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Wisdom Tooth Removal Surgery: My Experience

Updated on January 3, 2011
X-Ray Wisddom Teeth
X-Ray Wisddom Teeth

Before The Surgery

Wisdom teeth can be troublesome. The wisdom teeth are also common called as the third molars.

They usually do not replace any baby teeth and grow after the second molars. The wisdom teeth come at age 15-30. Occasionally they may erupt later, or being impacted, meaning they are formed but cannot erupt due to not enough space in the jaw.

I got my wisdom teeth just newly removed since they tend to become problematic. The wisdom teeth are well known for growing in strange position, either toward the next teeth or away from the next teeth, inward or outward. In my case they were all under surface. My dentist recognized the problem and sent me to the oral surgeon. After seeing the x-ray we decided to extract all the wisdom teeth, with exception of the one at upper right. The reason is that the position of my upper right second molar was going outward and the surgeon had too less sight and too less space to remove it. Actually he ought to remove all five: all wisdom teeth, plus my upper right second molar. For all other wisdom teeth, sure I would let them out. But for the upper right side, I don’t feel like I would sacrifice both of my second molar and third molar, if I can save/ have one of them use properly in the future. So I let the upper-right second molar (medically called the 17) pulled, and hope that the upper right wisdom tooth will grow replacing it.

Make sure you had enough time to consult with your dentist and surgeon. Normally they would make an X-Ray to have a picture of the impacted teeth.

The Surgical Removal of Wisdom Teeth

The operation itself took about 30min. The surgeon was extremely fast.

Arrived 10minutes earlier before the appointed time of surgery, I got pretty nervous but luckily they –at the oral surgeon didn’t let me wait to long. Being placed at surgical bed, after a short talk with the surgeon, I immediately got local anesthesia at targeted areas. (I like it that in Germany everything goes pretty much fast and on time). Were some injections on inner and outer side of the surrounding targeted areas. The anesthesia was strong enough to make numb the surgical area in about 10-15minutes. Partially tongue, chin and lips were also affected. It felt and sounded very silly when I was trying to talk to the nurse. Of course all nerves there were on way to become numb, so it is normal to feel paralyzed while trying to talk.

The right side went pretty fast and without pain. I closed my eyes for the first five minutes because i simply just cant watch all of those instruments the dentist was using.  I was somewhat tensed despite of another anesthesia running through my right arm. It started with my right bottom (Op 48) I can feel the first cut at the side of right bottom second molar, imagined how I bleed and felt how the teeth got extracted. Then got some stitches. The surgeon moved on to my upper right second molar (Ex 17). Very fast. Less than 2 minutes. Only one small stitch.

Afterwards it was somewhat horror. Was a bit problematic with the left bottom wisdom tooth (Op 38), lots of bleeding, and also the surgeon had to cut my teeth into several pieces. I supposed he cut it into 4 pieces to make it easier to pull. I felt as if my jaw was going to break. After what felt like an eternity, left bottom tooth was finally taken out. The next and last operation: last tooth (Op 28) was a piece of cake in comparison. Operation successful! Finito! Don’t ask me how many stitches I got all together, I didn’t count, and still cannot count now.

After the Surgery

At the end, my surgeon gave me a gauze pad at both sides to be bitten to press bleeding at extraction site. I was allowed to lie down in a comfort room for a while until I can sit down in waiting room.
It was not necessary to stay too long there. Apparently the time I used to relax (phew, the surgery is done!) was long enough for the surgeon to remove another pair of wisdom teeth, namely the ones from my husband. It was not until 5 minutes sitting in the waiting room when my husband came out after his surgery. It is suggested that you get picked up due to the effect of anesthesia.

We got the “home instruction” from our surgeon about what to do during the next days. (silly me, didn’t find time to research on the issue prior to surgery, I think a part of my unconscious didn’t want to know too much in order to block the scary horrible thoughts).

At home, it was not funny at that time (but looking back to that time it sounds funny now), we cannot speak of course. It is recommonded as well to speak as less as you can. So we communicate by hand and foot, and when sometimes it became more complicated we use writing.

Within the next 2-3 hours, the pain was increasing. I wondered and cursed around why we didn't get any painkillers. We didn't ask either. With the pain you definitely do not want to open your mouth to speak, let alone going to farmacy to pick up painkillers. So the pain grew and grew. To certain point, I guess it was the peak, my eyes teared and it felt like an eternity foltery. So keep speaking nothing, we just laid on bed and wished to fall asleep.

We survived. The peak of pain subsided. Bleeding had stopped as well.

The next problem: getting hungry, I drank water only. Even to drink water, certain muscle is needed and this was apperantly also in pain. What a perfect day! At around 9p.m, after 12 hours of fasting and enduring pain, there was a signal from stomach to get food. Food, not only water. We were not so well prepared. There was nothing except potatoes smash that I thought suitable. Eating one small bowl of potatoes took me about 30minutes since I cannot open my jaws, cannot chew, and do not want to make the surgical area unclean. The food had to go through the middle of mouth, direct to tongue, and direct to throat, no chewing.

