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How to Evade the Thought Police

Updated on October 29, 2010

How to Beat the Thought Police


How to Evade the Modern-Day Thought-Police

It can be ANYTHING. Ridiculous thoughts, frightening thoughts, obscenely disturbing thoughts or "you are thus-and-such(name-calling thoughts). The more you try to remedy them, the worse they become. This is because to create a "compensatory thought", you are focusing on the very subject that is bothering you.........leaving you in the right place to be bullied, hurt, shocked, scared even worse. Think of the subject that is bothering you as a "channel". By trying to deny something that isn't true about yourself, you are on the channel from which this electronic-insult was hurled to begin with. If you must deny the conscious acknowledgement that you physically or mentally exist to shake these thoughts, DO IT. Be evasive, not confrontational because this is how our society is getting rid of anyone with the guts to speak up against the present technocracy.

There are mental visualization exercises that can foil these psychological attacks upon our consciousnesses. I actually see the bad thought as an object sucking me towards it.........but the second I touch it, I see it as a ball on the end of a chain I'm swinging around myself and hurling it out into infinity. This seems to change the bad thought subject into something I can visualize and hence remove by hurling it away from myself in my imagination. This way, the sense of personal power is increased (although being mentally-evasive makes for one heck of a good psychic warrior in today's Electronic Police-State).

The feelings evoked all resemble that of what mental-illness would look like..........but if you get ringing in the ears or "electrical sensations" on your body: you aren't crazy, someone is trying to play with your mind using high-tech. I'm living proof. I've received shocks to my ribcage that felt like a punch in the stomach for specific THOUGHTS I was having. It was PHYSICAL and it correlated with the intentionally-offensive THOUGHT I was generating each and every time I did it. We DO have actual MIND POLICE that can do various things to: annoy, hurt, "drive crazy" (protect your ears with loud music and their "synthetic psychoses" cannot take hold of your mind). I've been punished for doing things with too much force. No wonder everyone moves like remote-controlled vehicles........they are scared to fight this invisible, un-provable but ABSOLUTELY REAL menace.

The ironic thing is that "they" like to imply that WE are "in jail" when in fact their thoughts are so restricted that they do not really own their own minds anymore. It's like having a marrionette jeer at you: "Look how un-free you are!" The fact is if you think our present-day country ISN'T a techno-fascist police-state, you are also in prison. The key to getting out of prison is to break out, then PRETEND to be someone who is still ignorant about these changes.

I take breaks from this "war" all the time by believing that nothing is wrong (but deep down never forgetting the truth). A mind that thinks of itself as mindless cannot be trapped by these "dog-catchers" because there's no conscious physical representation of yourself to twist,defile,insult. How do you insult what appears to be a cloud of undefined being-ness? You CAN'T because such a thing has no "buttons". Don't worry, just because you claim to be nothing or that you don't know what you are doing doesn't make it will find that you can still perform very complex activities despite the fact that you believe you don't know what you are doing. It's HOW you undermine the system that permits you to get at this one: nicely, serenely, gently, treacherously and SEEMINGLY IGNORANT.

We can ALL learn to do these things and the specter of techno-fascism can eventually be confronted by a large number of people who have learned to both "work within AND against the system" all at the very same time. It can look like a Utopia if you choose to see it as thus. How well you are allowed to feel for thinking thusly! It can look like NOTHING IS WRONG if you insist on interpreting reality thusly (and some minimal Abilify/Zoloft/Clonopin). This gives you a chance to regenerate your will (never use more than what's prescribed and have an extra pill left over for when you are waiting in line to get your script refilled). That gives you a chance to recharge yourself mentally-speaking. It assumes the form of however we define it to be. The key is knowing how to manipulate HOW you see this world(and yourself) to attain mental/physical well-being which you turn around and invest in the war against something you know is wrong (and save yourself from becoming a marrionette as well!)


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    • LadyFae profile image

      LadyFae 6 years ago from Under the Stars

      Wow, that is some piece you wrote there. Vote up, up and up. Please keep informing us Moeflats.

      And thank you for doing so.