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How to Grow Taller Tips For You

Updated on July 10, 2010

Many people are not satisfied with the way they look, and feel conscious about their weight, face, complexion, height and so on.  There are millions of people who wish to grow taller, and gaining little height seems like the insurmountable task.  No matter what the companies and people say, once the bone plate fusion has occurred, they cannot grow anymore, and the only way to grow taller is by means of relaxing and maintaining a healthy life style.  Food is vital for the body, and we need right nutrition to replenish the energy, and grow stronger and taller.

 The diet can be controlled to concentrate on the specific aspect of life, and by consuming right kind of food, it is possible to become few inches taller even after the growing process of the body has stopped.  Vitamin A and D are the most important vitamins that help in bone metabolism in addition to providing other health benefits.  These vitamins are found mainly in vegetables, and fruits like papaya, apricot and mango, and in the liver of pork, beef, turkey, fish and chicken.  Taking the amino acid glycine as supplement just before or after the work out can marginally stimulate the release of growth hormone.

 Right and effective breathing brings enough oxygen into the body and stimulates growth, and shallow breathing stunts the growth.  Sleeping is essential for a healthy body, and maintaining healthy sleeping habits is a good way to grow taller.  Make sure that you get eight hours of sleep each day, and while sleeping, the spine must stay in the horizontally straight position.  Stretching your limbs is one of the best ways to grow taller naturally, and stretching exercises generate micro-injuries at the extremities of your arms, legs and spinal bones, causing little painless, harmless, unnoticeable fractures and while the body repairs them, new bone tissue is created, giving length to bones.

 Super stretch is a simple exercise where you stand, raise your hands as high as you can, lean back slightly and hold for few seconds.  Bar hang and touching toes are also great exercises to gain some height.  To grow taller, do not waste your money on the pills and procedures, but you need to force your body to make more human growth hormone.  It is also important to sleep with the spine in horizontally straight position, and try to sleep without a pillow.

 An important point that most people miss is to get adequate rest, but keep in mind that getting sufficient rest gives body the time to expand and relax.  Understand what are growth inhibitors, and avoid them to grow taller naturally.  The best thing about natural methods to gain height is that they do not involve wasting money on inefficient medical procedure and wonder pills.  Sports, right exercise, proper sleep, good posture and right diet are all you need to start with in order to gain height.


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