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How to Live Away From Home

Updated on April 16, 2015

The Great Big World and the Downside to Living Alone

At some stage we do need to rely on ourselves and become independent as getting older requires us to be responsible and to make something of ourselves.

For many moving out of the "nest" is something that is highly anticipated and for others it is a hard step to take with many, many hardships and lonely days.

It is never easy growing up and facing the great big world but you can't expect mom and dad to support you forever and we all need someone of our own to love someday.

Taking your time to move out is a good idea and there is no rush because you do not have to be feel pressured to move if you are not ready to do so but don't expect to live at home for the rest of your life either.

Moving out and living on your own is a big step to take and you have got to be ready to do it or you will have a very difficult time when you do.

The downside to living alone is the loneliness, the added expense and you will most definitely be lacking in nutrition and sleep for some time as home cooked meals will be something that might not be your forte.

If you have ever been annoyed at loud and screaming siblings, your Dad and the remote with the lack of space on the couch, your Mom calling you to do something or the fact that you need to fold your own clothing, living alone will change your point of view and you will be missing home within no time at all!

Safety and security are things that you will have to be well aware of as well as health and finance. This is the time where you need to grow up and you need to do it fast!!

Living alone has many downsides that you might adjust to but for many it will be tough and the transition might never be able to take place happily.

Student Living

We will start with student living and how to make your life better away from home. In a way it is great to have a roommate to keep you company and to be your safety buddy....if you get a responsible and reliable one. Unlucky people get the loudest and crudest of roommates which disturb and interrupt your learning experience so much so that it begins to interfere with your sleep and your education.

Many students get so excited about the fact that they are away from home that they become like wild animals let out of a cage and the party does not stop happening.

For those that want to learn and be responsible you need to be strong and able to say no very easily for you to be able to get ahead in your studies because if you cannot learn the word no and are not able to defend yourself then college life away from home is not for you.

Moving into a room with someone else is not easy because you have to adapt to another persons behavioural patterns and they have to adapt to yours.

Be friendly and allow yourself some time to have fun but remember that you are there to study and the longer you take to do that the longer it will take to get out into the world and make some money of your own.

If noise and parties bother you then finding a place to live that is close to the campus is a good idea rather than living on campus with the loud party goers as you can choose to learn or party when you feel like it. It also gives you space and privacy but it can be expensive too.

Moving into an apartment might not be a financial option for you and your family but you could find a place that can be shared with responsible people like you.

Learn to eat healthy foods and ensure that nutrition is on the list of things to do, which will mean that you will need to know how to cook and it will require you to eat veggies without Mom forcing you too as you cannot do well without a healthy diet.

Safety and security is also something that you will need to learn as Dad is not there to help you every time you hear a noise, so this means that you will have to learn to identify noises, you will have to be alert when walking or driving somewhere and you will need to ensure that your living space is locked and secure before you leave or go to sleep at night. There is nothing wrong with a night light to begin with but if you are going to be liable for electricity bills then leaving a light on all night is an added expense.

The best advice to give a student leaving home is this;

Appreciate your family

Never forget where you came from

Be alert, be strong and learn to say no

Surround yourself with positive people

Go home when you can

Sleep well

Eat healthy

Learn to budget

Other than that being responsible is all part of being away from home but you also need to unwind and have some fun too so that you do not end up stuck in a rut and hating student life.

Study hard and have fun along with it. Finding a balance is what it is all about.

Also, always remember to switch off the stove after you have attempted to cook a meal and get yourself a pepper spray or a self defence course.

Make your Living Space Comfortable

Student life can be fun if you make it comfortable for yourself
Student life can be fun if you make it comfortable for yourself

Moving into Your First Apartment

Becoming independent is sometimes not as easy as it sounds and moving out of your parents home can be a difficult decision to make but we all have to move on and begin our own lives one day.

For whatever the reason you need to be sure that you are ready to move out because there is a big and scary world out there and Mom and Dad can't run to you every time you need something or you hear a noise.

Moving into your own apartment is a big step and you have got to be ready to do it before you move or it will be an unsuccessful and trying event.

For people who are scared and need a night light, perhaps moving in with a friend is a good start as this way you can adjust to living away from home.

There are a few easy steps to follow to ensure that you live comfortably and peacefully in your own living space without feeling homesick or scared.

Find an Affordable Place Close to Home

Looking for an apartment is not easy to do as some places add extra costs to the rentals which could leave you eating breadcrumbs for the entire month if you are not careful.

Find a place that is within your budget, which means that you need to be able to afford it and still have money left over for other expenses.

You also need to find out about extra costs that are involved before you sign a lease.

Roommate or Not?

If you decide to have a roommate which is always a good idea if you are moving out of your home for the first time, then you need to be sure that it is someone that you get on with, someone reliable and someone that you know will not let you down when it comes to paying the rent.

You need to be in agreement to the terms before you both move in and this means that you need to discuss rules and regulations before you move in together and one decides to party and bring over strangers whilst the other wants to be a home body in a silent cove.

Friendships can be ruined by decisions that have not been discussed together and one friend might find that they are doing more in the home than the other, which is why you need to discuss these things before you sign a lease.

It Takes Months to Look for a Place to Rent

Before you decide to just move out, you need to be prepared and plan ahead which means looking for a place to live months in advance.

Most rentals require a double deposit and they want this upfront before you get a key.

Before you rush into the first place that you see, know that you have time to find a good place and you do not need to rush.

Once you find a few places to look at, drive around the neighbourhood and see if it is central to the places you need to be, if there is a good transport system nearby and if it is a safe and secure area where you will be comfortable to sleep at night.