The next problem came before bed: brushing teeth. Oooohhh I cannot even imagine to open my jaws, so how can I possibly brush my teeth. I brushed my front teeth only, clean out the rest with cotton buds and rinse mouth very slowly with water.

Day one survived. I took a long deep breath.

Day2 to Day 4 were similar, except that I started bleeding in small amount again but it kept me worried. My cheeks were huge as well as if I had a small tennis-table balls on each inside. On day 4 i let the surgeon checked it up. It was still normal he said. I had to bite down a rolled gauze pad again on both side. The blood didn't taste good. I used tea bags afterwards and they neutralized the blood taste and bad foul odor. (Apparently it is normal to get foul odor caused by the wound, blood clot and bacteria). On day 5 I had no more bleeding.

Later on after all the constant pain and bleeding was gone, I looked at a shelf and spotted there were painkillers. I bursted in laugh, how can I forgot it. Yeah sure, the surgeon gave us already a prescription of antibiotics and painkillers, as we met him two weeks prior to surgery. I had bought them immediately afterwards and totally forgotten about them. ha ha ha. that was a good reason to laugh. At least I know that the pain was still bearable even without painkillers. Even my husband claimed that it was pretty heavy pain for him, and I had more or less double of that pain. He argued it could had been the same pain level, because his 2 extracted teeth were bigger and had deeper roots than mine.

In about a week the surgeon removed the stitches (unless if he had use absorbable ones). This is less painful and very quick procedure. After that all was improving better and better.

My cheeks were still somewhat swollen even though they were not as big as on day 2-day 4. Because of relatively small face it looked obviously swallowed. My husband called me "chipmunk lady" on those days. At about two weeks I still had small blue-green bruises on my left cheek, which remained until about week 3.

I am glad it is over now and I can eat normal after again.

Thank you for reading. I would be happy to receive a comment or feedback about this article.


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    • profile image

      John locke 10 months ago

      Worst thing I've ever been through in my life. No joke. It's 5 days of pure torture from not being able to eat a normal diet to constantly worrying about getting the smallest of things stuck in your extraction holes. I'd never recommend it to anyone.

    • profile image

      Cris Taylor 13 months ago

      I just had the exact same surgery two days ago and I'm DYING of pain

    • profile image

      klara 2 years ago

      Had my wisdom teeth removed on 3rd july. So painful. So hungry. Craving meat!

      Good luck to anyone else getting it removed!x

    • profile image

      Kelly 2 years ago

      I had my wisdom teeth removed at least 10 years ago at the OHCWA in Perth. I still have constant numbness, painful tingling on the left hand side of my tongue. When I brush my teeth every time I touch where my lower left tooth was I get what feels like a 9v battery to the tip of my tongue. I constantly chew on it to the point it is now a habit to try and prevent biting it. I only know I've bitten my tongue as I bite so hard that I taste blood and usually resulting in scars left on my tongue. I was never advised of possible permanent numbness. Apparently my root had a hook shape ant it severed/damaged the nerve. For at least a year after the dentist did free follow ups, to me that means he is admitting fault, however the feeling has never returned. I chew on my tongue, which is now a habit, so much that it's red raw and very painful. I started off chewing on it so I knew were it was to stop the constant accidental biting of it. Besides the fact my tongue looks disgusting from all the scars and bite holes it actually really hurts almost constantly. Wish I knew if something can be done so long after the procedure to help.

      Just a word of warning to all. Don't do it. The risk outweigh the benefits. I now have to live like this for the rest of my life.

    • profile image

      Johann 3 years ago

      Thank you for sharing. My wisdom teeth (both, top) are starting to get very sensitive - the one is horizontal! So yes your post has put me at ease a bit more :)

    • profile image

      Anee 3 years ago

      I just had mine removed its 4 days now...

    • profile image

      hoom khan 3 years ago

      Its second of my surgery and I felt pain as soon as anesthesia stop working pain was killing so I went ER thy gave me painkiller injection and m hoping I will not get in pain again I still hv painfull throat cat chew cant eat nd my jaw is stuck any one can tell me whn this throat stop hurting

    • profile image

      James Norris 5 years ago

      I'm glad to hear that your experience was that good. I personally had a great oral surgeon as well, but I had terrible wisdom teeth. I was swollen for a week. Wisdom teeth removal is no fun at all. It is something that hurts like crazy. Thanks for sharing this post though.

