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How to Get the Best Night's Sleep Ever?

Updated on March 21, 2015

Feel Good

Restful Sleep Revitalizes you body and helps it to restore energy


How to Sleep Well at Night?

1. Try to get at least six to seven hours of sleep every night, preferably starting at the same time each day. This helps to reset your circadian rhythm and makes it easier for us to get sleepy and wake up refreshed. When you wake up open the shades immediately to get your serotonin going and stimulate your brain. Set a regular bedtime and turn off electronic devices at least 30 minutes before bedtime. The lighting of your computer, phone, etc can actually prevent you from releasing the melatonin to begin your sleep cycle. Don't begin super serious discussions prior to bedtime. Reading a book is a good way to transition to sleep.

2.You may be a coffee person and this has been found to have more positive effects that out way the negative. Caffeine acts as a stimulant to give you a jumpstart to your day. Studies have shown it may even help prevent parkinson's disease. If you are super sensitive to caffeine try to stop intake after 2:00 PM to allow your body to finish metabolizing in time to get a good night's sleep.

3.Try some stretching exercises if you are not in pain.

4. Take a shower if time permits. A warm shower in the morning can get your blood flowing and send oxygen to your brain. If you bath at night it can be used as a part of your bedtime routine to relax. After an evening bath or shower you usually are winding down and will find that as your body cools off you will become sleepy. In the morning you keep going and don't feel these effects.

5. Eat a healthy breakfast. Have some protein. Protein has the ability to last in your body longer and keep you going till lunch. Some fruit and possibly oatmeal or other healthy carbohydrate. Oatmeal has been studied and found to help lower cholesterol.

6. If you have to walk a dog now is a great time. Your exercise will keep your metabolism up most of the day and the blood will begin flowing to your brain to keep you thinking and functioning at a high level. It has been studied that exercise done early in the day actually helps you to burn more calories. As an added bonus you will have more energy to workout. On the opposite side if you are a morning person you may want to save your exercise for later in the day when you don't need to use your brain at its peak capacity. Now may be a great time to start a mind taxing project. Big projects are best done before lunch. Use this time to do bookkeeping, make important decisions, etc. Save tedious tasks like laundry and cleaning for later in the day.

7. Take frequent breaks and get a change of scenery to help you change your focus. Go outside or do some deep breathing, This will bring much needed oxygen into your brain.

8.As you head toward lunch time your blood sugar may be beginning to drop and you may need a little help staying focused. Bring some fruit with you to work or at home take a break mid morning to refuel.

9.Don't skip lunch. You need food to keep your brain and body functioning . Try a protein lunch like a chicken salad or a high fiber sandwich with whole wheat bread and protein. The protein will keep you going. Have a piece of fruit with lunch. The carbohydrates will stimulate your brain with serotonin and give you an energy boost.

10. Mid-afternoon slumps are common. If you don't have the luxury of taking a power nap switch to a different task and if possible change your environment. This will help stimulate mood boosting chemicals in your brain. If you have small children that refuse to rest at least have them take some time to quietly read and rest even if they do not nap. This give you some extra time to regroup. Movement can recharge you so take a brisk walk if rest is not possible.

11. Use music throughout the day to keep your mood elevated. Nothing seems to effect our mood more than familiar songs from happy times. Try to listen to something uplifting.

12. Have a mid-afternoon snack. Try something light with fiber and a small amount of carbohydrate, like a high fiber blueberry muffin. Again the fiber will see you through til dinner and the carbohydrates will boost your serotonin and mood..

13. Do something to relax and play date in your driveway or back yard with a friend and your children and theirs. You will all feel better afterwards.

14. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Not only will it keep you hydrated and less likely to be sluggish but it will starve off possible headaches from dehydration. This is especially important if you have achy muscles as it will wash away toxins.

15. Have a good dinner with protein again. It is thought that tryptophan makes us sleepy but actually it helps us to make more energy producing serotonin. Try some food high in healthy fats to help you sleep well like salmon or tuna. Southerners often opt for ice tea at lunch and dinner time but they may be ruining their sleep with caffeine. Instead try caffeine free tea or milk or water with lemon. If you must have a glass of wine stick to one glass. Alcohol has been shown to make you sleepy but then actually can interfere with restful sleep. Women especially should not have more than one glass of wine or beer a day.

