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How to Get Six Pack Abs in One Month

Updated on January 16, 2014

One of the most difficult things to do in life is to get nicely defined six pack abs. It's quite the opposite of building muscles. When you want to increase muscle mass, you have to have plenty of protein your diet. However, abs is a totally different story. There is a layer of fat that covers your abdominal muscles. Therefore, you need to maintain a strict diet in order for the stomach muscles to show. Anyone can get abs by just losing body fat. However, those are considered fake abs. If you want the real abs that woos the ladies, you need to do a combination of intense exercises and a strict diet. In this article, we have a look at the most important tips that will help you gain defined abdominal muscles in one month. You have been warned. It takes a lot of courage to get nice abs in less than two months. You will experience a lot of stress and pain along the way. However, all those pains will be worth it if you have those glorified abs by the end of your bodybuilding program.

Abdominal Workouts

In part one, we discuss the most effective exercises for abdominal muscles. As you probably know by now, there are hundreds of abdominal exercises you can do. Although some may have a slight advantage over the other, the most important factor is the intensity at which you are working at. By the end of each session, you want to make sure your stomach has the burning sensation. To achieve this, you have to keep pushing yourself, even when you think your stomach had enough. The most important aspect of any abdominal workout is continuity. You don't want to give your stomach too much rest as you rotate the exercises. When you search on YouTube, you will come across plenty of 'six minute' abs workouts. In these programs, you spend around thirty second doing one type of abdominal workout. Here are some exercises you should consider if you are a beginner.

#1 The Plank

The plank is one of the most hated exercises for bodybuilders. Usually, the more you hate an exercise, the more effective it is in helping you achieve your bodybuilding objectives. The plank is extremely good for beginners because it helps you build and stabilize your core muscles. It is extremely important that you get your form right when you do a plank. You need to make sure your body is straight throughout the whole process. Your butt can't be sticking upwards because that will put less pressure on your abdominal muscles. Once you master the basic plank, you can try different variations. For example, you could try intense planks such as the donkey kick. In this exercise, you are basically kicking your leg out as you maintain a plank position.

#2 The Cycle

There are different names for this exercise but most call it the cycle. Your body should be in a crunch position as you rotate your legs and arms. There are two parts to a cycle. First, you have to rotate your legs in a circle. As one knee comes toward your head, you need to reach out towards it with your opposite arm. It takes time to learn to do it properly. However, the cycle has known to be one of the most consistent abdominal workouts so you definitely want to be doing this at some point in your exercise routine. Some people do it by the number of cycles, while others do it by time length. If you are an absolute beginner, you probably want to start off with easier exercises before you attempt the cycle.

#3 The Side crunch

A lot of people forget that the abs isn't just one big slab of muscle. Therefore, you need to do more than one type of abdominal exercise to work your whole stomach. One of the best ways to work out your side abs is by doing the side crunch. It's just like doing a normal crunch except you'll be leaning your upper body to one side. Once you do side crunches, you will definitely feel some pain along the sides of your stomach.

Importance of Diet

Your diet is just as important as workouts. If you want your ab muscles to start showing, you need to have a body fat percentage of around ten to eleven percent. You can measure your body fat percentage by using fat sensors. These devices are usually available in the local gym. If you want to decrease your body fat percentage, you need to watch your calorie intake. It is extremely important that you are burning more calories than you take in. This means you also have to incorporate cardio exercises into your workout routine.

As many of you will find out, dieting isn't easy. At first, there will be plenty of moments when you feel like you are starving to diet. Dieting essentially becomes a mind game. There are certain tricks you can use to make sure you can defeat these mind games. For example, drink plenty of water before and after a meal. This will decrease your appetite and as a result, lower your calorie intake. You should also look to eat foods that are rich in fiber such as whole wheat bread. Fiber gives you the feeling of fullness so that will stop you from feeling hungry during inconvenient times such as late at night. Whatever you decide to do, you must not forfeit the minerals and nutrients. It is extremely important that you continue to take minerals such as Vitamin C and calcium. These minerals are needed for the body to run properly.

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