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How to Have Fun Improving Your Health

Updated on August 3, 2011
Improving Health
Improving Health | Source

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, adults 18 and older need 30 minutes or more of at least moderate-intensity aerobic activity on five or more days a week to be healthy. Children and teens require 60 minutes or more of aerobic activity per day for their health. The challenge is how do we make sure we get the activity we need? One answer is to make improving your health fun!


One of the most fun things we can do, child, teen or adult, is to dance. If a person doesn’t know how to dance, why not learn in the comfort of home? Dancing can burn a lot of calories, too. Break out any old dance videos you may have and start doing them again. Or go to or Amazon to see what’s new in dance videos. But get dancing to improve your health!

Work Out with Others

It can be more fun and motivating to work out with a partner or with friends. Recruit someone else to join with you in the pursuit of better fitness and health. You can work out together at a gym, or outside, or in the home to exercise videos. Make sure that all understand that all of you are competing only with your old shape, not with each other! Don’t overdo it; you are aiming to improve health, not jeopardize it.

Walk and Talk

Walking is a wonderful activity which you can do alone or with others. With a partner, you can walk and talk and laugh while improving your health. If the weather is bad outside, arrange to walk inside, at a mall or in a home to a walking exercise video. But get out there every chance you have to walk amidst nature with a friend.

Play Lawn Bowling or Bocce

These are great group games that get you outdoors when the weather is decent and have very low risk of injury. Bocce can be great fun on grass as well in regulation bocce courts.

Identify Your Favorite Activities and Do Them

Choose from dozens of fun activities and get moving! Some activities you might like to do include aerobics, bicycling, billiards, bowling, dancing (see step 1), frisbee, gardening, handball, hiking, horseshoes, martial arts, pilates, roller skating, running, skating, skiing, table tennis, tai chi, walking, weight training or yoga. Or many others. You decide.

Improve Your Health through Physical Activity

You can improve and maintain your precious health by becoming more physically active. Have fun doing it and you will be more motivated to sustain it.

Remember that safety is the first priority. Always check with your doctor before beginning any exercise program. Be careful not to overdo any particular activity.


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    • Reynold Jay profile image

      Reynold Jay 6 years ago from Saginaw, Michigan

      I work out all the time. Mostly jogging each morning. I enjoyed this very much. You have this laid out beautifully and it is easy to understand. Keep up the great HUBS. I must give this an “Up ONE and Useful.” I'm now your fan! RJ

      Based upon this HUB, you might enjoy…

    • cowtowngirl77 profile image

      cowtowngirl77 6 years ago

      Really good tips. I have recently joined a gym and enjoy going for about 30 mins a day.

    • profile image

      klevifusha 6 years ago

      Interesting work. Great tips. Thanks for sharing.