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How to Increase Longevity

Updated on June 19, 2013
Everyone wants to live a full life. Increasing Longevity helps you achieve your dream goals.
Everyone wants to live a full life. Increasing Longevity helps you achieve your dream goals.

Since the dawn of time man wondered what it would be like to invent an anti-aging pill and become immortal. Well, science hasn't invented such a thing yet, but we've come a long way since age of thirty was considered an old age.

Pharmaceutical companies and scientific research show that our longevity is increasing rapidly with the latest discoveries which are helping us lead a healthy life. However, we are still overwhelmed by stress, and there are a lot of deadly diseases, which shorten the time we have on this Earth, and thus not letting us enjoy it fully.

So what can a man do to increase his longevity and reduce the chances of getting a terrible disease? The answer is straightforward - healthy food, a lot of nutrients and even some pharmaceutical pills help us live the long life we deserve. So here we'll go over what exactly shortens our lives, how to avoid it and how to increase the longevity of our lives.

1) What shortens our lives?

The most common factor for the short life cycle we experience is diseases. Diabetes, Heart-Attacks, Hepatitis and even Alzheimer are just some of the most common problem of the elderly. But they are not the only thing that deprives us of our lives. Our body isn't used to the synthetic foods we eat. Even if, some of them claim to be "healthy" the soils are just not rich enough on nutrients and thus even organic food doesn't have what we need to build our immune system. Moreover, the pharmacy monopole doesn't introduce to the general public the most needed anti-aging nutrients and enzymes and don't emphasize to the most decisive factors to help us with longevity.

What does it mean to live a healthy life nowadays?
What does it mean to live a healthy life nowadays?

2) How to live longer?

To look and feel younger, you need to emphasis on three main factors of your everyday life. The first is how to avoid most common sicknesses. The second one is the importance of your weight and keeping fit and the third is what valuable additional nutrients and minerals we can take with our food every day to increase the anti-aging effect.

a) How to avoid the most common sicknesses?

Even if, we don't get in contact with diseased people, there are still sicknesses that can harm us in various ways. And the main reason we die young is not because of unhealthy way of life, but from the lack of the most needed nutrients. The lack on emphasis of what we need. Most of the people who like to live health and increase their longevity go to the market and buy the "organic" food while they don't understand that even if grown organically the food doesn't contain the life essential nutrients, because the soil lacks minerals.

b) How is weight connected to longevity?

If we are not fit, there won't be a way for us to increase our longevity. It is as easy as that. Regular exercises are extremely essential for our health as they burn the extra calories our body has and makes our immune system stronger. Moreover, regular movement is giving our bodies just the extra boost it needs to stay healthy and strong. We will not only increase the anti-aging effect, but also will look younger.

c) Food supplements, food in general and drinks

Basically, you can eat whatever you want because as aforementioned, there isn't such a thing as organic anymore. However, it will be good if you emphasize on a green diet, or just include veggies and fruits in your daily meals. Soups are also good to have now and then. Also, don't forget to look for food supplements, as they will surely help you with longevity. The body needs 99 different nutrients, and if we can provide most of them, regardless of in what form we are taking them, our bodies will be healthier, and our longevity will be increased; as for the drinks - a glass of wine per day and plenty of water. Our bodies need pure water, and only wine contains some beneficial enzymes that 'unlock' the part of our DNA reserved for pure survival. It may sound awkward, but a glass of wine a day certainly helps with anti-aging and longevity.

To sum up, these are only a few of the most valuable things a person has to know about longevity and anti-aging, but the topic is vast and can't be put in just one article. Remember: eat healthy, don't be afraid of supplements, drink a glass of wine a day and exercise. You will feel younger, and you will notice the anti-aging effect and your longevity increased!


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