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How to Detox your Body at Home

Updated on November 25, 2014

How to Detox your Body at Home

Many times, it happens that we just keep on gorging on all those unhealthy meals, till the time we see the impact, they have on your bodies and minds. We start feeling dull, sluggish and lethargic. One can easily put the blame on all that oil and additional flavors, but detoxification is something, really essential in such cases.

What comes in our minds from the word "detoxification" is - a spa. What if you stay at a place, where there are no spas nearby? Well, the good news is that, even if you have a spa near to your place, but you are unwilling to pay for it and other luxuries, you can still go ahead in detoxifying your body.

What you require is a perfect plan, and here it goes:

1. Have enough liquid

I know, you might have got bored of reading this advice almost everywhere, but it is a fact –your body needs plenty of water and hydration to work in an appropriate way. All the insalubrious contents stuck in your intestines will be flushed out of your system by the water.

2. Tea can be good for Health

The amazing richness of green tea in antioxidants, can improve your body’s immune system. The damages made to the cells and blood vessel walls by free radicals, can be repaired by these antioxidants. This can also prevent blood clots, and therefore any dangers of heart attack.

3. Fruits – Tastier ways to Detoxify

Fruits are excellent sources of antioxidants and vitamins, which are needed for the regeneration and repair of tissues. One can easily add apples, oranges, bananas and kiwis in their daily diet plans. It is always better to choose fresh and whole fruits, instead of going with the processed or artificially flavored juices.

4. Go Vegetarian

Have loads of green leafy vegetables. They store vital quantities of nutrients like calcium, vitamins, iron and proteins, etc. Consume at least five portions of vegetables every day.

5. Beans can be wondrous

Soybeans are extremely rich in proteins. Usually, when you eat junk food, your body gets drained off the proteins. Proteins are fundamentally the building blocks of your body and soybean can cater to your body for this need.


Foods you must Avoid:

1. Processed Drinks

Oh! What big can happen with just one drink? After all, it is just some carbonated water. But, did you know that carbon dioxide can cause your stomach to bloat, thus adding acidity and obesity to your body? Therefore, keep yourself away from the CO2, and take in some fresh oxyen.

2. They are just oils!

Well, saturated oil is the main cause of numerous health issues such as skin problems, diabetes, obesity, cholesterol and heart diseases.

3. Life can be Sweet without Sugar

Sugar in your food can lead to diabetes and hamper with your body’s defense mechanism, hence avoid it at all costs.

4. Stay away from White Foods

Try to avoid white processed foods like white bread and pastas. They contain starch that can cause obesity and cholesterol related problems.

5. Life can be Good Without Potatoes

Even though, being one of the most eaten vegetables, potatoes can still cause harm to us, sometimes. They come with a toxic fungus called solanine, which can cause gastrointestinal poisoning.

In addition to the above mentioned healthy diet, add some amount of physical activity too like swimming, playing badminton, tennis, etc. Exercises can always help a great deal in releasing toxins by sweating them out.
So, you see, it is not always needed to visit a spa to detoxify your body. It is so easy to do with simple steps as mentioned above, just you need to plan and stick to it.


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    • profile image

      Miss L 6 years ago

      Very useful post! I know all these things actually, but it is good to repeat them again!

    • calicoaster profile image

      calicoaster 7 years ago

      hey! Thanks Wendy Rick, the clean life and daisyjae!! :)

      @daisyjae: Yeah...junk food may looks funky for sometime, but trust me I need to have a diet of soups for at least 2 days to feel good, after having one junk meal... Still, each body has its own demands.

    • daisyjae profile image

      daisyjae 7 years ago from Canada

      I really need this hub right now, I have been eating so much junk food lately! Will bookmark and follow your advice!

    • the clean life profile image

      Mark Bruno 7 years ago from New Jersey Shore

      Great Hub here with the video and all terrific information.

      Thanks for sharing with all of us.

    • Wendy Krick profile image

      Wendy Krick 7 years ago from Maryland

      useful information.