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ACRP Credits

Updated on September 30, 2010

How to Earn Continuing Education Credits Through ACRP

The Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP) is a non-profit organization for clinical research professionals. Once you’ve successfully earned certification from ACRP as a CCRC, CCRA, or CCTI, you need to maintain your education credits by obtaining contact hours sufficient to meet the ACRP guidelines. The goal of ACRP is to “promote integrity and excellence for the clinical research profession.” Earning continuing education credits allows for demonstration and reinforcement of the knowledge of your field. You can be a member of ACRP and not be certified; however if you choose to obtain certification you need to follow their guidelines for the maintenance process.

Renew the Certification

Renew every 2 years from the date of the original certification and complete 24 documented education contact hours. Of those 24 hours at least 12 need to be with an emphasis in clinical research continuing education. An excellent way to obtain contact hours is to go to the annual ACRP meeting. A certain number of hours of the presentations can be used towards your contact hours.


You may also use points towards your certification maintenance. You can complete 12 points worth of continuing involvement activities such as presenting a presentation worth 3 points or authoring a journal article worth 4 points. You are allowed to use contact hours if you cannot complete the 24-point requirement Just keep in mind that 8 of the contact hours must be focused in clinical research topics alone.

Don't Miss the Deadline

If you fail to maintain your contact hours you will only have a 6 week grace period to renew and submit your hours or points. If you miss that deadline then you would need to reapply to ACRP and pass the exam over again.

Refer to the ACRP handbooks for the CRA, CRC, and CTI for more information about the specifics of renewal.


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