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How to Improve Your Fitness

Updated on May 18, 2011

How to Improve Your Fitness

The first step to improving fitness is mentality. Being mentally sharp and thinking clearly is essential to all round well being, So before and during training you need to know in your mind that you are ready for the task at hand and that it is for the greater benifit and health of yourself.

Effort is Key:

Throughout your schedule you have to make sure to put the required effort into dedicating time outside of work, friends and family to take part in a type of exercise routine. Also taking part in a class for example aerobics, gym or even a simple jog around the park can be done in pairs or a group making it a social get together not just exercise.

Methods of Exercise:

Finding the right type of exercise for you is a major part in the enjoyment factor. There are plenty of ways in which you can exercise but the only way to know if it's for you is trial and error until you find the one you enjoy the most. Personally I find simply going to the gym with a friend or group of friends is the most enjoyable due to making it more social but also due to the variety of equipment that is available but also at all good gyms you can enjoy a post-exercise relaxtion period in the steam room or sauna. As well as mentally relaxing you it also gives you body a well earned rest and helps respiration.

Home Fitness:
Home Fitness:

Fitness at Home:

If time can't be made for exercise or lack of facilities in your area you can simply use your home as your place of exercise. At home you can buy your own equipment or make use of your own body as the main fitness instrument by performing: Sit-ups, press-ups, squat thrusts, star jumps, jogging on the spot in fast bursts and stretching out all your body with individual stretches.

I hope you find this insightful and of use to you in your path to better fitness,

Thank You.


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