clothes right after stepping out of the bed and put on your pyjamas right after taking your clothes out is another way of not seeing the body pimples.

      But most important thing to do is really convincing yourself not to mess with pimples. Start by when you are at bed, visualice you the next day and convince you that the next day you won't even touch a pimple. Next morning you have to convince yourself again about that before getting up. Actually, I can tell you personally, it is not too difficult to stay one day without messing with them if you are really convinced. The difficult part is continuing the next day... but at least that is a very good start! Then, when you had a successful day just enjoy it when you are in bed before falling asleep (not just regarding pimples, but mainly), enjoy yourself and feel proud of your messing-pimples-free day! If a whole day without messing with them is too much for you, just take smaller challenges. Go to the toilet but challenge yourself to not do it this time. If you success, enjoy it! You could even reward yourself, but just if you succeed in a remarkable challenge.

      It is very important (at least for me) not to start. The main problem is to stop after starting. When I'm doing it, I don't think about anything and when I realize about what I'm doing it is so difficult to stop. But if I've been preparing myself mentally before, stopping is easier. So, prepare mentally and stop as soon as you realice! And, if you are able to think before starting, just wait or think that you will do it at night. And at night, think you will do it the next day. If you can do so you can be really proud of yourself and maybe that gives you the power to continue the next day! Also, if you can think before starting, ask yourself: Why?? Is it really worth? and think about how you will feel afterwards. If you can, surely you won't start again :)

      And be careful! Always. Maybe you can stop for some time but don't relax, keep your defenses high or you will fall again. That is how I became aware that that's an addiction, because after some time having it controlled I felt again. And as you already know, be specially aware of your situation the days you feel down.

      And finally, as Jade says, get treatment. It can be embarrassing, but what is the problem to be embarrassed with a therapist? He/she is a professional of it! Isn't it better than to be embarrassed with your friends and family? And everything is easier with help. Let you get helped!

      Sorry if something is not really understandable and about the grammatical/spelling errors, I'm not a native. Tell me if you don't understand sth and I will try to write it in a different way.

      I hope it can help you! I hope that to gather all this and deeply think and write about it will help me too :)

      PS. Post here any other help or link with useful information that you found. It is very important that if you find something that worked for you, you let everyone use it. You know how hard it is to deal with this!

    • profile image

      CJ 6 years ago

      I am so addicted to picking at my face.. I don't know why.. I pick and squeeze all the puss out until my face bleeds.. I can't stop doing it.. It's a relief almost. I'm constantly touching my face and feeling for bumps.. Even if there is nothing there.. I pick at my face even when there is no mirror in front of me.. While I'm driving, while I'm at work, while I'm on the computer.. It's bad.. I don't know how to stop it, I've been doing it since I was about 13.. I am now 18, and it just seems that it's gotten worse.. I've thought about the fact that I might have an addiction.. But it sounds too strange to get help for it.. I'm just glad to know that I'm not alone, and that others have the same problem.. Hopefully we can overcome this somehow.. I just want to have beautiful skin.

    • profile image

      Shana 6 years ago

      I have had this problem for years. I mostly go online trying to look for help, but all i see is alot of people with the same problem. There is one website i seen that's says to picture your face in the worst condition and then picture it with the most sex appeal u can. I have also tried posting a picture of soneone with beautiful skin in my room. It does truly help! To see something inspirational to help with an everyday problem. I have also come open about it with my boyfriend and my family. It seems as though some of my family members actually have this same problem, we just all so good at hiding it. I went from picking almost everday to maybe once a week. Although these steps have helped, i still "relapse"? if that is the correct term and do it again. If there is anything else that i can help myself and others overcome this horrible addiction, i will be sure to post. I am looking to limit my time in the mirror for a while! This will be something we can all overcome!

    • profile image

      Lauren 6 years ago

      I saw my cousin pop a zit once. And that's when it all started for me. Im addicted to popping anything I see on my face and shoulders. Whenever I take my makeup off i try not to look in the mirror because I'm too temped to pop my zits. I just get this urge and whenever I start, it's really really hard to stop. I literally spend a 45 minutes sitting In front of a mirror. It's so embarassing because my face always gets so red and I can't stand it. I guess it's always been a stress reliever for me. Whenever I'm in a bad mood I usually just go in the bathroom and start popping. Its just calming when I see all the white stuff coming out. It's like I'm getting rid of all the dirt and bad stuff. I always regret doing it though. I really want to stop but it's just so addicting......

      I think I need help lol

    • profile image

      Concerned 6 years ago

      I confess it conforts me to know there are so many others with the same problem.

