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How to Gain Confidence with Dreams

Updated on January 8, 2012

Sometimes you drop into spiral of fear and it's hard to gain confidence in life. You can control a lot of your real life circumstances by managing them in dream state. By allowing your mind to control the circumstances in dream your subconscious mind learns how to tackle the position in real life. This is turn teaches your rest of the mind how to gain confidence in certain situations. It's no different from how you program your computer to perform certain task before creating executable for usage. It's like your mind is using dream as a sandbox to test some conditions and work on your confidence.

Note that your mind that represents your personality and subconscious side of the brain both learn as you test these variables in controlled dreams. But you'll not able to retain this information once you wake up which is fine as too many details in dream are not good for your memory as well. You just have to test the situations in controlled dream and let your subconscious brain do the remaining work.

Dream Control for Gaining Confidence

Please note that your subconscious mind wakes up to full potential in dream state. You'll be tested on all types of negative variables by subconscious mind which is a good thing because if you pass these test then subconscious mind learns about it and programs rest of the mind for these variables. You just have to control the situations in dream before you test them in real life.

Approaching the situation in dream is lot difficult than in real life. For example, your mind will put the worst case scenario first when you begin testing something. Let's say you are afraid of stage and want to get over this fear. In such case, if tested in dream,our subconscious mind could put you into a theater or workshop where people start laughing at you before you even utter a word. This is worst case scenario which you programmed at first while developing fear of stage. This is what our subconscious mind remembers and uses it to test us. It's like we're playing with our own streagths inside a sandbox. In real life you have to make a lot of mistake before people start laughing at you. But your subconscious mind gets control and starts to put you into this state.

Managing your dream is not easy in this case because you don't get other variables from mind to help you. Here you have your ego or personality without access to some of your strengths in mind. It's like you have to man up for the situation in order to solve the issue. Sounds difficult? yes it is. If you control your dream state then your confidence level will keep on boosting and no matter how bigger tests are put up by subconscious mind, you'll be able to manage to get over it.

Dream Therapy

Any type of fear can be controlled using this dream state control method. I can't give you exact method to master this. It varies from every persona and you have to approach dream control with lots of practice and patience. In any case here is my method for the dream control for gaining confidence -

  • Think about your accomplishments or strength before sleep. This will put your into state of strength if you get into trance state.
  • Think about your fear immediately after you stop thinking about your strengths.
  • When you get inside the dream think about situation in positive way. It doesn't matter if you fail many times in dream. It's just a sandbox. You have many chances to take control every time you sleep or get dreams. It's exactly opposite to real life, you control the world in dreams.

Note down your dreams in journal. Online blog or some software that helps you keep notes will do. Make it personal with password if you don't want to share it with others.


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