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How to Increase Flexibility Faster

Updated on June 8, 2013

Having flexible muscles and joints make daily activities easier. If you are experiencing pain when bending down to pick up an item, walking over rough terrain or stairs or after exercising you may need to work on your flexibility. Flexibility does take time but there are some things that can help your body become flexible faster.


Simply stretching upon rising in the morning, before and after exercising or strenuous activity can increase your flexibility faster. Our bodies are sometimes stiff after a nights sleep and stretching it out every morning will immediately increase your flexibility for the day ahead. Exercising causes your muscles and joints to flex and tighten, to keep them flexible start out with stretching and finish with stretching. Same goes for any strenuous activity. All muscle groups need to be stretched but special attention should be on the muscle groups that are being worked.


Yoga is a series of poses that involve breathing, stretching and strength training. It increases flexibility while toning muscles, creating a long, lean, flexible body. Yoga increases flexibility by stretching the joints and muscles while you breath in sequence to each pose allowing for further stretching. Performing yoga on a consistent or daily basis will help increase flexibility faster.

Breathing While Stretching

Inhaling out of a stretch and exhaling into the stretch allows the body to stretch further. For example if you are reaching down to touch your toes, breath in before you start to reach down and then breath out while you reach down pushing out all of the air for a maximum stretch. This maximum stretch allows for faster flexibility over time.

Contracting and Relaxing

During your stretching routine if you contract your muscles before the stretch and relax them during the stretch it will help increase flexibility faster. This method causes the muscles to go through the process of tightening and stretching a little faster than traditional exercising and stretching. Flex the muscles before the stretch while inhaling and relax the muscles while stretching and breathing out.

Stretching Often

Stretching the muscles and joints several times a day will increase flexibility faster than usual. Starting with a morning stretch upon rising. Stretch several times during the course of the day as time allows and finish the day with a stretch before going to bed. The more often you stretch your body the faster it will become more flexible.

Staying flexible throughout life will help with arthritis, joint strength and old injuries. Keeping limber also keeps you able to do more in life.


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