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How to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes Instantly- Home Remedies for Puffy Eyes

Updated on May 27, 2018
Helena Ricketts profile image

Helena Ricketts is a freelance writer currently living in Indiana.


You wake up, ready to conqueror the world. You hop out of bed and make your way to the bathroom mirror. You hope that the good night of rest will help eliminate the problem that you have been struggling with for a while, but it didn't. Those puffy, tired eyes are once again staring back at you in the mirror.

Did I just describe your mornings to you? If you just answered yes then you'll want to continue reading this to the end to find out how to get rid of bags under your eyes. We are going to be talking about easy home remedies that will remove bags under the eyes while at the same time, some of these remedies will nourish and improve your skin. The best part about these remedies is that they utilize common everyday things that you probably already have in your home or can be purchased with ease from you local grocery store.

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What is Under Eye Puffiness?

Lets begin by trying to understand our enemy a little better. Under eye puffiness is a common problem. Puffy eyes are the result of inflammation or fluid retention in the lower and sometimes the upper eyelids from some sort of change done to the healthy skin. It is usually some type of unintentional internal damage. There is nothing to fear here because this fluid retention, sometimes also referred to as an edema, can be successfully treated at home. Some of these remedies will work better for you than others so it is important to read and try each one on the list to see which one will work the best for you.

Being able to escape from puffy eyes will help you look rested and awake.
Being able to escape from puffy eyes will help you look rested and awake. | Source

What Causes Under Eye Puffiness?

Now that we know what is going on when that swelling appears, let's take a quick look at things that can cause it. Genetics plays a huge role in whether or not you will battle this issue. Chances are if someone in your family has puffy eyes with no real underlying reason, you may too. There are also controllable environmental factors and habits that you have that could be causing your eyes to puff up. There are some things that you can do that will help prevent what causes bags under eyes.

  • High salt consumption: Excessive salt can lead to water retention throughout the body, including around the eyes. If you are eating a high sodium diet, cutting back on the salt can help.
  • Lack of sleep: Adequate sleep is important to prevent puffy eyes. Ensuring that you receive plenty of rest, the recommended 8 hours, can help reduce puffiness.
  • Water retention: Water retention can be caused by consuming too much salt, but that's not the only reason why the body would retain water. This is another reason to keep an eye on the sodium intake.
  • Crying: Temporary irritation in and around the eyes from crying can cause bags and tissue swelling around the eyes.
  • Being stressed: Stress unleashes havoc all over your body but can show up on your face via baggy eyes. If you are stressed, try slowing down and take a moment to do something that will help you relax more.
  • Dehydration: Lack of hydration can cause the skin under and around the eyes to wrinkle and sag giving the illusion of baggy, puffy eyes. To keep dehydration at bay, make sure to drink plenty of water every day.
  • Excessive alcohol use: Consuming too much alcohol over an extended period of time will cause the skin to dehydrate resulting in puffy eyes. This doesn't mean you can't enjoy a beer or a glass of wine every once in a while, just be aware that a night of heavy drinking may result in waking up the next morning to puffy eyes.
  • Underlying health issue: Puffiness under the eyes can be an underlying symptom of a health issue. Regular check ups with your physician can help find any health issues that need to be addressed.
  • Aging: As we get older the amount of collagen and elasticity diminishes. These changes can cause puffiness and bags under the eyes.

As much as we may hate to admit it, there is not fountain of youth.
As much as we may hate to admit it, there is not fountain of youth. | Source

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes

Now we will talk about the nitty gritty. The things that you can do at home that can help relieve puffiness around your eyes. Try each one and see which will work best for you.

You'd be surprised how beneficial cucumber can be for reducing eye puffiness.
You'd be surprised how beneficial cucumber can be for reducing eye puffiness. | Source

Fresh Cucumber Slices

Our grandmothers knew that cucumbers were a miracle worker for our eyes. It's a natural ingredient in many cosmetics and Grandma was right! Cucumbers can stand on their own to help you eliminate the puffiness.

All you have to do is take a chilled cucumber, slice off a couple of thick slices, find a quiet place to lay down and place the slices over your closed eyes. Relax for 10 to 15 minutes and enjoy the coolness of the cucumber. When the time is up, rinse your face with cool water and pat dry.

Cucumber naturally contains antioxidants that help soothe skin and the coolness will help reduce the swelling.

