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How to Get Kids To Exercise More

Updated on October 17, 2015

Childhood obesity is a concern for our generation. more exercise for kids will help reduce it

Getting your children to exercise has been a struggle in recent years for thousands of parents. Unfortunately, children that are a product of the age of technology simply do not move around as much or exercise quite the same as previous generations. They are not as physically active as they once were which is negatively altering their well being. A child’s future health and welfare will depend on the physical fitness and even eating habits they have now.

The first lady of the United States has taken this concern seriously for the well-being of kids around the nation and is avoiding childhood obesity by asking all kids to eat right and exercise more. Both of these factors will influence how fit a child is. These are several things kids of this generation can do to move more and gain additional exercise and we should encourage as parents.

Move while watching television

It seems a little weird, but kids can move while they watch television programs. This means that kids doing this very sedimentary activity have the ability to work off some calories.

Make certain children take the time to move around and get up from the television at least once every ten or fifteen minutes. Older kids are able to knock off a chore or two in the time commercials are running. There is an opportunity for them to take out the garbage or make the bed. Smaller ones find picking up toys, color books and other possessions beneficial for movement.

Doing chores

Physical activity is also available through washing dishes and other things around the home that not only promote responsibility, but will also burn off the calories.

Take your family on walks

Walking is an enormous amount of movement and is wonderful for more than one reason. For those who enjoy outdoors make it a family event. It promotes family time with each other while getting physically stronger at the same time.

This doesn’t necessarily need to be done each and every day. Two or three times each week works well. Ask about the children's day, friends and other discussions while out walking. This is time to stay focused on each other and enjoy the time together and get the workout as a byproduct.

Cold weather is not a deterrent. In fact, if everyone bundles up, walking in colder weather is okay. For families with a pet, walk the family pet collectively instead of individually.

Do family chores together

Imagine raking leaves as a clan. Cleaning up the yard or even cooking together as a unit. Family chores are putting everyone in better physical fitness while relishing the time with one another. Taking off calories at the same time is definitely something which cannot be beat.

Take your kids grocery shopping

Although it is difficult to take toddlers to the store and get the job done without a headache, larger kids get a benefit from all the walking involved with grocery shopping. Generally, children reach a certain age when the Mall is more fun than going with mom or dad for groceries. However, shopping for groceries is a great way to beat up the calories burned and save more money than Mall shopping with the same teens.

Enroll kids in a sport or after school activity

Sporting events and practicing certainly provide the desired amount of movement for getting rid of unwanted calories. This is by far the best physical activity for kids. A terrific idea is enroll them in dancing; bowling leagues or even a membership at the YMCA or YWCA.

Do the stairs

Stairs are an option wherever there are escalators or elevators so start to take them instead. Moving up and even down stairways is an excellent way to remain in shape. Smaller kids like the stairway, larger kids need a little nudge at times, but both discover the advantages to using them.

In conclusion

Getting kids to exercise is a good thing for their future young bodies. Not only are these smaller bodies benefiting from the working out, but it is also increasing brain activity. This brain activity influence is relative now and for the future.

Blood flow increases to the body and the brain simultaneously which helps bring more oxygen to both. Bringing in more oxygen is like watering a garden and providing it with fertilizer, it will benefit from it in a number of ways.

Show kids love by providing them with the good food needed and craved. Give these options to promote exercise in these new and different ways.

During puberty boys and girls using different exercise techniques is beneficial. Bodies are different and sometimes have different needs. This is a great video

One of the biggest concerns with children not exercising is obesity related health issues. The world has changed over the last several generations when it comes to children and exercise. Technology is partly to blame for the fact it is difficult to get them to move.

Most children do not play outside enough or move around adequately to burn calories. The ideal situation is not only burning the necessary calories to stay healthy but getting the beneficial byproduct of more intelligence. Exercise feeds the body and the brain.

Smaller children love to do exercises with cartoon characters. This is a terrific example of a video which makes this happen.


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    • smcopywrite profile image

      smcopywrite 4 years ago from all over the web

      thank you for your feedback. i believe this generation of future adults will be grateful for the help and advice we give them. our contributions will not only let them live more healthy lives, but will help them live longer.

      imagine the money saved with health insurance premiums alone!

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 4 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Brilliant point here to get children to exercise more it is the healthy way for them, your reasons are so helpful.

    • Au fait profile image

      C E Clark 5 years ago from North Texas

      You have a lot of good ideas here for parents to encourage their children to get exercise. It isn't just the body, but the brain that also benefits from exercise, so getting up and moving is just as important as intellectual stimulation. Voted up and useful!

    • DIYmommy profile image

      Julie 5 years ago

      This hub, and the plight of childhood obesity, reminded me of a picture I encountered recently on Facebook. This picture was a cartoon, displaying a child playing video games inside. When told by his mother to "go outside!" for some fresh air, he proceeded to thread his video game control through the window--only to relocate himself where he could see the video game, through the window, only this time while standing outside. Like comics, this was meant to be funny...but, it certainly conveys the challenges parents/teachers/etc face in such a technologically advanced age. Thanks for the great hub!