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How to Give your partner, girlfriend or boyfriend a great Head Massage

Updated on June 27, 2012
Head Massage
Head Massage


If you and your partner, are looking to get into the mood, or just want to relax then a great way to do it is through a head massage.


The massage should last at around 8 to 10 minutes, and you should perform each move for at least 60 seconds.

By the time you've run through each step once, your partner will feel much better & you'll have a reputation for being lovely with your hands.

Step 1

Have them lie on their back on the floor. You sit cross-legged at their head. Gently press your fingertips all over the scalp, top, back & sides. This relaxes the muscles that contract during stress. Be careful not to pull any hair.

Step 2

Have them turn their head to the left. While applying light pressure, slide your thumb down the right side of their neck from behind the ear to the tip of the shoulder.

Do this a few times, then tell them to turn to the right & repeat this on the left side.

Apply light pressure & gently pull the muscle toward you. Repeat on the left. 

Step 3

Lightly pinch the upper right trapezius muscle (it is above the shoulder, just under her ear) with your thumb on top. 

Again, keep it light, and don't apply too much pressure that will result in a groan.

Step 4

Have them turn their head to the right. With your thumbs & forefinger, gently knead the large muscle that runs down the side of the neck. 

Repeat this on the left side. You can also use this move to ease your own headaches.


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