A simple spoon can do so much for puffy eyes!
A simple spoon can do so much for puffy eyes! | Source

Ice Cold Metal Spoons

This is another one passed down from our grandmothers. Who would have thought that a couple of metal spoons could provide relief for puffiness? This is not only true for under the eyes but can be used on any point of swelling on the face.

Grab a couple (preferably four) spoons from your silverware drawer that will fit over your eyes. Fill a glass with cold water, drop a few ice cubes into the glass and put the spoons into the glass, handle side up. Allow the spoons to cool for a few minutes.

Find a nice quiet place to lay down and relax with your glass of ice water and spoons. Take 2 spoons out and place them on your eyes. Don't apply any pressure, just hold them there until the coolness is gone. Put the two warmed spoons back into the glass and take out the other two and repeat. After about 15 minutes, the swelling and puffiness should be noticeably decreased.

The coolness of the spoons reduces the swelling similar to the way an ice pack reduces swelling in injuries. This is a temporary fix so you may need to repeat it a couple times each day.

Small changes can make a difference.
Small changes can make a difference. | Source

Add Another Pillow to Your Bed

This may sound a bit odd but let me tell you why adding another pillow under your head when you are sleeping just might help you. Puffiness can be caused by fluid retention. The flatter you sleep, the easier it is for the fluid to collect under your eyes. By elevating your head, you prevent the opportunity for that fluid to collect.

Granted, this would be counterproductive if you aren't comfortable trying to sleep in this position. Lack of rest can be a cause of the problem to begin with so if you aren't able to sleep well while elevated, this remedy wouldn't be for you.

Kick the night time eye cream habit!
Kick the night time eye cream habit! | Source

Kick the Night Time Eye Cream Habit

I know what you are thinking. Why would she suggest that I stop one of the most important parts of my night time beauty routine? Well, the answer is easy. Your night time beauty routine may be causing your problem with eye puffiness in the mornings.

We move around during the time that we are asleep. If you put the eye cream on and move around, chances are that the cream might be getting into your eyes and could cause the problem. You wouldn't put the cream on in the morning then rub your eyes would you? No. Try skipping the eye cream for a week and see what happens. It just might be the answer to the problem.

This little tube can work wonders for under eye puffiness and wrinkles!
This little tube can work wonders for under eye puffiness and wrinkles! | Source

An Old Model's Trick- Preparation H Cooling Gel Hemorrhoid Cream

I know you are thinking that I'm crazy with this one but it does work to temporarily reduce the puffiness under eyes. Many models use this trick to help reduce the tell tale signs of under eye puffiness. I was skeptical until I tried it and for me, it worked. I personally choose the cooling gel variety because it is clear so it doesn't have an effect on my makeup application.

The main thing that you have to remember if you decide to try this is do NOT get the cream in your eyes. Do not rub your eyes after applying it. You will need to allow the cream to completely dry before applying your makeup.

How does it work? I'm not 100% sure because I am not a chemist, but my guess would be that since it is formulated to reduce swelling in hemorrhoid tissue, it simply reduces the swelling in the under eye area where it is applied.

Application is easy. A little goes a long way. Take an amount about the size of a corn kernel and pat it onto the under eye area where you are experiencing the puffiness. Allow the product to dry and in a few minutes you will notice a reduction in you under eye puffiness.

Kim Kardashian's Makeup Artist Uses Hemorrhoid Cream Under Her Eyes for Puffiness and Dark Circles

What Remedies Have You Tried?

Have you tried any of these home remedies? If so, what were your results? Feel free to share you experience and questions in the comments.


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    • Larry Fish profile image

      Larry W Fish 

      2 years ago from Raleigh

      Hahahahaha, that is quite a thought, Helena, but you might be right.

    • Helena Ricketts profile imageAUTHOR

      Helena Ricketts 

      2 years ago from Indiana

      Thank you @Larry W Fish. I saw a commercial recently for a cream for puffy eyes that they did a time lapse video on with their really expensive product. First thing that popped in my mind was that they had repackaged the hemorrhoid cream and are selling it for a mint.

    • Larry Fish profile image

      Larry W Fish 

      2 years ago from Raleigh

      Interesting reading, Helena. I am constantly amazed that there are so many home remedies that work just as well or better than what you pay a fortune for at a store.


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