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How to Get Rid of Belly Fat Fast - Workout Tips

Updated on July 24, 2010

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In order to reduce extra abdominal fat, you should stick to a proper diet as well as an effective workout routine. Exercise is the quickest way to lose belly fat, below are some exercises tips that can help you maintain good shape while melting away unwanted abdominal fat around your stomach.

For those who are suffering from bulging fat bellies, doing some leg lifting exercises prove to be very effective to eliminate excess abdominal fat. To do the exercise, you need to lie flat on the floor or yoga mattress with legs straight and close together, and then raise both of your legs, lifting them gradually over your head and then gently putting them down to one centimeter above the floor. Repeat it 80 times every day and stick to it for at least 1 month, you will be able to achieve significant results. It’s also great to do sit-ups following the above exercise. Put your hands behind your head with the body straight or bent, then start sitting ups, continue 50 times.

Jumping rope exercise can significantly reduce your abdominal fat, and it has many advantages:

Firstly it’s quite simple yet with a great varieties, it’s a great exercise and fitness movement especially suitable for season with low temperatures, and it is particularly suitable for women. From the exercise, the energy consumption of continuous skipping for 10 minutes is almost the same with 30 minutes’ jogging or dancing fitness dance for 20 minutes. Jumping rope is a great aerobic exercise that is less time-consuming with large energy consumption.

Jumping rope exercise helps to strengthen many organs. Jumping can enhance the human cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous system functions. Study has confirmed that skipping can prevent diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, obesity, osteoporosis, hypertension, muscular dystrophy, high blood cholesterol, insomnia, depression, menopausal syndrome and many others. For postmenopausal women, the rope also plays a positive role in mood relaxation, which is also conducive to women's mental health.

Beginners can start by jumping for only 1 minute in the first three days, then gradually increase the time to 3 minutes after the first three days, then jump for 10 minutes a day after three months until you are able to jump for about 20 minutes six months later. The energy consumption of jumping for half an hour is equivalent to 90 minutes’ jogging, Jumping rope is a standard aerobic exercise.

Although rope skipping is a good method to lose your belly fat, it is also an exercise that you can easily get hurt if not prepared properly enough, so you should pay attention to the following tips when starting skipping.

You should wear soft and light weight shoes to help prevent ankle injuries.

Pick a jump rope with adequate softness and thickness. Usually, hard rope is preferred for beginners, and soft rope is better for advanced users.

Jump on places that is soft or medium hard, lawns or wood floors are good choices, do not jump on hard concrete floor, which will put too much pressure on your joints and knees, and easy to cause serious damage and dizziness.

Try to relax while you skip, use your strengths from the toe and heels to prevent sprains.

people who are over weight or middle-aged women should use both feet while landing, Meanwhile, do not jump too high to avoid any injury that may arise due to too much pressure on the joints.


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