    • profile image

      Frustrated 6 years ago

      I too suffer from this. I truly feel it's an addiction. I don't even need a mirror. When I'm driving, watching tv, or anything I'm constantly running my fingers all over my face, neck, back, shoulders, legs, or any other place on my body I might feel a bump. I have fairly large pores and wear make up on a daily basis so i always have blackheads and stuff to squeeze out. My face always looks horrible and I really want to stop but can't! Help! Sometimes my boyfriend will ask me to look at his back to see if there's anything that needs to be squeezed out and it's normally at night when I'm so tired and don't want to. But then when I start it's like I get in a trance and can't stop until I've picked the hell out of him too. I'm so tired of this picking addiction taking over me. I've started pulling hairs all over my body too that I don't want there but are supposed to be there. Then they grow back ingrown so I have to pinch the skin with my nails to open it up and get the hair out. The process never stops and just gets worse and worse! I don't know what to do. I know that I'm scarring my body and face badly but that's not enough to make me quit. Does anybody have any answers on how to stop? I'm tired of walking around looking like a meth user!

    • profile image

      Jade 6 years ago

      I first got pimples when I was in kinder garden, which is very rare. We tried everything from proactive to birth control and prescription drugs. Nothing helped. I was so self conscious all through elementary and middle school. I was also dealing with Hurricane Katrina (I used to live in New Orleans)then my mom out of desperation for me to cheer up gave me a zit popper. I was afraid to touch them before because they hurt but after I saw the pus come out of a large white head i kept doing it. It was satisfying. It was painful but I loved it. I would pop a zit and even after it blead i would continue to dig into my skin with my fingernails to find more pus and I have scabs all over my back arms face and legs. I have been doing this for 7 years. I'm really lucky I don't have scars, but I know I will if I keep this up. I have to wake up an hour early every morning to examine myself to see if I have pimples. Its gotten so bad that I now search for any imperfections including moles and tiny black heads and attack them. It was at its worst when I had a boyfriend. I would pop his zits too. He broke up with me when i hurt him badly physically from my sharp nails cutting into his skin. I do it in class and in front of friends, they tell me to stop and that they don't know why such a pretty girl is hurting herself like this. I'm planing to quit now. My therapist found out and put me on wellbutrin and I am going to try to quit. This is an addiction and don't let anyone tell you its not. Get treatment.

    • profile image

      lili 6 years ago

      i have this problem too, i'm so glad to hear i'm not the only one. popping zits just brings some sort of relief from stress, i've been doing this for years. not looking in mirrors is what's been helping me. i took out the light bulbs in my bathroom because whenever i turn the lights on, i look in the mirror and i start popping zits. my mother keeps putting them back in because i won't tell her why i keep taking them out so she doesn't understand, so that doesn't help but not looking in the mirror is what really helped me. if you have a mirror in your bedroom, i suggest taking it out or covering it up. it won't eliminate the problem but i hope it will help minimize it for you!

    • profile image

      Alone&addicted 6 years ago

      Im Only 11, Im seriously broke out! I've been picking my face since I was 9 and I just can't stop. I thought I was alone and it's great I'm not. But I have a serious popping problem! I pop anywhere there is a pimple and I hate myself for it when I stop, I've taken medicene to stop and I am trying to build the balls to tell my mom to take me to a dermatologist and therapist. Help!?

    • profile image

      Angelic Demon 6 years ago

      I am also prescribed to Adderal. I also am severely addicted to popping my pimples and have been for several years. It takes up to a total of 1 to 2 hrs out of my day trying to find a bump or pimple somewhere on my body to pop. If I have a bump, no matter what it is or how much I've popped it, if it feels like there is puss beneath it, I will continually squeeze it and I can't stop myself. I enjoy the way it feels, the way it pops, and the satisfaction I get from doing this. I've noticed recently that Adderal and/or stress makes it so much more of a consuming task. I will be in the bathroom or bedroom for a couple of hours at a time when I experience this compulsion. I hate how it scars me and I'm always trying to talk myself out of doing this, but a lot of times I find myself doing this absent-minded, and in public or inappropriate places. I will definitely see abt changing meds to help prevent it in some way, but I know it will continue, even if it's not as compulsively as when I'm on my meds. I need help stopping this because it continues to scar my entire body! I now know Adderal is a trigger.

    • profile image

      LIL DEVIL 6 years ago

      I agree with misti. I pick my face whenever I go near a mirror. When it's not my face it's my arms or legs and sometimes my chest area. My face always has scabs on it. I need help.

    • profile image

      Massy 6 years ago

      I totally feel the same way. I keep picking at my pimples because I think my face looks so ugly and I want to get rid of them all. That's when it all starts. I pick everywhere and soon my face is all red and horrible looking. Next day I'll have scabs and eventually I would want those off my face too so I pick those and the process just keeps going. I don't know what I can do. I started this when I dirt saw my aunt squeeze my cousins pimple when I was little. Help?

