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How to Fake Your Pregnancy

Updated on January 8, 2014
Fake Your Pregnancy
Fake Your Pregnancy

Ok, so your roommate, sister, best friend / worst enemy beat you to the punch and got knocked up before you. Worse yet, she's younger which only reminds you your days are numbered. Now, feeling envious and losing self control, you believe your parents are preparing to disown you, as well as everyone else you know. What you don't know is that it doesn't have to go down like this. There's always a last resort. Make your momma proud, it's time to fake a pregnancy!

Supplies Required

*  Inflatable belly suit
*  Baby center account (free)
*  Patience

Step 1

Make an account on with your imaginary baby's due date. This free service will allow you to check up on the proposed status of your baby week by week so you can appropriately pretend to suffer from all the right symptoms at the right time, such as morning sickness, heart burn, and feet swelling.

Step 2

Search for baby ultrasound pictures on google images and print them out on glossy paper like they would do at the doctor's office. Depending on the picture you decide to go with, modify your story of how long you've been pregnant as well as your due date. Think about all the questions you will be asked and practice your bogus answers. *Remember, the average pregnancy is 9 months, adjust accordingly.

Step 3

Arrange a get-together with some of your closest friends to announce the news and reveal the ultrasound pictures. If you rehearsed the previous night this part should go fairly well. Gossip will spread and you will officially be pregnant!

Step 4

As time goes on and you continue to add new symptoms to your daily routine, you will eventually need to do something about your belly. Socks and groceries bags are now a thing of the past. It's time for an inflatable pregnancy suit! This suit, can adjust the size and shape of your belly and breast areas to look increasingly close to your due date as the time approaches. Unfortunately your friends will want to see it, touch it, and listen to your baby's heart beat. Don't worry, just tell them you have stretch marks and are very embarrassed, plus touching it any further will only make the stretches worse! Works like a charm... ;)

Step 5

Since baby adoption is time consuming, you will not likely be able to end this with an actual baby. Your optional courses of action are to claim miscarriage, which is of course a very common way out of such an ordeal. Better yet, consider becoming a part time nanny of a child that is the approximate age of your own fictitious one. Coordinate with this temp child's parents to allow "field-trips" such as going to the grocery story and shopping malls. Surely your friends will encounter you at some point.

Step 6

Inevitably, all must eventually come to an end. Slowly talk less and less about your new born until finally all of your friends and family have forgotten. When the occasional comment arises regarding where your kid has been, simply respond with something along the lines of, "...summer camp!"


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    • chuckandus6 profile image

      Nichol marie 

      7 years ago from The Country-Side

      I don't think pretending to be pregnant is a good idea it's better not to envy people it took me years to have my first baby boy.Alot of people I knew had children of their own. now I have 4 wonderful children and I am very happy. When the time is right you will have your baby. This could hurt alot of people and cause alot of stress for you having to keep up with the lies

    • jrsearam profile image


      7 years ago from San Juan, PR

      OK so what's the punchline. What's the story behind the story? What the heck is this? LOL! Whatever you're doing, it's a trip...JR

    • ShannonLTimothy profile image


      7 years ago from Saint Petersburg, FL

      I'm sorry but this hub makes no sense at all. I mean ok, you fake it all the way up until there is no baby born. What do you say for yourself then? Not only will it make matters worse but it will make your family and friends not want to trust you. It's the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Thanks for sharing though, it helps me to understand where some peoples mind sets are at these days! WOW!


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