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How to Give Your Eyes What They Need

Updated on March 22, 2012

More than any other sense we depend greatly on our vision. We should try and keep our eyes healthy even when we have the perfect vision. Not only for seeing but we also use our eyes to express our feelings. The language spoken by eyes are sometimes stronger than our words. None of us could imagine a world without eyes but still it is the organ to which we pay little or no attention. In very simple ways we can care for our eyes. We all should cultivate proper eye care habits to make our eyes healthy even when our body grows old.

Before we look at the ways by which we can protect our eyes let’s have a look at the myths which we have about eye care. These myths need to be broken first and then we will be able to take care of our eyes in a healthier way.

· Working on computer damages our eyes- We all believe in this myth. It is not the computer screen which damages our eye but it is our habit of not blinking our eyes while working on the computer. Lack of blinking makes our eyes dry and we feel fatigue and strain in our eyes.

· Watching television from close damages the eye- We all were scolded by our parents if we watched television from close. There is no scientific evidence that children who watch television from close damage their eyes. Children have the ability to focus even at close distance without straining their eyes.

· Wearing wrong eyeglasses are harmful for eyes- eye glasses are protective cover for eyes and with wrong glasses you may not be able to see clearly but it does not damage the eyes.

Now we know that what actually affects our eyes. There are very simple ways to protect our eyes. These methods can help in improving your vision and keep your eyes healthy for a long period.

· Use sunglasses while moving out. Make sure that you buy sunglasses which can block 98% of the UV rays. It is necessary that you wear your sunglasses even when moving out on a cloudy day.

· If you wear contact lenses make sure that you do not wear the for more than 19 hours. This could cause damage to your eyes.

· Eat foods which are rich in anti-oxidants and vitamin A. Diet is the most vital way by which you can care for your eyes. Carrots are especially recommended for a healthy eyesight. They are rich in beta-carotene which helps in keeping the eye healthy.

· Before going to bed keep freshly cut cucumber slices on your eyes for 10 minutes. It helps in relaxation of the eyes and prevents inflammation.

· If you are a sportsperson always wear protective glasses before you play.

· When you are working on a computer, take breaks after every 15 minutes. Make sure you blink your eyes because blinking lubricates the eyes and will help in working smoothly.


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