16. Slow down as you move toward bedtime and start to lower lights and turn off electronic devices. Studies have shown the white lights of our computer, IPad, etc can keep our minds from secreting melatonin and helping us to move into sleep mode.

17 Take B vitamins for energy and drink green tea as an antioxidant and to keep you from feeling bloated. It is much better than a sugary soda. B12 will get more oxygen throughout your body and to your brain. B12 can not be absorbed through your stomach so it needs to be taken under your tongue or as an injection. Many Doctors will prescribe the injections which I used to give to myself because of a chronic illness. Fatty omega acid supplements help our bodies as they fight heart and vascular disease and act as anti-inflammatories for our bodies to prevent pain and damage by free radicals. Vitamin D is very important and can be taken over the counter or get some early morning sun to help absorb the sunshine vitamin.

18. Use aromatherapy to help you through slumps. Peppermint oil has been found to improve our typing skills so suck on a peppermint while working. Use lemon oils in your home. Japanese researchers have found lemon to be a mood-enhancer and an extra source of stamina. Try adding a lemon wedge to your water. Keep a cinnamon scented candle nearby to smell for improved mood and better concentration. Jasmine has been found to stimulate brain waves so have some jasmine tea in the afternoon.

19.I also like to keep houseplants nearby as they take in carbon dioxide and release life giving oxygen. One particularly easy plant is an airplane plant or spider plant. It has even been used in the space station to emit oxygen. It is very forgiving if you forget to water. It is a perennial herb.

20. Keep your body regular with fiber, water and magnesium. Chronic constipation can often be helped with just one 500 mg magnesium tablet at bedtime.

21. Supplements can help you to get a restful nights sleep.Try 3mg melatonin with B6 and Theanine. Always ask your physician before taking supplements.

22. Finally some forms of music can be used to induce delta waves which are what your brain produces during the deepest time of sleep. An electroencephalogram is needed to see these and doctors have learned much about how our brains relax and rejuvenate during sleep.

23. Are you a snorer? If so you could be suffering from sleep apnea. Either go for testing or try some tricks to keep you off your back. This is the worse position for snoring. Use a single pillow and one between your legs to align you back correctly. Try sewing a tennis ball in the back of a t shirt to prevent you from rolling over onto your back. You may find you feel more rested during the day. Sleep apnea is now being treated by mouth pieces that can be molded by your dentist if he is certified in this. The mouthpiece positions you tongue and prevents it from falling back and closing your airway.

Melatonin is a hormone that can help with sleep

Music for Delta Waves to help induce Sleep

AT Night I can't Sleep

In the Morning I can't Wake Up!!!!

How to Feel Better

In conclusion you can do all these things and still not feel well. Always seek your doctors opinion if you are feeling out of sorts. We all have bad days but if you find you are having more than your usual share you may need some medical intervention.

A healthy attitude goes a long way. You need to strive to make goals for your life, maintain positive relationships and reach out to others as you care for yourself. There is no quicker way to forget yourself than to help someone else,

A good network of friends and family may be one of the most important things to living healthy. Try to get out and see family and friends often even if you are not really feeling up to it. You may be surprised and thank yourself for it later.

Share Your Feel Good Habits

If you have any tips or habits you have that give you energy and make you feel good please share below int the comments. Thank you so much for reading my hub.


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  • profile image

    Davewave 3 years ago

    If you cant stop thinking at night, maybe it is a good idea to pay attention to something soothing and quiet.

    You may try out listening to something like this:

    Make sure that you can just barely hear it.

  • ezzly profile image

    ezzly 3 years ago

    I never knew a warm shower helps get oxygen to the brain, thanks for these awesome tips !

  • Pamela99 profile image

    Pamela Oglesby 4 years ago from United States

    Excellent suggestions for living a healthy life style, especially when you have medical problems. I love the music, so that one is easy,

  • europewalker profile image

    europewalker 4 years ago

    Goop tips. I find that exercising early in the morning makes for a more productive and energizing day.

  • ChristyWrites profile image

    Christy Birmingham 4 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

    Uplifting music and coffee are two of my 'go-to' things in the day for energy - GREAT list here!


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