    • profile image

      Freaky-k 6 years ago

      I've been an addict for 13years I'm at my wits end as the acne has spread to my arms &legs. I can't stop it but I need to stop it I can't wear shorts or skirts life is embarrassing. My current plan of action which would only work for women is to get ur nails done, then ur too worried bout ruining them to pick pimples. I am trialling this right now, I have managed to stop the pick sessions but still find my fingers wandering

    • profile image

      Sushant 6 years ago

      I totally agree with Misti, I am having exactly the same problem, need some help.

      Can any one help me, Please.?

    • profile image

      matthew 6 years ago

      Acne sucks try not to look in the mirror that's your enemy. I have acne and im trying so hard not to look at my face in the mirror, it seems to help me.

    • profile image

      Brier 6 years ago

      I have no problem mith my looks i just can't stand the thought of having puss in my skin for some reason, it feels satisfying to get rid of it. i can't resist popping zits whenever im alone near a mirror, sometimes im busy for 30 min even when theres nothing there. ive been trying hard to quit but so far i just can't resist.

    • profile image

      Misti 6 years ago

      I have a pimple popping addiction as well. If I see one pimple, I will sit in front of the mirror and pick my face until my entire face is red and inflamed from picking so much. I literally feel like I go into a trance once I start, and once I start it's very very hard to stop. I feel a sense of relief once I pop all the "pimples" and anything else that seems out of place. My mouth even waters in a way as it is close to orgasmic in a sense because its so relieving, and makes my stress go away. The pain even relieves me. I pick so much to the point that tears run down my face from the pain, but without intentionally crying. Afterwards needless to say my face ends up hardly recognizable and I always regret picking my face afterwards. Ive had a very rough childhood and I think in someway my problem is related to the bad memories I still have. I hope noone thinks I'm weird. :/ even though I think it is. Anyone that has similar issues like this, I would love to talk to. This is one of my deepest secrets that neither my friends or family know about.

    • profile image

      Plane Jane  6 years ago

      I can't stop popping pimples. I started doing it when I saw a guy in a class in high school do it. Now I can't stop. I pick my arms until my neck and back hurt. Everyday I wake up and tell myself that I'll stop. But then later in the day I feel anxiety and I can't stop myself.

    • profile image

      NIN 6 years ago

      i have the same problem too everytime i take off my makeup when i get back from school, i look at myself in the mirror and just stare at all the whiteheads i have i feel an urge to just pop one of them, then i can't stop i keep on popping them all over my face and the next thing i know my face is red with bumps all over then i start regreting what i did and i feel bad. i can't fing a way to stop everytime i look at myself in a mirror i tend to pop the acne in my face.

    • profile image

      jchell 6 years ago

      im so glad im not alone in this...i just thought i was weird and gross

    • profile image

      7 years ago

      I feel depressed after I pop mine too. I have to wear tights everywhere I go because my legs are riddled with scars. It shows up more because my skin is really pale. I am 17 years old, right in the stage where every girl wants to look especially beautiful and is pressured so heavily by her peers to look so, and teased if she isn't. I can't tell my mom the extent of it without being super embarrassed. Has anyone with the same problem found something that helps them to stop?

    • profile image

      alana 7 years ago

      i pop pimples on my face, my chest, and my husbands face and back. i don't do it because i hate pimples, something about the white stuff coming out is a releif of being clean as weird as that sounds. i'm not sure why i do it but after i do it i feel so depressed and un-worthy of myself. i don't know how to stop!!

    • profile image

      anne 7 years ago

      i can't stop popping. i need all the juice out...or else.

    • profile image

      izzy 7 years ago

      my mom has an addiction to popping my pimples! she makes excuses like "ohh i need to pop the zits on your face or else you will have zits all over your face" she needs help lol and i'm serious

    • profile image

      Kara Wathers 7 years ago

      I have the same problem. I can seriuosly pick at my face for hours, even though I know it will scare and look horriable in the morning. My boyfriend hates when I pop his pimples because his face ends up looking the same way. I wish there was something I could do to make myself stop!

    • profile image

      nena 7 years ago

      my boyfriend thinks i have a problem.. everytime i see a pimple on his face or back i just have to pop it and i get mad if i don't... i feel so relieve when i see the white stuff just burst out!!! and i wont stop until theres nothing coming out anymore...

    • profile image

      christian bustos 7 years ago

      i am one of those people i suffer like hell its been 3 years and i wont stop messing with my face....i pinch my face until it bleeds to get rid of pimples my face is mest up...i look mest up big time...i try my best to stop and now i have scars and still wont stop some one help me...8177167181 ask for my name christian hurts my family how i lock myself in my room all day:( i reely have a problem with addiction.


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    ComscoreComScore is a media measurement and analytics company providing marketing data and analytics to enterprises, media and advertising agencies, and publishers. Non-consent will result in ComScore only processing obfuscated personal data. (Privacy Policy)
    Amazon Tracking PixelSome articles display amazon products as part of the Amazon Affiliate program, this pixel provides traffic statistics for those products (Privacy Policy)