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How to Keep a Disturbing Thought from Growing

Updated on April 23, 2010

How to Vanquish Disturbing Thoughts

      Our society has discovered some fascinating technology that might as well be viewed as the ability to communicate thoughts and feelings from one mind directly to another.  Unfortunately, those of us who tend to be defensive, lustful or aggressive thinkers invite "psychic bullying" by parties which cannot be physically proven to exist. 

      I refer to this fascinating revolution in human communication as "The Internet of the Minds".  Imagine what takes place inside your head as being continually displayed on a social website like Facebook. There now exists an etiquette involving the ways we think.  If we make controversial, provokative or "foul language" on a "psychic webpage" such as this, we can get a "psychic mailbox" full of very negative feedback. 

    This can take the form of disgusting concepts which can easily spill over into your "mind's eye" or that place that you see things in your imagination.  This can lead the victim to feel very ashamed of themselves for allowing this mental chain reaction to transpire.  I myself repent for such psychic faux pas on a daily basis.  Somehow "keeping the inner self clean" prevents a plethora of very nasty stuff.  That's what I Love about Catholicism: you could go to confession and unburden yourself of anything that was bothering you!  None of us are perfect, so immediate repentance is our way of "escaping the psychic lynch mob" so we can go on living a relatively normal existence.   

      Here's a new way to nail "bad conceptual psychic e-mail" before it has a chance to become a reality in your visual imagination:  mark the message as unread (by you).  You can delete an un-wanted thought as efficiently as any computer would offensive messages.  In essence you are nipping the concept in the bud and terminating the chain reaction that otherwise would leave you feeling "guilty".  If you get e-mail from someone who doesn't like you, are you obligated to read it and get all upset?  Of course not!  It's like an offensive-thought eraser.  You regard this process as permanent and effective as erasing offensive spam.  It works for me, allowing me to have a productive, meaningful day which could have been just awful. 

     It goes without saying that you NEVER answer such feelings/thoughts.  To do so is to fuel the fire that someone is trying to light under your imagination.  Unfortunately, it's the first thing we will want to do.  I've spent years responding to these terrible ideas by thinking negative counter-thoughts to defend my honor.  THIS brings other parties into the already unwanted conversation.  It leads nowhere and it WEAKENS the mind.  This "internet of the minds" is often referred to as "school" and these very unpleasant messages are reminiscient of being called bad names.  It's just a matter of seeing how our society has changed and making adjustments to it.  Stuff that you could easily do 20 years ago is now literally un-thinkable (or should I say rather UNWISE to think/do).  Privacy no longer exists for ANYONE.  This has sped up the evolution/quality of our society.  But there have been casualties or potential ones and this is who I'm writing for.     

     Some are going to argue that such technology doesn't exist.  Well, even if this "negative feedback" WAS emanating from within your own mind, finding a way to shut down this "Imp of the perverse" would still be priority one for anyone having the experiences of which I speak.  This concept was proposed by Edgar Allen Poe: something hypothetically exists within our consciousness to "bedevil" the rest of your mind.  The answer to defeating whatever-this-is is deceptively simple: you ignore it and it goes away OR you DELETE it.  Your belief in your ability to delete negative/disturbing thoughts needs to be absolute.  It takes practice. 

    There is a place within each of us which sees things in certain ways.  The more positively and cleanly you see things, the less likely you are to INTERPRET something you see as being negative or "about you".  The less lustful your eye is, the less likely you are to run into seeing something that really disturbs you.  The Buddhists call this "Making your Gaze Faultless".  The less tainted by imperfection your tendency to map reality is, the easier you will find getting around today's Brave New World.  So we work on controlling HOW we see things, not what we see.  And when a bad concept/sensation/idea appears, we delete it and get on with whatever we are doing!        


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    • profile image

      Sabina P 6 years ago

      That is a beautiful concept, based on activity we already know and use. Definitely worth trying for people who struggles with now-days reality