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How to Increase Your Metabolism Naturally to Speed Fat Loss Food Vitamin Supplements

Updated on January 1, 2012

Metabolizing food is the process in which your body breaks down food and releases its contents, like vitamins, minerals and energy. In cases where your body metabolizes food slow it is more typical to gain weight and be more sluggish.

When someone has a faster metabolism they tend to be smaller and more active because their body breaks down food and turns it into energy.

There are many natural ways to speed up a person’s metabolism which helps increase weight loss.

A few natural was for someone to speed up your metabolism including eating breakfast, eat smaller meals often, exercise, drinking water and eating food high in protein, fiber and vitamins. The reason why eating breakfast actually helps you lose weight is because it lets your metabolism start burning calories early in the day.

Eating smaller meals helps speed up your metabolism because your body has a better chance to break down all the food you ate. Exercise and drinking water is also good for your metabolism because it helps your function in your organs. Your metabolism benefits when you eat fiber, protein and vitamin rich foods because it also helps the function of your organs and your body positively breaks down the food into energy.

In my opinion, changing your diet to foods that make your metabolism speed up is the best way to lose excess weight fast. A few foods that speed up your metabolism are fish, because of all of the protein, whole grains, because of the fiber and fruits and vegetables, because of the vitamins. When choosing fruits to increase your metabolism blueberries and tomatoes are the best.

When choosing vegetables make sure you choose dark green and leafy ones. Vitamin B and C are the most crucial to speeding up your metabolism and maintaining it.
If natural ways either aren’t working for you or you simply want to try a different approach you can also take natural supplements you can take. Two of the natural supplements you can take are Ecoslim and simply drinking green tea.


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    • profile image 6 years ago

      Thanks Dr - very useful tips - I have been in a bad habit of eating late at night due to the nature of my work. After reading this I'm more determined to break the habit. Thanks