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How to Detoxify Your Body Naturally

Updated on January 30, 2014

Detoxify yourself


Detoxification, also called detox, is the process where toxic substances from the body are eliminated.

We’ve heard a lot about cleansing and we often wonder just how helpful it can be. Detoxifying our body can actually help us achieve wonderful benefits through proper cleansing. While many people claim that they feel more energetic and focused when they are on detox program, this method was not scientifically proven yet to eliminate any toxins from our body although this has been around for years and most probably because people try to avoid processed food during the program.

There are simple and effective ways to simply detoxifying our body naturally. Let us take a look at these tips on getting rid of toxins from our system and welcome those nutrients that our body needs. This would be a great start for a healthy and better you.

Ways to Detoxify Your Body

1. Drink enough water.

As the number one rule, getting enough water is what our body needs. It helps maintain the fluid levels inside our system which helps the kidneys by flushing out the toxins from the body. Proper intake of water can help our organs to function properly, better circulation and digestion, and also help to clear our skin. This simple step can bring great help to our entire body.

2. Eliminate alcohol, caffeine, tobacco intake.

These things are harmful to you as they bring toxins to your body. As a result, these will make you unhealthy and may actually make you sick.

Tobacco is on top of our list which is commonly known as ‘smoking’ or ‘cigarette smoking’. It’s one of the vices that many people find hard to control if it becomes their habit already. An example would be those who’re working as call center agents and on graveyard shift or those who stays and play at any casinos out there. Many say it’s their way of relieving stress.

It could be true but in reality it doesn’t offer any help at all.

Smoking which contains harmful substance such as nicotine can cause serious illness in the long run such as lung cancer. The worst is, it’s not limited to the smoker or so called who gets the ‘first-hand smoke’. Second-hand smoke is also risky to other people around him. Moreover, there’s another form which is the ‘third-hand smoke’ (e.g. smoke or any substances/particles of the tobacco that get stuck into your clothes or any areas) when inhaled by anyone could potential cause health problems too.

To quit smoking is easy for a few but quite hard for many people. They will only quit if they’re experiencing obvious negative effects to their body already.

If you are one of those and had thought of quitting, act now and don’t think twice. Your determination and discipline in taking care of your well being will be your ultimate keys.

Having just a bit sip of alcohol or coffee is not the problem, however, making it a habit of drinking too much of either of them is not a good idea. In a long run these will develop into toxins that our body cannot process anymore. You become dependent and it will be the cause of another health problems.

3. Sweat it out.

Exercising is essential for a healthy lifestyle and also helps with weight loss. But what does exercise do when it comes to effectively detoxifying our body?

Our body shed excess fat and loses some weight when we exercise. As you sweat these toxins were eliminated from our system, hence, cleansing takes place. In this way we are not only helping our body cleansed but also helps proper circulation and digestion while keeping our organs functioning well.

4. Getting longer and proper sleep at night.

Sleeping is an essential factor for a healthy well-being. Without enough sleep, you lack energy during the day, and it can even mess up your mood. When you lack sleep, we feel tired and exhausted as our body wears down and our immune system becomes weak which makes us get sick more easily and this is not a good idea when it comes to naturally cleansing our body. 7-8 hours of sleep is enough for our body to recover from the entire day’s activities. You will really can tell the difference when you wake up in the morning feeling happy and bursting with energy.

5. Proper managing of stress.

We all know that stress does not bring any good for you physically and mentally. When we feel pressured, our body releases hormones and harmful toxins which in turn make us ill, weak and even gain weight. Taking proper care for yourself and building positive energy not only help in detoxifying our body naturally, it also make us look better and feel better.

Now you know the few ways to keep your body detoxified , would you prefer to step on the next stage? What I mean is to act now before it’s too late, getting rid of bad habits result to what we are in the future. How we take care of ourselves and getting conscious to our health still lies in our hands. Now you make a choice.


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