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How to Handle Frustration in Today’s Turbulent World

Updated on September 14, 2017
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Stevie G. is a Life Coach, Educator and Researcher. He is the founder of Infinite Visionary Training Center in Minnesota.

Frustration affects us all. The negative emotion can build up to a point that we see very little value in continuing with our lives and affairs. The constant series of setbacks, bad breaks and loss eliminate our sense of joy and happiness. You can become a walking depression. Instead of lifting up the people we meet, we rain on their parade due to our gloomy attitude.

Falling into the trap of frustration is often the result of a series of disappointments. It’s the feeling that you get after you have tried repeatedly to make something go right only to see it continually go wrong. This could be a marriage, a career, a relationship with a child or a deep struggle with a ton of overwhelming debt. You give up because you are tired of the long hard struggle.

Relational Complications

Because your emotional wellbeing has spiraled out of control, you are unable to relate to the most important people in your life. You no longer feel like taking walks in the park with your spouse. You no longer feel like playing in the yard with your children. You are not motivated to do anything fun and exciting with longtime friends.

There are several things you can do to get help. For example, you can seek counsel from a professional counselor, you can seek prayer from a local church, or you feel so sorry for yourself that you go on a drinking binge. The first two options are legitimate choices to make, but the last option will entangle you further into your emotional hell.

Overcoming the State of Frustration

People who are frustrated must overcome it or fall victim to depression or worse. To eliminate the state of frustration, you must be willing to understand it and then do something about it.

The first thing a frustrated individual needs to understand is that life is difficult. The next thing to know is that character is built in difficulty circumstances. Nothing worthwhile or of value will be obtained with immense struggle. You cannot reach the mountain top without climbing the mountain. The journey to the top is always full of adventures or ordeals.

You don’t’ lose when you fail repeatedly. Instead, you gain immeasurably in strength, character, and knowledge. As a result, you become a role model for success once you make it to the mountain top.

Controlling Your Frustation

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Tackle with Difficulty Optimism

This may sound hard to do (and it it) but tackle your disappointments and setbacks with optimism, knowing that, even though the road is rough, you are growing into another person, a more powerful individual with undiscovered talents and skills about to be revealed.

People who have gone through their own personal hell can testify that your outcome if you endure and overcome the difficulty, will be joy and gladness.

When you see the victory in your life after the long hard journey to achieving your dreams, you will appreciate how hardship has positively shaped your life.

Avoid Meditating on Negative thoughts

To take control of your frustration, you must bring your thoughts under control. If you allow your mind to be gripped by angry or victimized thoughts, you will not be able to defeat the impulse to give up on your dreams and happiness.

Negative thoughts will pull you into an atmosphere of massive frustration if allowed. Therefore, you must challenge every thought and replace it with a positive one.

One of the best ways to overcome negative thoughts is to gather a list of positive affirmations and repeat them daily. Readying affirmations out loud is a powerful way to develop a sound and unwavering state of mind. Say them faithfully and watch your world become transformed.

Overcoming frustration takes time and effort. You must not give up on combating this emotional destroyer. Don’t allow a sense of victimization to overtake you. Remember, Joy, victory, and celebration depend on your positive understanding of the value in difficulty survived.


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