Don't just pick a place that your friends will like it has to be a place that will feel good to you and the most important part of it all is that you feel safe there and it is affordable enough for you to live comfortably.

Inspect the Property Carefully

Getting a snag list is the first thing that happens when you move into an apartment and you have seven days to check the place and make sure that everything is in working condition.

Go through the place with a fine tooth comb and make a note of even the littlest of things so that you will not be liable to pay for it when you leave one day. Getting a deposit back from a landlord is sometimes extremely difficult and their inspection of the property is a thorough one, so you should do the same.

Before you sign a lease make sure that you get a parent to look over it for you and never be afraid to ask for help or ask questions.

You also need to ask where and how everything works in the apartment block before you move in so that it is easy to settle in.

Learn to Budget when Moving into Your Own Apartment

The word "budget" will become your new word and you will have to learn how to do this in order to survive in the big bad world.

Add up all your expenses before you decide to sign a lease and ensure that you have calculated the costs of electricity, water, rent, food, heating, travel and a night out once in a while. See if you can afford all of this because there is nothing worse than starving after paying the rent or being thrown out because you cannot pay your rent.

If you sharing work out all the expenses that you will all be paying and make sure that you are in agreement before you sign the lease.

Will your salary support your move and can you live comfortably?

This is a big question that you need to ask and the answer should be a positive one or else you should consider waiting for a place that is more affordable.

Don't rush into anything!!!

Moving into Your Own Apartment

Once you are happy with the amount that you will have to give up every month and you have taken note of what works and what doesn't you can then move into your place.

A good start is to see what the apartment has and ask family to donate other pieces of furniture and things like linen and curtaining that many parents always have extra's of.

You also need to discuss your old room with them so that you can either have a place to come back to or your parents can finally have that "Me time" room that they have always wanted, which means that you would have to take all your collectables with you or start throwing old toys away.

Swallow Your Pride and Don't be Afraid to Ask for Help

There is no such thing as pride and if you do have some then learn to get rid of it because there will be a time when you live alone that you will need some help from someone, whether it is a parent, friend or even a neighbour.

Don't be afraid to ask for help and if you feel that living alone is something that you just cannot adjust to, then never feel that you cannot go home because your home will always be open to you and nobody will think any less of you if you can't live by yourself.

Some people are good at living alone and others are not.

Living Alone

Living Alone is often lonely how do you cope?

See results

Only the Stars Get Nice Trailers

Finding an apartment should be done taking your time. Don't end up in a trailer unless it is on the set of a movie!
Finding an apartment should be done taking your time. Don't end up in a trailer unless it is on the set of a movie! | Source

Easy Ways to Stay Healthy when Living Alone

Many of us have depended on Mom for everything and when moving into your own place you will soon miss the comforts of home and mostly.....Moms home cooked meals and fresh linen!

Take a cooking class so that you can make yourself some decent food instead of living on junk food or starving yourself until you can get home to Mom's cooking.

Nutrition is important and there is nobody there to tell you to eat properly so you have to learn to look after yourself.

Get some recipes off the internet and try to make some of them and you will soon find that practice makes perfect.

Ensure that you have food in the kitchen so that you don't go out and buy junk food each day as this will start getting expensive.

Buy groceries that you know you will use and ensure that you have bought everything you need for the week to avoid extra expenses.....and never shop on an empty stomach.

Get sleep because a lack of sleep means that you will start getting and looking stressed which will ring alarm bells at work and at your old home.

Have some early nights and ensure that you have a bit of an exercise routine too as this will get you into a good pattern for waking up early and getting enough sleep.

When going out make sure that you have a buddy to go with and avoid drinking and driving or walking alone.

Take care of yourself and be alert by knowing your surroundings and being aware of the dangers.

Always check that your doors are locked and get to know the emergency numbers should you need them urgently.

Surviving on Your Own

Living Alone

Living alone is sometimes very lonely and there are a few ways to get you through the loneliness without feeling homesick and wanting to pack your bags and move back to Mom and Dad.

Here's a video for you to get some tips on how to live alone without feeling lonely.

A Great Big World

A great big world out there for you to explore!
A great big world out there for you to explore!

Love Your Freedom

The world is your oyster and you should take every opportunity to live and explore. Being independent is important for you to learn to live on your own as it will help you become successful and it will give you the freedom to make your own choices.

Enjoy your life, explore and try new things as well as going on adventures, taking risks and knowing your limits.

The most important thing to remember when living alone is that you are not alone and you are always welcome to go back to your parents as they will never judge you and there is always someone who is willing to help.

Love your freedom and learn to know the dangers of the world because it is a scary world out there and there are so many predators waiting to take on the weak so be strong and be independent.

How to Live Away from Home

  • Take your time when looking for an apartment and make sure that it is one that you can afford

  • Ensure that you are in a safe area and don't be influenced by friends it must be your decision.

  • Take care of your health and learn to eat three times a day, take a cooking class if you can't cook

  • Learn to budget so that you can pay your rent and live comfortably

  • Don't rush into moving out until you are absolutely ready

  • Never be afraid to ask for help

  • Find a balance so that you can have fun and be successful

  • Never forget where you came from


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    • Tashaonthetown profile imageAUTHOR

      Natasha Pelati 

      3 years ago from South Africa

      Thank you MsDora, it is not easy leaving home and sometimes we wish we never did!

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      3 years ago from The Caribbean

      It takes time, trial and error for the young ones to figure out life away from home. You gave them some good help.


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