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How to Get Rid of Tummy Fat - Some Tips

Updated on July 24, 2010

Many office workers have a lot of fat accumulated around their stomach, because of sitting all day long from nine to five and lack of exercises. These people are generally susceptible to stomach problems, indigestion and other diseases. However, in daily lives, if you pay a little attention to some basic rules, you are going to have a flat belly easily.

Body fat is easy to accumulate around your stomach, this is also a place very close to the heart, where belly fat will easily “flows” into the blood circulation and cause serious harm to your health. When the abdominal circumference is above 90-100 cm, or the WHR (Waist-Hip Ratio) is greater than 0.9 for men, or greater than 0.85 for women, the abdominal fat must be melt away for healthy reasons.

How can you quickly reduce excess abdominal fat, making your stomach appear flat? Here are some tips for a flat stomach that can achieve good results in about 45 days.

1, Do some warm-up exercises for about 10 minutes until the body sweat slightly, then wrap 5 to 6 layers of plastic wrap around your waist.

2, Do abdominal exercises when lying flat on the floor.

Abdominal exercises: do sit-ups with your lower body remain still, this is aimed at tightening the stomach to make it flat.

Lower abdominal exercises: Use your abdominal muscle groups to raise your feet up with your upper body remain still, this is aimed at tightening the lower abdomen and lose lower abdominal fat.

External oblique exercise: After the completion of the upper and lower abdominal exercises, do all kinds of waist twist exercises. Practice these as supplements to the upper and lower abdominal exercises for weight loss more apparent results.

3, Massage the abdomen to get rid of extra belly fat.

In order to melt away your belly fat fast, massage the stomach is an effective way. Firstly100 times in a clockwise direction, then 100 times in a counterclockwise direction, this helps to eliminate fat and promote your body’s metabolism. Do the massage once in the morning, immediately after you get up, then once in the evening before bedtime. Adhere to it for a month, you will sure see some significant effects.

4, swimming helps to eliminate your belly fat, this is mainly due to:

The energy consumption of swimming is large. This is because the water resistance when swimming is much larger than when on the land, swimming will definitely consume more calories than walking on the land. Meanwhile, the thermal conductivity of the water is 24 times greater than air, the water temperature is generally lower, which is also conducive to heat consumption. Therefore, the energy consumption of swimming is much greater than running and many other exercises on the land, that’s why swimming has greater effect in belly fat loss.

Swimming helps to avoid injuries of lower limbs and waist movement. When you are doing exercises on the land to lose weight, the body (especially the lower limbs and waist) have to bear large gravity and pressure, so that you will experience reduced exercise capacity, fatigues, and even increased risks of joints and bones damages. While swimming, on the other hand, is done in the water. The body weight of obese people has considerable holding power by the buoyancy of the water. That way they don’t have so much pressures on the legs and waist, thus greatly reduce risk of injuries of joints and bones.

Swimming is a natural massage with many benefits: When swimming, water buoyancy, resistance and pressure on the human body are excellent ways of massage, and have great beauty effects to the skin. In view of the above reasons, obese people can really take swimming as their primary weight loss exercise. However, before swimming, you should get fully prepared and must pay attention to safety to prevent any accident beforehand.


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