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How to Look After a Damaged Liver and Pancreas

Updated on August 12, 2014
Celery Is A Digestive Aid
Celery Is A Digestive Aid | Source
Apples Are Great For Digestion
Apples Are Great For Digestion | Source
Carrots Aid Digestion
Carrots Aid Digestion | Source
Grapes Help Digestion
Grapes Help Digestion

Organic Fruits and Vegetables Good for a Cirrhotic Liver

Diagnosed with pre-diabetes and a slightly damaged liver and pancreas after removal of her gall bladder, Sunaina found that organic fruits and vegetables are good for a cirrhotic liver and damaged pancreas, She had to adapt her diet to a liver that could not take too much stress from toxic substances.

After her blood sugar tests came up as normal for three consecutive months, Sunaina began to drink fruit and vegetable juice every morning on an empty stomach. She was told that this drink would take care of her digestion by supplying the enzymes required.

She blended together the following organic fruits and vegetables:

  • an apple
  • four to five carrots
  • a stick of celery
  • 10 grapes

You can also add pomegranate, sweet lime or pineapple.

The fruits and vegetables had to be organic, especially because she was taking them raw (to some extent, cooking removes pesticides). The most important ingredients are the carrot and apple. She has no problems with digestion and is never constipated.

Guduchi/Giloy/Amrita Balli Supports Liver Function According To Ayurveda
Guduchi/Giloy/Amrita Balli Supports Liver Function According To Ayurveda | Source

Guduchi/Giloy/Amrita Balli Supports the Liver

The liver is a detoxification organ and when it is damaged, this function is impeded depending on the amount of damage. The leaves and stems of the guduchi. giloy or amrita balli vine are famous in Ayurveda as a powerful adaptogen, blood purifier and supporter of liver function. The Latin name for this plant which has small red berries and white or yellow flowers is Tinospora Cordifolia,

Guduchi has a host of other medical uses and is successfully used in diseases such as diabetes and anemia. New studies show that it could be highly beneficial for Alzheimer's too.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Loquat Leaf Health Drink

A year after her surgery, Sunaina added another health drink to her diet. In the mornings before breakfast, she mixes a tablespoon of home made apple cider vinegar with tea from loquat leaves (she has a loquat tree in her garden), a tablespoon of honey and another of roasted and powdered flax seeds.

The vinegar helps with digestion, as does the flax. The flax is especially great for controlling blood sugar levels and doctors advise diabetics to eat flax seeds every day.

Among other health benefits, loquat leaves are known for their regenerating effect on the pancreas which produces insulin required for metabolizing glucose.

Aloe Vera Can Regenerate Internal Organs

On a doctor's advice, Sunaina adds 50 grams of aloe vera gel to her fruit juice drink, which she has after her apple cider vinegar drink. The gel is said to aid in the regeneration of cell tissue, which will help her liver and pancreas become healthy again. A healthy pancreas means better insulin production and better break down of sugar and less chances of diabetes.

Sunaina has many pots of aloe vera growing on her terrace and in her garden. She holds the aloe vera leaves over a flame and then slices them open to extract the gel. The gel has no taste and gives a slight crunchiness to the fruit juice.

Regular Light Smoking Can Damage Pancreas and Liver

Sunaina was shocked to learn that her pancreas and liver were slightly damaged due to her years of regular smoking. She had stopped smoking for about four years, so this was an even bigger surprise. She had never been a heavy smoker.

None of her smoker friends believed that it was the smoking that had damaged these organs. Generally people only relate smoking with lung cancer. So if you want your pancreas and liver to function at their best, please don't smoke.

Care for Damaged Liver and Pancreas

The pancreas and liver both help in the prevention of diabetes and should be looked after. Even light smoking if it's regular can damage these organs, making their surface rough. A drink made from loquat leaves helps to keep the pancreas healthy and aloe vera regenerates the cells of damaged organs. It is best to eat organic fruits and vegetables so as to reduce the stress on the liver which gets rid of toxins.

So if you're diagnosed with diabetes or pre diabetes as Sunaina was, get yourself this valuable natural medicine. It's also available in the form of pills or capsules.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this article is for educational purposes only and should not be used for diagnosis or to guide treatment without the opinion of a health professional. Any reader who is concerned about his or her health should contact a doctor for advice.


© 2014 Anita Saran


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