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How to Extinguish Hot Flashes - the Safe, Effective Way

Updated on March 30, 2016

Hot Flashes

Dear Fellow Hot Flash Sufferer,

Are you sick and tired of being held hostage by hot flashes and night sweats?

Remember the way you felt before being rudely awakened with hot flashes and night sweats. Imagine sleeping soundly through the night, getting out of bed well rested, and living every day without thinking about breaking into a sweat. It can happen again.

Like me, I found out that there are lots of women trying to steer their way through menopause – on their own. Like me, you are not enthusiastic about putting chemicals and unnatural products into your body. Like me, you want to know some practical tips and tricks to get you through the sudden blazes.

Here are seven easy, reliable coping mechanisms you can use every day to survive hot flashes…

1. Avoid clothes that are tight-fitting, made from heavy fabrics like wool, or made from polyester or synthetics fabrics

2. Layer your clothes so you can peel them off as needed

3. Turn your thermostat down a little lower to keep your home on the cool side

4. Suck on ice chips during the day to keep cool during a hot flash

5. Keep a glass of water by your bedside to put out the flames of night sweats

6. Wear breathable cotton nightwear

7. Leave your bedroom window open slightly to help keep the room cooler

Allow me to add an additional coping mechanism to the above list – fans. Get fans of various sizes and shapes, mechanical and non-mechanical. A fan in your bedroom (ceiling or floor model) with a handy remote control you can easily turn on and off will help during the nights. A fan on your desk will help in the office. A cute little hand held fan in your purse will help when you are out and about. Forget about diamonds. During a hot flash, fans will become your new best friend.

Going through “the change” does not mean you are anywhere near the end of life.

Take care of yourself so you can enjoy life on a daily basis. Embrace the good, see your beauty, build your strength, fortify your health, and listen to your quiet inner voice of wisdom.

Truth be spoken, surviving hot flashes may not be easy. Be resolved to not let your life go up in their blazes.

Look past the dim, uncomfortable days of menopause to the brighter days to come afterwards. Days when the once searing flames will go out for good.

Always remember that you do not face “the change” alone. Millions have gone before you and emerged tougher, smarter, and happier. So will you.


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