    • profile image

      Morphius 5 years ago

      I'm in day two :/

      cotton bud is a great idea

    • profile image

      BiiiX3 5 years ago

      your article was a life saver.. haha i dint know how to clean my tooth after the extraction of my right wisdom tooth until i saw your article.. using cotton bud was a brilliant idea. thx

    • profile image

      Wisdom teeth removal 6 years ago

      Wisdom teeth removal is the last teeth to erupt within the mouth. When they align properly and gum tissue is healthy, wisdom teeth do not have to be removed.

    • profile image

      Thuli 6 years ago

      OMG!! Scary stuff. I happen 2hav the most brutal, killer pain on my left molar, its been goin on for months bt it wasn't so hectic as the pain wud go away but NOW...Its been a week of cryin non-stop my tooth wnt stop giving me the pains 24/7 n mind u i hav a 7weeks old son n a 6year old who need al the attention. I tried al sorts of painkillers bt the pain just stayed the same, nw im determined to hv it removed as its causing me alot of pain on my left ear, head, hand, jaw, practicaly evrything on my left hurts. Reading ur article sure gave me the witts(am scared) bt it hs 2b done. Wil let u no hw it goes...

    • profile image

      sage 6 years ago

      Oh and I went to the surgen yesterday for my check up he said all is well...

    • profile image

      sage 6 years ago

      I had all 4wisdoms removed plus #17 I think. I was given the painkillers bout 8days before the actual procedure andd being young I popped em all... Haha I figured if the pain was bad I could get some more... From less than legal means. Anyways after the surgery I fell asleep for 9~ hrs woke up in pain took 400mg of ibuprofane did not eat went back to sleep ~13hrs and I haven't fealt any pain since ... So I guess everyone heals differently...

    • profile image

      DePuy Pinnacle Recall 6 years ago

      Ouch, that was some experience. Undergoing any type of surgery is never a fun experience.

      I have had a Pinnacle hip implant in the past. Although the surgery was a success, I'm now experiencing severe pain on my hips. There have already been reports and lawsuits filed by other patients who have been injured with the DePuy Pinnacle hip replacement device. I'm considering all feasible options and I may look into the methods of filing a lawsuit. You might want to check out the DePuy Pinnacle recall website as well.

    • profile image

      Fixodent Lawsuit 6 years ago

      Well, I must be lucky for i still have my wisdom teeth. And my dentist said they're all healthy and in a proper place.

      Anyway, thanks for sharing your personal experience. :-)

    • bekaze profile image

      bekaze 7 years ago from Germany

      dear kat: hope it is getting better by now. normally it takes about 1-2 weeks until the wound closed. could be different from case to case. eat soft food, and to clean you may use a button bud (q-tip) gently. good luck.

    • profile image

      daniel 7 years ago

      @ kat I had my right lower wisdom tooth removed on friday (4 1/2 days ago) which was horizontally fully lodged under its adjacent molar. The dentist removed a section of my bone and had to remove the tooth piece by piece... the procedure took 1.5 hrs and my dentist really sweat... the swelling has gone down however the pain is still there and I guess it will remain there for a couple more days... I guess in my case its normal since i had a long procedure... if your situation was similar to mine you should not worry since the more complicated the extraction the more it takes to recover.. hope it helps

    • profile image

      kat 7 years ago

      i just had mine removed last week. the doctor took out the stitches today. but the right side of my gums, the area where my surgeon had to cut through to get to the tooth, is still raw and it hurts. i am afraid to eat as it bleeds a bit sometimes and i dont want food to get stuck inside. how long should i wait for it to heal?

      help please, i am so worried.


    • bekaze profile image

      bekaze 7 years ago from Germany

      glad that this article helps

    • deancortez044 profile image

      deancortez044 7 years ago from Las Vegas

      I had mine removed and it really wasn't as bad as I expected it to be. If you need to have this procedure done, don't worry about it too much. Just follow the tips in this article and get it over with!

    • profile image

      jack 7 years ago

      I just had all four of mine done. Good article. However in Australia it is actually illegal to drive within 24hrs after any anesthesia!

    • profile image

      marie 7 years ago

      oh ma gowsh i haven't gottten my teeth pulled but it sounds like it hurt ! do you haveany tips?

    • bekaze profile image

      bekaze 8 years ago from Germany

      @wesley, good to know there I was not alone :).

      @shaz, i hope my article could calm you down. i understand your worries.

    • profile image

      shaz 8 years ago

      I'm scared because soon all four off my wisdom tooth will be gone too,its painfull to think about it.

    • profile image

      Cosmetic Dental Surgery 8 years ago

      HA HA

      Great article. Sounds exactly how it went for me when I got my teeth removed back in 2000. I was in the 11th grade. I was asleep during the surgery but when I got home, oh boy, did it hurt. I was crying at the peak too. All they gave me were some Ibuprofen. They should have given me codeine but I guess its good they do not sometimes since the pain really only lasts 1 day and then its over.

      Wesley Barras