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Designing Memorial Bookmarks

Updated on September 1, 2014

One of the more unique and fairly new keepsakes distributed at funeral or memorials today are bookmarks that can give a brief overview of the service, but also serves as a tribute to your loved one who died. Funeral or memorial bookmarks come in one standard size, but you can create a special lasting memory by using a bookmark template because you decide the design or style you want or what best represents the person who died.

What to Include in a Memorial Bookmark

Memorial bookmarks typically include a small overview of the deceased person and can include some biographical data, details about the funeral and burial and commemorative poems, scriptures and photographs. Since you are free to design the bookmark any way you wish, some of the things you may want to include (though not all will fit) are:

  • Appropriate Picture: Typically, you want to put a flattering image of your loved one the front, along with his or her name, and dates of birth and death. On the front or the of the bookmark, you can include the time and place of service, and if applicable, the grave or plot number.
  • Funeral Tribute: A copy of the obituary or an originally written tribute are both acceptable and can be placed on the back of the bookmark. They both contain biographical highlights of the deceased person's life as well as hometown and current residence and surviving family members. What you put on the bookmark also depends on the size and style of font used.
  • Photographs: If you are at a loss for words, you can also add a single photo to the back of the bookmark, similar in size to the one on the front (depending on how much room is available). Don't make this image too small because you want guests to be able to recognize the person in the photo.
  • Readings, Poems and Songs: There are many memorial poems, Bible readings, and songs available that you can include on your memorial bookmark.
  • Acknowledgements: You can use a little bit of space on the back of the bookmark to thank guests for coming to the service.

Creating a Keepsake Using a Bookmark Template

You can create beautifully looking memorial bookmarks for your loved one's burial or memorial service from the comforts of your own home. It's as easy as purchasing and downloading a bookmark template, adding and editing the text and imagesto fit your needs and printing.

Remember to double check your work or have someone else do that for you. If you don't want to use all the ink from your printer, take your finished copy to a print shop or office store to have professional-looking bookmarks made.

Creating your own memorial bookmark will save you time and money instead of having a professional, such as a graphic designer or funeral director, do all the work. You will know exactly what you are getting. Be original and make this a bookmark that others will want to keep for years to come.


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