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How to Fight Iron Deficiency Anemia by Eating Iron Rich Fruits | Benefits of Eating Fruits 101

Updated on November 29, 2013

How to Fight Iron Deficiency Anemia - Eat Iron Rich Fruits

The symptoms of iron deficiency anemia are mostly felt with women that is usually owed to their monthly menstruation through which iron is lost.

To fight this type of anemia, one should feed on fruits that are rich in iron, especially the ones who are vegans and need to have a balanced and nutritional diet. With iron deficiency anemia symptoms are of fatigue or weakness because there is no iron to help with transporting oxygen to the organs. For this reason, iron intake is important in the well functioning of a body.

These fruits are recommended for bringing iron to your body system:

* Sun dried tomatoes in a single serving will ensure 25% of the necessary daily intake.

* Dried apricots taken in a single cup throughout a day will ensure 44% of the recommended intake of iron.

* Prunes and raspberries are other fruits to bring in iron for a well functioning of your system and fight as such iron deficiency anemia.

Some Fruits to Serve More Often and Their Benefits

People in their majority love fruits. In fact our body is very dependent on this gift of nature because it comes with plenty of benefits for the body, there is no doubt about this. Let's take a look at the fruits that you should have more often and their benefits:

* Lemons - come with a high nutritional value, but did you know that lemon juice diluted with few drops of water can reduce the scars on your skin? Remember when you apply it, you should do it at night because during the day it makes the skin more sensitive to sun light.

* Strawberries - beside the fact that are very rich in antioxidants, they can help in whitening your teeth by mixing 1 crushed strawberry with half teaspoon of baking soda and brush the teeth with this mixture. If you do this once a week you can have white sparkling teeth!

* Bananas - are rich in potassium and vitamin B6; this one can reduce the effects of hangover.

Eating Fruits before Having Your Meals

You don't have to be very concerned about eating fruits before having meals because according to studies 1 or 2 cups of fruit juice with one hour prior to having your meal will actually prevent you from gaining weight.

They give you the feeling of satiety in your stomach and in this way you can have a better control over the foods you are serving. However, there are some fruits that is not recommended to be consumed on empty stomach, such as hawthorn fruit, persimmon, pineapple, in one word - fruits that have high acidity and astringency.

Instead you can rest assured that consuming fruits such pears, apples, watermelons, bananas, and grapes, before your meals can be very beneficial for your body. Eating fruits after meals will only bring more sugar into the body and while you are on a weight loss diet, you will have difficulty into shedding off the pounds with taking excess sugar from fruits consumed after meals.

Prevent Fatty Liver

Eating fruits and keeping your liver in a good state of functioning is important into having the nutrients properly broken down and absorbed into the body.

At the same time toxins can be also processed into being properly eliminated from the system. Fatty liver can occur as a condition where fat is present in this organ more than 5%. A little bit of fat is ok, but once it becomes more than this percentage it leads to fatty liver disease. Therefore, you should focus on fruits that help with eliminating this fat.

They are as follows:

*Fruits are high in fibers such as apples, bananas, pumpkins, and berries. You can successfully include them in your daily diet.

*Avocado is indeed a fruit and not a legume as others may think of it. This one contains monounsaturated fats that help with lowering cholesterol levels. It is also beneficial in keeping an eye on blood sugar level and prevent diabetes from occurring.

What is your favorite fruit to eat, or you eat the most?

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The Benefits of Alkaline Fruits

Alkaline fruits are very important into maintaining the body pH at its normal level. This is essential for the overall state of health because with a 7.2 body pH, one can keep illness away.

It will only increase the lifespan, so let's see those fruits that can help with maintaining good alkalinity in our body:

* Figs - can be consumed both in their raw form or dried. They are however laxative fruits, so do not take more than a few figs per day.

* Apples - can be consumed in their raw form because in this way you can benefit at the fullest from their nutritional value.

* Sweet grapes - can be consumed as fresh fruits but also in dry form, that is usually present as raisins.

* Bananas - are not only good for maintaining a good alkaline pH balance, but also help in healing process. They are also rich in calcium, which makes them a good choice for the fruits you consume daily.

Fruits for Diabetics

As a diabetic you need to avoid foods that are high in glycemic index and the same you should think of fruits. The important thing in a diabetes diet is that everything you eat should keep blood sugar level under control.

For instance fruits that are high in sugar content and saturated fats must be avoided. Instead you need to focus on fruits that are nutritious in fibers and have less sugar in them. Avocado may be a good example but this needs to be eaten with caution because it has many calories and at this point you need to take note of the other food you consume and its caloric intake.

Other fruits that have a good fiber intake are: mango, apple, and currants. You can as well consume oranges and bananas but you should make sure that you increase your level of exercise. Including dark green leafy vegetables into your diet will also help you keep blood sugar level under control.

Fruits to Eat for Various Types of Cancer

People suffering from cancer or those who have undergone surgery and radiation therapies, must consume fruits, but not all fruits are suitable for this type of health condition.

Here is a list of the fruits that are recommended with people suffering from cancer:

* Grapes - they contain resveratrol that can inhibit the spread of malignant cells.

* Strawberries - are rich in antioxidants boosting the immune system. They also contain ellagic acid that protects the body against those damages done by cancerous condition.

* Figs - that have in their pulp a component that fights tumor inhibiting the synthesis of proteins that feed the cancerous cells.

* Bananas - are other fruits suitable for cancer sufferers because they contain elements to inhibit cancer formation agents: carcinogens.

* Kiwis - are rich in vitamin C protecting the barrier of intercellular substances eliminating as such the substances that form cancerous condition.

These are the fruits recommended for those suffering from cancer. All of them have been subject to years of study prior to be known as anti-cancer fruits.

Help With Healthy Joints

It is a well known fact that you should better prevent than cure and for this reason approaching fruits and vegetables can be a great way to keep us protected against diseases.

These lies will introduce you to the fruits that should be consumed for preventing and helping in arthritis and have as such healthy and stronger joints:

* Cranberries - can prevent the occurrence of this condition because they contain a high amount of antioxidants reducing as such inflammations that install at the level of the joints.

* Ginger - it is recommended as a way to bring relief to arthritis sufferers. You can simply apply a few slices at the affected area and you will feel the heat warming your joints.

* Fruit juices - are suitable for this condition because there is no need to go through the digestion process as the nutrients in the juice are easily absorbed an brining health to the joints.

* Fruits rich in vitamin C can reduce as well arthritis problems.

Fruit is the missing link in weight loss

Diet for a Healthy Living

Healthy dieting can come in various forms but none of them compares to the health benefits brought in by a fruits diet. It is easy to implement in your daily routine and it doesn't take a lot of time into preparing the courses. With more and more people these days complaining they lack time to cook, a fruits diet can be their answer.

Check this out:

* For breakfast - drink a glass of water at room temperature and then prepare a bowl of cereals with fresh fruits in it: bananas, mangoes, oranges, pears, strawberries or grapes. You can also have a fruit smoothie by adding skimmed milk or low-fat yoghurt.

* For lunch - prepare a salad of vegetable leaves with low fat dressing (homemade type) along with sandwiches. Add to these a mixture of grapes, apples and oranges for dessert.

* For dinner - a salad with watermelon, banana, apple, pineapple or papaya can be a healthy way to end a day.

Snacking on a fruit between the main meals is another healthy addition to a fruits diet.


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    • ologsinquito profile image


      5 years ago from USA

      This is great advice. We hear a lot about eating enough meat to prevent anemia, but nothing about fruit, except for raisins. Voted up.


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