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Personal Trainer Marketing -How to Get Local Businesses to Promote Your Personal Training Service

Updated on January 17, 2012

Cool Personal Trainer Marketing Strategy

Have you ever thought about working with local businesses to help promote your Personal Training Services?

A great way to get new clients is to cross promote with businesses in your area. For example... If there is a tanning salon near by, you can talk to the owner/manager to see if they would like to offer a free Personal Training session with each tanning package they sell. In return you would offer your clients a free tanning session when they buy a personal training package from you. It's a win win situation! You both will promote each other business and it cost you nothing.

This technique would work well with message therapist, chiropractors, tanning salons, vitamin shops and any other business you can think of that would be a good fit. You do not have to offer a free session , you can do a coupon for a discount on services perhaps. Also, your clients may have their own business and you can work this marketing technique with them too!

It may be helpful to develop a relationship with local businesses. In our tanning salon example, perhaps you would go in and get a tan and try out their services. Get to know them. If you like their salon , ask if you could have some of their brochures. Also, ask if you can bring some of your fliers/brochures in. This would be a good way to open the door to a conversation about what you do. If you enjoyed their services , let them know you would like to send your clients there. Talk to the owner/manager and see how you guys could work together to get more business. Business owners love to talk about bringing in new clients to help their business grow!

Cross promoting is an excellent way to get new clients and increase your Personal Training Profits! Use this Personal Trainer Marketing Strategy for increased profits.

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Much Success!



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