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How to Develop Self-Confidence

Updated on February 6, 2010


How to Develop Self-Confidence

1.                       You must stop destroying yourself. If you don't believe in yourself, why should anyone else believe in you? You should first show that you believe in yourself before you can make others believe in you.

2.                       You must strip off your mask. Be yourself. It is so much easier. The energy you waste trying to be someone else will do you no good.

3.                       You must stop thinking about your liabilities. You are only human; everyone has liabilities. Think of your assets. Emphasize your strong points: your courage, your compassion, your humility, your kindness, your will to succeed.

4.                       You must stop ridiculing your own weaknesses. You are not perfect, it is true, but tell me who is perfect? If you were perfect, anyway, chances are nobody would like to know you. You would only make other people inferior.

5.                       You must stop the habit of complaining. That's one side of unhappiness. Stop complaining. See that you are better than you think you are!

6. You must keep on battling those negative forces within you. Don't give up your freedom! GOD gave you life on this Earth — not to be unhappy. GOD gave you freedom to assert your identity and be able to do what is good for you and your fellowmen. You can not do this if you lack self-confidence. You cannot do what GOD wants you to do if you yourself have no belief in yourself.



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