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How to Get a Good Night Sleep and Lose Weight

Updated on June 27, 2011

Sleep: The Priceless Luxury

Sleep is one of the priceless luxuries that we sometimes choose to neglect because of a deadline, an additional task, a graveyard shift or a health condition, we can’t complete the ideal hours of sleeping hours. We may have forgotten how important sleep is to our body. It heals worn out and damaged tissues, metabolizes chunks of fats in our body, promotes cell regeneration and makes us forget negative thoughts in our brain. There may have been food supplements that can take care of these functions however nothing beats a deep and sound sleep. There have been studies linking sleep and obesity. People who don’t get enough sleep has more tendency to be overweight.

When was the last time you had at least seven to ten hours of sleep? If you have difficulty sleeping, you should take this as a problem that immediately needs solution as it is important to your system. Better examine yourself, your food, thoughts, environment and lifestyle.

Weight Loss & Sleep

The Connection between Sleep & Weight Loss

Some people have trouble sleeping because of stress. Some may react normally to it and seek lots of sleeping hours when tired but others react in a different manner. Thoughts of deadlines from your boss’ negative comments about your work may stick to your mind. Thus, even if your body wants to sleep, your mind is still at work and you spend hours twisting and turning in your bed. If this happens, it’s best to get off from bed and think of an activity that may help you feel relaxed.  You may write your thoughts down, go out or grab some fresh air. Watching a boring TV program or reading an uneventful story could also help.

Also, examine your room and your environment. Is it well-ventilated? Are you comfortable in your bed? These factors greatly affect the kind of sleep you can get. It’s also advised that you turn off the lights when you sleep. Light rays are also powerful stimuli that will disrupt sleep.

You should have a consistent sleeping time when you develop a good body clock, your body will respond positively to it. This explains why people working on a graveyard shift have difficulty sleeping at daytime because their bodies were used to sleeping at night. Also, sleeping at day time can never replace the advantages of night time relaxation. 

You may have also eaten foods that trigger your brain and your system to work harder. Coffee, chocolates, sweets and energy drinks contain chemicals like caffeine and taurine that pushes the body to withstand pressure and increases stamina. So, when you are ready to sleep it’s difficult for the body to relax.

Eat healthy and nutritious foods. Get enough relaxation and exercises, too. Don’t eat before bedtime and always entertain positive thoughts. These are just some tips on how to get a good night sleep. Surely, having enough sleep also saves costs for hospital bills and upgrades your performance in at work. You can also enjoy more of life as you wake up each day refreshed and happy.

Weight Loss And Sleep


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