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How to Find Happiness in Life

Updated on December 9, 2010

Happy Once and For All

Happiness is tremendously important because it helps us to define ourselves in terms of success, being confident that we are satisfied with life and have a sense of well being. To feel most happy is a challenging goal in life because it is difficult no matter how rich or poor you are to feel as though you are content with what you have. There are steps you can take to achieve a happier successful life and to find happiness once and for all.

Connect to Others

 It is human nature to want to be part of a group and to feel connected to that group of people. When we are with other people and feel as though we have a common interest we are most happy with ourselves. The easiest way to find others that share a common goal with you is to attend Church. Even if you are not the religious type you will find happiness in knowing that other people are out there that will be there for you when you need them. You can find the same kind of connection in a computer group, quilting club, or volunteering for an organization. Find your community and connect to others and you will feel happier.

Commit to the One You Love

If you have a best friend turn your friendship into something more. Get married. The sense of security of a marriage will provide you with a sense of commitment and devotion that will feed your soul. Married people are happier because they know there is someone there for them all the time. They are not alone. They are more secure. They care for each other. They are happier.

Do Something Different

Take a vacation or try a new hobby. Trying something different might spark something inside of you. You might realize just how short life is. It is time to take on a new challenge. You will create memories that will last a lifetime. New shoes get old. Kick them off and go barefoot. People are afraid that splurging on something like a car is a better investment but when it comes to happiness splurging on a vacation will last a lifetime.

Surprise a Friend

Be nice to your friends. Buy them something spontaneous like a cup of coffee or a nice book. Seeing the smile on their face will bring one to yours. It is the memories that we create through our experiences and love from others that truly lets us be happy once and for all.

If you work towards being happy you will find the happiness that you deserve. The steps above are simply things that I’ve done in my life to make myself be happier and they really do work. I am sharing them with you because I know you deserve to be happy too.

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