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How to Heal Chapped Lips Fast

Updated on November 13, 2017
Make your chapped lips beautiful again.
Make your chapped lips beautiful again. | Source

Beauty and charm is often enhanced with one of the most significant facial features. Chapped lips have become a frequent and common health issue due to changing weather conditions and humidity.

Following simple tips can help cure discomfort and uneasiness caused to your mouth and surrounding areas. If you want to know how to heal chapped lips fast, here are a few things you can do to alleviate the problem quickly:

Drink water and eat juicy fruit

Keep lips hydrated by drinking at least 100 ounces (12 cups) of water per day. Increasing fluids in body by taking warm water effectively increases moisture level in lip tissues.

Fruit is rich in juice and fluids. Apart from carrying water, they are rich sources of vitamins, carbohydrates and minerals. They are natural healing agents which keep the inner tissues moist.

Drink milk and related products

Increase the intake of milk or dairy products in your diet. Milk, soybean milk, yogurt and buttermilk are quite rich in calcium and magnesium. These nutritional liquid diets are quite useful as fluid-boosters.

Limit your cups of coffee.
Limit your cups of coffee. | Source

Avoid alcohol and caffeine

Alcoholic products like liquor, whiskey or vodka may be good body warmers for chilly winters. However, they reduce the water levels in body. Intoxication further harms other body organs too. Caffeine present in beverages like tea and coffee is also harmful for body and skin. Green tea, Jasmine tea and ginseng tea can act as good alternatives as they not only keep fluids under control but are nutritious for health too.

Humidify your immediate environment

Dry and cold environments are extremely detrimental to skin as it not only dries your skin, but coldness can also affect your bones and contract fluid levels. Keep humidifiers in your home or office to maintain the humidity in the air. Humid environments are generally better for the skin overall. Maintaining room humidity is essential for both preventing and healing chapped lips.

Use lip balm

There are a variety of lip balms floating in the market to help heal chapped lips fast. Petroleum jelly is one such solution that helps keep the water level of your skin optimized while also providing shine and attraction. However, medicinal balms must be used cautiously as they might cause irritation. Test it on the skin of your arm or hand before applying it on your chapped lips.

Apply plenty of lip balm.
Apply plenty of lip balm. | Source

Stop licking and use overnight lip cream

Chapped lips are often licked while drinking or eating. It becomes quite easy to lick them in case you have rubbed flavored or essenced lip balm. Avoid licking to prevent cracks and other irritations.

Treat your mouth with glycerin-based lip cream at night. Before retiring, rub it on slowly; leave them to relax for a few hours. The mouth will show signs of improvement the next morning. It can take a couple of days to heal completely.

Use home-made remedies

People often rush to pharmacists for quick healing. They opt for medical prescriptions for fast healing. Use a home-made mixture of lemon juice and glycerin and leave it on your chapped lips for a few hours. If possible, try to use the solution at night before sleeping.

Visit a dermatologist

If it’s a chronic issue, it’s best to visit a dermatologist. Chapped lips are quite possible because of an allergy or skin irritation. The temperature or a change in weather conditions can cause irreparable damage. Take proper medication and avoid spicy food to improve the health of your mouth.

Many people worry about how to heal chapped lips fast, but by following these 10 simple tips then your dry lip problems will be a far and distant memory!

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    • Jasmeetk profile image

      Jasmeet Kaur 2 years ago from India

      Interesting home remedies... I prefer home-remedies more. My lips are too much chap. I can't even use matte lipstick. Even normal lipstick makes my lips chapped. I prefer Himalaya lip care. It actually works..