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Motivation: Get Fit and Have Fun Doing it.

Updated on October 13, 2013

Whats holding you back?

Deep down we understand that getting and staying fit will mean for us. We know we will be happier, our organs will function better, our mood will be brighter, and that we will finally be able to live out our potential and really contribute to the ones we love. What then holds us back from consistently living a life where having a healthy body is a must and not just a desire that fails to move us to action?

Believe it or not your biggest obstacle is not your lack resources; it isn’t that you don’t have the time, equipment, or even the lack of energy that is stopping you. The biggest obstacle you must break through is your own psychology. If you are anything like most people, the most impactful action you can make now is to make a decision to live a life where movement is the key to a healthy body, mind and soul.

Read on for 6 mind shifts that were critical in making regular exercise an effortless extension of my life (in good times and bad).

Where are you now?

How many times a week do you exerciser?

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6 Mind-shifts to Making Regular Exercise Effortless

  1. Do something, anything, to keep fit. Anything with movement that can get you started counts. Get a list of easy exercises you can perform at home or on the go. Don’t let the fear of huffing of puffing keep you from starting, do something.
  2. Always start with movement. Always exercise early in the morning, always exercise at the beginning of a week. Learn to make movement the start of everything you do and you will set a powerful psychological pattern for the rest of the week.
  3. Go through the motions. Early Monday mornings may be the last time you will l feel like getting up early to huff and puff, but remember, just getting up and moving will boost your energy levels! Even if you don’t feel like getting through the first 10 minute s of your workout, you’ll be glad you started, and your next 10 minutes will probably go much better.
  4. Don’t skip a day. You’ve probably heard it takes anywhere from 21-30 days to start a new habit. However in order to succeed you must practice your new habit everyday. So when starting out a new lifestyle of fitness it is absolutely critical you spend every day doing something.
  5. Mix it up. Get involved in many different sports, find different workouts, try workout with a partner. Creating a diversity of workout patterns will not only keep you interested, but it will also ensure you do not over-work the same muscle groups.
  6. Make the process pleasurable. If you associate anything in your life with pain, you will find a way to shy away from it. Find a way to associate pleasure to something however, and you’ll find yourself looking forward to doing it as often and as much as possible. So enjoy yourself, go slowly, and find beauty in the world around you. An mp3 player with some great music definately helps.

What is your biggest obstacle?

I want to know about you. Why has getting or staying in shape has been important to your life so far? It takes a lot of courage to get specific about what drives us, but once we do, there is massive leverage in knowing. How have the decisions you've made in the past about your health impacted where you are now? Also take the time to consider why you sometimes fail to make it out for that run or the weight room. A lot of the time we make excuses we do not even realize and spotting them before hand is a great way to navigate around or to push through them the next time they come up! So please take the time to share with us your successes and your biggest obstacles!

Whats next for you?

How much weight will you lose?

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Get Clarity

With every en-devour in life it is critical to get clear about what outcomes you wish to come out of your hard work. Take the time now to think about why it is you want to become healthier and more fit. Think about how it will effect your life now, and well into the future. To really get the drive and focus that will propel you to action, write these reasons down on a pad of paper. Then write down specifically what being more fit means to you. Do you want to lose x amount of weight? Do you want to increase your performance at a certain sport? What ever it is be as specific and clear as possible. Make sure to do this now, it might help to use the comment section bellow and the attached poll!

Have you made these terrible excuses?

Tired? Exercise will boost your energy, so give it a go anyway.

Busy? You’ve no doubt got 7 minutes—and could probably use a break from your hectic schedule, so get moving!

Some parting words.

There is no secret to having healthy and fit body. It is not an honor reserved for the few with the time and the money but something must all work to make a must in our lives so we can live a fulfilling life. I've kept this hub relatively short because my intention is not to offer you a specific plan or product, but to help you recognize the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from having a body you desire. Once you've resolved to rid yourself of these beliefs the rest of the path will be clear. Use the mind-shifts I've offered above, the many products that people have developed that you see everyday, or do what works for you but make exercising everyday a habit. Once you've got it down as an effortless part of your life, your body will give you the energy to start creating the life you've always wanted for yourself and your loved ones.

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    • Kain 360 profile image

      Kain 360 

      5 years ago from PA

      I see you posted a video of Elliot Hulse! I been watching Elliot Hulse (strengthcamp) on youtube for a few years.

      He is awesome!


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