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How to Lose Arm Fat Fast And Effectively

Updated on July 17, 2011

I have noticed that over the years, my upper arms have become to sag and become flabby. The upper arm fat that we accumulate due to poor eating habits or lack of exercise is known as "Bingo Wings" in the UK. This annoying and unsightly arm fat may be toned up by taking on new exercise habits and improving our nutrition.

It took me several years to finally get rid of my upper arm fat, but the work and dedication required to lose it was worth it! After talking to many of my friends, they agreed I looked a lot better and also said I had a new air of confidence.

Lose Arm Fat Fast
Lose Arm Fat Fast

Lift Weights

Lifting weights can no doubt help tone up arms and help you lose annoying arm fat fast. If you have never lifted weights before, it is recommended you start small. Do not jump in and grab the largest dumbbell you can find. Instead, try working with a two or five pound weight at first.

A simple exercise you may do is a curl. Hold the weight in one hand, with your arm bent down. Slowly bring it up. Lower it back down. Repeat this as many times as you can until your arm begins to tire. You should feel this exercise in your arms.

Lose Arm Fat with Kettlebells
Lose Arm Fat with Kettlebells

Exercise with Kettlebells

A kettlebell is a weighted ball with a handle. Kettlebell is a popular exercise that is taking the country by storm. It is effective for toning and helping to burn far throughout the entire body. When I first started kettlebell, I felt it most in my thighs and upper arms. No doubt, after just a few days of doing kettlebell exercises, I was beginning to notice my arms tone up and become sexier.

The most basic exercise is the kettlebell swing. Stand with your legs apart. Hold the kettlebell, with both hands, in front of you. Bend your knees slightly. Swing the kettlebell between your legs while squatting down slightly. Keep your spine straight. Swing the kettlebell back up, toward your shoulders or even above your head. Repeat several times.

Drink Water
Drink Water

Healthy Diet

Drink at least 8 - 8 ounce glasses of water per day. Our body needs plenty of water to remain healthy. Drinking plenty of water can also speed of the process of arm fat loss.

Get plenty of fruits and vegetables. Carrots, spinach, lettuce, celery and a variety of other vegetables added to your diet in place of other foods can help cut down calories which in turn burns fat from your body, including your arms. Eat plenty of high protein foods and cut down on refined grains. Do not consume sugars, especially in the form of candies and soda.

Cutting down your calories and eating a more healthy diet is no doubt an excellent way to shed pounds. Reducing your overall weight will help you lose arm fat fast.


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    • kellyteam profile image

      Willette 5 years ago from Michigan

      Hi Ritsukakunx this is an interesting hub, but with I'm sure workable techniques. I definitely could use this. One year my arms were taunt and the next thing I knew flab city. WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN? Your hub was straight to the point, a little short, but good. Thanks for sharing.