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How to Get Rid of Teeth Stains

Updated on August 16, 2012

The tooth stain is one of the worst oral hygiene nightmares. You just notice them one day and they are there for the rest of your life to ruin your smile if you don't take action.

Preventative Action

Tobacco is the biggest cause of stains on your teeth. If you are smoking like hell and continue to do so the stains will be coming back whatever you do.Quitting smoking is hard I know, but the benefits of quitting smoking are not limited to whiter teeth only, you will have a healthier body, will be better at sports and awarded with a better sex life :)

Coffee, tea and coke (or any similar beverage) causes tooth stains also. If you are drinking too much , you may consider lowering your consumption, when you are drinking cold beverages (coke, ice tea and etc..) you can use a straw which would prevent liquid contacting with your teeth. If you have the chance brush your teeth after you drink any beverage that would stain your teeth.

Cleaning your teeth is essential. You would need to brush your teeth thoroughly every day. I would advise using an electrical tooth brush to help you achieve a precision cleaning (I will talk more about electrical tooth brushes on stain removal section since they don't just prevent stains they can help you get rid of existing stains). Flossing is also very important, if you would just examine the stains you may notice that the stains are mostly around the edges. That's because of the food debris that's not washed away with brushing causes plaque that leads to stains.

Getting Rid of Teeth Stains

Electrical Tooth Brush

One of the easiest and cheapest methods is using an electrical toothbrush. I am using a Oral-B 3000 Professional Care for the last 2 months. I was suspicious about stain removal and teeth whitening assumptions but looking at the positive reviews on Amazon I decided to purchase it. I have used a cheap electrical toothbrush before but Oral-B 3000 is nowhere near that thing. I was amazed even after first try because it provides a feeling similar to leaving the dentist after a dental cleaning. The toothbrush provides 40,000 pulsations and 8,800 oscillation per minute, giving you a precision cleaning around the teeth edges and removes and food debris or plaque. I have been using the brush at daily clean (with precision clean brush head) and polish mode (with pro white brush head) , there is also a sensitive mode if you have sensitive teeth which I didn't need. There are different brush heads for each mode, the pro white has a small plastic polishing cup in the middle which holds the toothpaste and removes the stains. After several weeks of usage I could notice whitening and decreasing stains on my teeth.

Dental Cleaning

You should go to your dentist frequently (once or twice every year) even if you don't have any problems and get your teeth cleaned. Your dentist cleans any tartar and plaque, especially the spots you can't reach with a toothbrush and then polishes your teeth.

Tooth Bleaching

Tooth bleaching is an application of a chemical (usually hydrogen peroxide), laser or a natural product to that whitens your teeth. You can get tooth bleaching at your dentist or using at home products. Dentist tooth bleaching applications usually contain higher concentration chemicals and give more effective results while home applications use diluted product that required more application time to achieve results. It is advised to pay your dentist a visit before you attempt a home application or to decide which option is the most suitable for you.


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