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3 Simple Hacks to Become a Health & Fitness Expert

Updated on February 6, 2015

I know a lot about health and fitness. However, I am not a coach, a personal trainer or a nutritionist. I've always had a genuine passion for the field so I have taken up a lot of time to educate myself. By doing so, I have learned a lot of information, but even more so, I've learn to separate the right information from the wrong

We all know that there is a ton of health and fitness information all over the media - the internet, magazines, television, etc. Much of the information is conflicting, and a lot of it is downright wrong. This can be especially frustrating for people who are trying to get healthy and in shape but don't know what way is right and what way is wrong.

This article is meant to provide you with a framework on how to get the best, most accurate and cutting edge health and fitness information while being able to filter out the rest of the noise.

#1 Follow the Gurus

The first step in learning about health and fitness is to follow the experts. By following the best in the field of fitness and nutrition, you will get the most accurate and up-to-date information and advice. Most of these fitness gurus have multiple media outlets including websites, books, social media including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and podcasts, making their information readily available in multiple forms. The Greatist article here provides 100 of the top health and fitness gurus of 2015. Below are just a few of my personal favorites.

Ben Greenfield
All-around fitness and nutrition
Pavel Tsatsouline
Strength training
Kelly Starrett
Mobility training
Kayla Itsines
Women's fitness
Nia Shanks
Women's fitness and strength
Abel James
All-around fitness and nutrition
Dave Asprey
Mark Hyman
Functional medicine and nutrition

As an added bonus, once you start following these gurus, it will lead you to other experts and sources of accurate and helpful fitness and health information.

How to Use Podcasts

For those of you who don't know how to access podcasts, here are a few simple steps to get you going.

  1. Download the Apple Podcast app if you have an iPhone or download the Stitcher app if you have any other phone
  2. Browse through the podcasts and favorite the shows you are interested in listening to
  3. Listen to the podcasts by either streaming or download them for later listening

Podcast Recommendations

Other great shows to check out include:

  • Balanced Bites
  • The Paleo Solution Podcast
  • Total Human Optimization
  • The Rdella Training Podcast
  • Revolution Health Radio
  • The Primal Blueprint
  • SANE Show
  • Get Fit Guy's Quick and Dirty Tips
  • The Nutrition Diva's Quick and Dirty Tips
  • The Health Bridge
  • The Model Health Show
  • Spartan Up!

#2. Listen to Podcasts

Podcasts have been under the radar for quite some time now. However, with the hugely popular Serial podcast, most people now know they exist. Podcasts are an extremely useful way to get up-to-date, new information in the health and fitness realm. And, they are 100% free.

But the best part about podcasts is that you are able to listen to the content whenever it suits you since all of the episodes are readily available to listen to, whether the episode was posted today or three years ago. Unlike a blog post or a book which you can only read in a given situation, podcasts could be listened to on your commute to work, while you are working out, on the plane, while you are folding clothes...and the list goes on.

For those of you who don't know how to access podcasts, here are a few simple steps to get you going.

  1. Download the Apple Podcast app if you have an iPhone or download the Stitcher app if you have any other phone
  2. Browse through the podcasts and favorite the shows you are interested in listening to
  3. Listen to the podcasts by either streaming or download them for later listening

The best way to see the most popular podcast is through Apple iTunes, which lists the top podcasts based on ratings and viewership. Here are my favorite podcasts to get you started.

Ben Greenfield Fitness: Ben Greenfield provides the latest health, fitness and multi-sport research, non run-of-the-mill interviews with exercise and medicine professionals, and new cutting-edge content from the top personal trainer and wellness coach in the nation. He is a widely respected expert and coach with the following credentials - Ironman, triathlete, nutritionist, and coach with two masters degrees in exercise physiology and biomechanics, among other accomplishments.

Bulletproof Radio: Host Dave Asprey, who lost 100 pounds, delves into the state of high performance where you take control of and improve your biochemistry, your body, and your mind so they work in unison, helping you execute at levels far beyond what you’d expect, without burning out or getting sick. As Asprey refines his formula for success, he consults with a parade of A-list authors and experts on topics of health, fitness, nutrition and optimal performance.

The Fat-Burning Man Show: Host, Abel James, dives into questions and interviews leaders in the paleo, primal, evolutionary, and ancestral field to share secrets about losing fat, building muscle, and improving health.

Whether you are into endurance training, strength training, nutrition, brain optimization, or anything else, there are a plethora of podcasts to help you educate yourself.

#3. Use an Aggregator

Sometimes we get into a rabbit hole of information - starting on one article leads us to different articles and products and gear until we don't know where we originally started. The best way I have found to battle this is to use a news aggregator so you can get the content you want and ignore everything else.

My aggregator of choice is Feedly. Feedly is a news aggregator application that works on your iPhone, on Kindle and on any web browser you prefer. To use it, simply plug the address of any blog you want to follow into Feedly. Your Feedly window then shows a list of the latest articles on the blogs and websites you've selected to follow – without you actually needing to go visit those blogs. Using Feedly, I personally subscribe to about 30 health, fitness, nutrition, technology and marketing blogs, and ignore everything else. Additionally, you don't have to limit this to just health and fitness. You can create different topics (e.g., Business, Life, Psychology) and follow blogs under those topics as well. The interface is extremely user friendly and saves a lot of time from going to these websites separately. Many of the gurus and podcasts I listed above also have great blogs to follow, which you can plug into your Feedly.

Screenshot of My Feedly


With all the health and fitness information floating around, we need to take in the good information and filter out the rest. By following the gurus, listening to podcasts and using a news aggregator, you will be able to become a health expert in no-time. Let me know what you think in the comments!


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    • kmthomp29 profile image

      Kayla Thompson 

      3 years ago from Weirton, WV

      Love the list of experts!! Many I had never heard of but have started to look into! Great tips!


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