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How to Lose 10 Pounds in One Week

Updated on August 5, 2017

You might have a special occasion coming up, or you might just be sick of seeing that extra flab around your mid section, whatever the reason is for wanting to lose weight, I’ll show you an easy and healthy way on how to lose 10 pounds in one week.

Now I must tell you that I’m not going to make you go on any starvation diets or stupid detox programs that only let you drink juice or lemons. These might work short term but they can be damaging to your health and metabolism.

You can lose 10 pounds with eating healthy, exercise (sorry that’s unavoidable) and boosting your metabolism.


The closer you are to your healthy weight range, the less weight you will lose. The bigger you are, the more likely you'll hit 10 pounds. Everyone is different.

Also - this isn't sustainable long term. Not even contestants on the Biggest Loser can consistently lose large amounts week to week, and they have dietitians and personal trainers.

The rules:

When it comes to losing weight it really does come down to the boring old mathematical formula you've heard before. Use and burn more calories than you consume.


A good calorie intake per day for weight loss is around 1500 calories. You can go as low as 1200 if you're not doing any exercise, but if you are exercising, you need to eat at least 1500 to give yourself enough energy and stay healthy.

But of course, while it's possible to eat 1500 calories of junk food, I'm not going to recommend that. For a start you'll probably only get one meal in a day if you did that, and it wouldn't be healty.

No, instead, you need to cut out all the refined sugar and fat products that you have in your cupboard. The only thing you will be eating for the week is fresh fruit and vegetables, wholegrains, lean meats and fish. You can also have some dairy but try and choose low fat dairy if possible.

I know it will be hard to give up fried foods, sugar, refined carbs and (gulp) chocolate for a week, but it’s for the greater good so bear with me.


Every day for a week you need to be doing approximately one hour of cardiovascular exercise to burn fat. Any cardiovascular training will do as long as it gets your heart rate up. So jogging, swimming, cycling and even aerobic exercise all are fine.


And finally I want you to get a good fibre supplement. Most of us don’t get enough dietary fibre and it’s essential to a healthy intestinal and colon. This will not only help improve your digestive system, it will give you more energy and lose the bloat around your stomach. Most of the ones from the grocery store are good: Fibersure, Metamucil, Benefiber etc. Choose whichever one you like best.

You take one glass of your fiber supplement each morning. (Just one – you don’t want to overdo things – LOL). Oh and you'll probably fart a lot. Hey, I didn't say this week was going to be pretty.

By doing this combination of healthy eating, aerobic exercise and getting more fibre, you should be able to lose around 10 pounds in just one week!


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