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How to End Kidney Stones Naturally - Chanca Piedra

Updated on December 30, 2011
My husband, Paul
My husband, Paul

Paul's Story

I’ve had two kidney stone attacks in my life. They weren’t fun. They were the most painful things I’ve ever endured. Once I had them, I knew I was in for a lifetime of kidney stones. I thought, if they formed twice, I’ll probably get them again. It affects about 10% of American men and 5% of American women. Chances are, you know somebody who’s had painful kidney stones.

In the States, my urologist and the Internet told me to drink lots of water and avoid certain foods for my calcium oxalate stones (about 80% are this type): strawberries, black tea, coffee, chocolate, carbonated drinks, spinach, cashews and peanuts, beets, sweet potatoes, and many more wonderful and otherwise healthy foods.

Well, I drank lots of water and cut way back on the above, as my doctor told me, but two years later I got another stone. I did all the right things, but still had a repeat attack.

When it happened, it took me to the floor. The pain was excruciating. I threw up for hours and, eventually, went to the ER. Once they put in the pain killers, I was okay to leave and make an appointment for surgery. After the removal of the stone from my ureter, and subsequent follow-up with my urologist, I swore I would never go through it again.

New Country, New Ideas

Soon after (April 1, 2009), we moved to Costa Rica. A few months later, I made it a point to see a local urologist, Dr. Johnny Rodriguez at the Los Angeles Clinic in San Ramon de Alajuela, Costa Rica. Cost: $60. He did the digital thing, and gave me a script for an X-Ray at the local Caja hospital; it was free with our monthly Caja (Costa Rica's national healthcare system) payment of $42. For more information on the Costa Rican healthcare system, read our articles here.

A week later, I took the results back to Dr. Johnny. Sure enough, I had a stone, so he sent me to get an ultrasound (cost: $30). Yes, they confirmed, I had a 7mm stone attached to the wall of my kidney. He told me to drink lots of water and take Chanca Piedra.Chanca what??” I asked. Before purchasing it at our local macrobiotica (health food store), we looked it up on the Internet. We found that there had been over 300 studies with positive results and no side effects. According to these unofficial studies, Chanca Piedra worked quickly, sometimes in just a few weeks, to break up the stones and allow them to pass harmlessly through the urinary tract.

It’s natural and comes from Peru and Brazil. I consider it a wonder pill. The first month, I took three a day, with or without food. The second month, I reduced it to two a day, and then to one a day during the third month. I still take one a day as a maintenance dose. It probably did its job the first month, but who wants to take a chance? It only takes one kidney stone attack to make you realize that you never want another excruciatingly painful, debilitating, put-you-on-the-floor kidney stone again. This was the best advice I EVER got from a doc! The last time a doctor (in Maryland) told me to come back to monitor the progress of my stones, I ended up in the ER in a week!

I’ve never been a great believer in natural cures, but I’m a believer in Chanca Piedra. This stuff is great. I think it works -- at least I haven’t had another kidney stone attack since I’ve been in Costa Rica. But I did have that 7mm stone in my kidney just waiting to grow and descend. It’s two years later, and I’m still waiting, thank God!

Relief, Yes, But at What Price?

Now you might think Chanca Piedra costs a fortune. I mean, wouldn’t you spend almost anything to not get another kidney stone? Personally, I’d be willing to spend $1 a pill, even more, not to ever feel that kind of pain again. Well, actually, Chanca Piedra is very inexpensive.

Royal Breakstone, Whole World Botanicals' line of Chanca Piedra products, is very inexpensive. One bottle of 120 capsules, 500 mg per capsule, costs only $24.95 plus shipping. The shipping charges will vary depending on your location, but are reasonable, as Chanca Piedra is shipped from the U.S. The price, $24.95, is only 21 cents per capsule. The first month, taking 3 capsules a day, the cost is just 63 cents per day, or $18.90 per month. Then, 2 a day at 42 cents and finally 1 a day at 21 cents in month three and thereafter. But as I previously mentioned, I still take 1 a day as a maintenance dose to prevent calcium oxalate stones from forming again. One capsule a day, 21 cents a day, to never experience that unbelievable pain again. It seems like a small price to pay, and it is!

Why Whole World Botanicals?

We chose Whole World Botanicals because their products are made of the highest quality, single source botanicals from the Peruvian Andes and the Amazon rainforest, and are Certified Organic. They have been in business for 14 years and buy medicinal plants directly from the local/native people who grow or collect them whenever possible and to practice fair trade with them. They also have lots of helpful information about Chance Piedra on their website. They explain the many other traditional uses as well, including gall stones, diabetes, and bladder infections, to name a few. You can read all about it, as well as the research findings and doctors’ experiences here.

Read more about Royal Breakstone (Chanca Piedra)


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    • profile image

      Monika 5 years ago

      I had a kidney stone attack about 3 yrs. ago, it started as a " catch" in my kidney area, back, but I knew it wasn't my kidney itself, but something in it, I could feel it. I thought it would go away, but kept hurting more and more, finally went to the MD and he put me on major pain meds., and diagnosed a kidney stone, and by this time it had turned into a UTI and kidney infection, so also put on antibiotics. The pain was excruciating. I loved to drink Mountain Dew, eat strawberries, and sucked down chocolate like it was going out of style at the time when this first started. I was set up with a kidney specialist to be seen 7 weeks later ( yes, I have insurance, family, and pay around $700 per mo. for it). So, after the 2nd day of excruciating pain in my kidney, and being on antibiotics and on pain killers ( it hurt so bad taking a breath was almost impossible), I sent my husband to our local natural food store and he talked to the nutritionist working there. HE recommended Chanca Piedra ( huh, Chanca what???). My husband came back with this little 2 ounce bottle and $20 lighter, and I thought, ok, this is absolutely ridiculous, this will NOT work. But I was in PAIN, so I thought I'd give it a try. I took a dropper full in AM and PM, with a glass of water. Almost immediately, within 24 hours of starting the tincture, I noticed the pressure in my back starting to ease up. I continued the protocol, by the 2nd week I was practically symptom free and was running around like my normal self, I DID NOT restart any offending foods or drinks, like soda, Mountain Dew, strawberries or chocolate. By the time the specialist appointment came around, he checked me out and stated he could not find any problems with my kidneys. Since that time, I have kept a tincture of Chance Piedra in my medicine cabinet as safeguards, whenever one of my family members starts complaining of back pain or kidney pain, I give them the info. on the Chanca Piedra. I think this stuff is amazing. I have not had any other kidney or kidney stone problems since then and feel great. I take some Chanca Piedra about every 3 months or so, for a couple of weeks, to just keep all the plumbing working like it should. NO symptoms or problems related to kidneys since the original attack. I still get to eat strawberries, and drink Mountain Dew occasionally, and best of all eat chocolate again!!!

    • profile image

      Mary 6 years ago

      I have a similar story about kidney stones, except I have now gone thru this 3 times, and I was advised that green tea would help! My introduction to chance piedra came on a stopover in Mexico while on a cruise. I ended up buying extra strength chance piedra capsules from for about $25 here:

    • thearbiter0808 profile image

      thearbiter0808 6 years ago

      There are other types of kidney stones that may require you to consume the things that you were told to avoid first. Nevertheless, this hub of yours is wonderful. I also made another hub which uses coconut water to rid of stones. I guess taking advantage from the gift of nature has its price. Voted up!