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How to Keep Losing Fat Every Week Until You Reach Your Ideal Body Weight

Updated on April 3, 2013

Losing Fat

You can lose fat by consuming fewer calories and burning more. It is not complicated. I can skip desserts, junk foods, pop etc. and lose fat or I can exercise more and lose fat. If I do both I get better results. The hard part is to continue to lose fat over a long period of time and not gain it back. Gaining some or all the fat back is something that happens when people go back to their old routine. For most people it will take months not days or weeks to get rid of the extra fat. It can require a lifestyle change.

Exercising And Muscle Confusion

To continue to lose fat weight each week by exercising you need to exercise every week and you need to keep changing your exercise routine. Doing the same thing over and over again gets boring and eventually you will go from changing your body to maintaining it. The lack of progress and boredom can cause you to stop exercising resulting in weight gain.

You can change your routine by making it more intense or increasing the duration. Another option is to change the exercises. It is easier to make a lot of progress when you switch the exercises and it is also less boring. Include cardio, weight lifting and balance exercises. You can't just run all the time. I like running on my elliptical trainer but running farther and farther loses its appeal and my body becomes really efficient.

The body is good at adapting. You don't want to let it adapt to your routine. Efficiency is good for your car but to lose fat you want to use a lot of energy. When an exercise becomes easier it is time to change it. One way to use muscle confusion is to focus on improving for a week or two. After that switch to a totally new work out routine and repeat the process again and again.


Food And Rewarding Yourself

People on diets often cheat or reward themselves. They skip desserts, junk food and high calorie drinks for a while and then they go off their diet. This can lead to weight gain or even rapid weight gain. As you lose weight you burn fewer calories. So if you go back to your old eating habits it does not take very long to gain a lot of the weight back. Cheating or rewarding yourself can be habit forming. If you do it once you will probably do it again and again.

Gaining weight when you are supposed to be on a diet can be frustrating and it increases the chance of the person giving up. People that cheat on their diet often find out they gained weight and then eat more junk in an attempt to comfort themselves. If you want to keep losing weight you need to keep avoiding the junk or at least exercise more to burn off the extra calories.

It you don't plan on sticking with your diet there is not really any point in starting it. You can't just diet for a few weeks and then go back to your old eating habits without gaining the weight back unless you compensate by exercising more. Increasing your muscle weight makes it a lot easier to keep the fat off because the extra weight causes you to burn more calories. So if want to go back to your old eating habits gain some muscle first and stay active.

Don't Set Yourself Up For Failure

Your diet and exercise plan should be specific to you. If you don't want to give up dessert then don't. If you don' want to workout for 2 hours a day then don't. I want to eat dessert and I want to be lean and healthy. Instead of avoiding dessert I avoid eating large portions of it and eat healthy desserts part of the time. I would rather watch TV than workout so I workout while I watch TV.

If you gain some of the fat back than you probably know why. So there is no reason to get upset. Just lose the fat again. Expect to gain fat if you cheat on your diet or take a break from exercising. It does not mean you should give up. Just learn and move on. Weighing yourself too often is bad. It does not tell you how much fat you lost or gained and it can cause you to quit. It just tells you how much your body and your clothes weigh.

Don't stop living life and having fun. Exercise and eat right when you can but don't skip out on doing things like going to the movies or you will start to associate dieting and exercise with being miserable. I have seen people lose weight only to quickly gain it all back when they stopped trying to lose weight. When losing weight think of it as a life style change not a quick fix.

Once you reach you goal you still need to maintain your body. That means you can't go back to your old routine and you need to keep checking for fat. You can stop changing your routine and allow the exercises to become easier.


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    • jashmiw profile image

      jashmiw 5 years ago from Mumbai

      Yes, it's easier when you think what you want to do, instead of what you don't want to do.

    • Hendrika profile image

      Hendrika 5 years ago from Pretoria, South Africa

      It is true that losing the weight is the easy part, keeping the fat off is the hard part! It is very difficult to change the way you think about food and I think that is very important. If you are for ever hunkering for what you cannot have you will throw in the towel.