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How to Interact With Someone With Asperger's Syndrome

Updated on June 13, 2013

I am no expert, I want that out right now in case someone out there would start judging my hub. I just want to make it clear I am writing this based from experience as an Aunt of two beautiful children who has Asperger's syndrome.

About 16 years ago, my brother was thrilled to find out that he is having a second child. My sister-in-law had a very easy pregnancy. They had a baby boy. As far as I can remember my nephew was a very irritable baby. He cried all the time. I thought maybe because he was uncomfortable or he had colic. However my mom, who watched over him when my sister-in-law went back to work, said that he was pretty irritable any time of the day.

Signs of Asperger's started coming when my nephew turned one year old. He still could hardly sit right and he would never look you in the eye when you asked or talked to him. It was very difficult for my sister-in-law to accept she has a less than perfect child, especially since her oldest son was very exceptional in every thing. My mom started worrying so she suggested that they take my nephew to a specialist. My sister-in-law did take him but he was already way past 4 year's old. He only started his therapy in full blast when he was 7. Thus making his delay 7 years.

After waiting for a long time to get pregnant my sister tried IVF (invirtro fertilization). She delivered a baby girl. She too was a little irritable at first. Then it would get worst certain times of the day. When she was finally about a year old she will not respond when called to or asked when she wanted. She didn't say a word unlike most little girls who could usually blurt out Mama or Dada. My sister decided to take her to a specialist. When she turned two she started her therapy already. They went to a very good speech therapist in Standford University.

The therapist said although her daughter is responding well, her maturity level will never go higher than 15 years old. Meaning even if she turns 30 she would still think like a 15 year old. It was very difficult for my sister, especially since this was their only child. She couldn't have more even if she wanted to.

My only advice to new parents out there is keep a watchful eye with your babies. Remember as long as you don't accept the fact that your child needs help he/she would not get help. Acceptance is the only way for a child with Asperger's syndrome can find his/her right way to being better in whatever he/she has to go through.


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    • thewritingowl profile image

      Mary Kelly Godley 

      5 years ago from Ireland

      That's a fairly typical story. I have Aspergers but I only found this out when my then three year old son was diagnosed initially with Autism. Fragile X Syndrome can sometimes be the cause when there are a number of family members with DD, ASD, ADHD or other learning disabilities.

      I too have an older daughter who was always exceptional and in the top 5% of the country intelligence wise so facing reality was very hard and every parent does go through a process of grieving when they realize their own child could have special needs. 'Denial,' is usually the first stage. I have written extensively about Autism and Aspergers in my own Hubs too and about the whole process.

      Hope your niece and nephew are doing well now. Aspergers has a lot of positive aspects to it too. There are many people in my family who have a lot of AS traits (could be more than traits I think but they are not interested in knowing anymore so what can you do?) There are also a lot of creative, artistic, scientific and computer whizzes in my family who have all carved out their own niche in life too.


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