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How to Increase Metabolism to Lose Weight

Updated on December 2, 2011


Are you doing everything possible to lose weight but you are not shedding pounds? Perhaps you need to speed up your metabolism. You burn more calories if your metabolism is faster which means you will lose weight. The following tips will help you speed up your metabolism in order to lose weight.

Don't Skip Meals
People tend to think they will lose weight if they skip a meal. Not the case. The most important meal is breakfast. It gets you energized in the morning for the day which can increase your metabolism.

Drink Coffee
Even though some studies suggest coffee especially with caffeine is not healthy, it can help speed up metabolism. The caffeine in coffee helps to increase your heart rate and breathing. If you do not like coffee you can drink a soda with caffeine.

Be Active
Sitting around and being sluggish is only going to decrease your metabolism. Get involved with some activities such as cycling, playing tennis, basketball, hiking, dancing, etc. These activities will speed up your metabolism because you are being active. Do some cardio to get your heart pumping.

Eat Smart
Stay away from sugars and processed foods. Don't eat foods that are heavy and will sit in your stomach. This will make you sluggish and not want to be active. Drink 8 glasses of water of day. Drinking it cold will also help burn calories because your body has to work to make the water warm.


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