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How to Lose Belly Fat Without Any Crash Diet

Updated on June 7, 2016

How to Belly Fat Without Cutting Down The Foods You Love

All of us wish to have a picture perfect body without much sacrifice. But we accumulate certain amount of fat with passing time. People like me, who are foodies, cannot really put regulations on their eating habits. For example, I never put any regulations on my appetite and it never bothered me until I crossed the age of 25. I noticed a flab appearing on my belly. Even then, I put no restrictions on my lifestyle and I actually accumulated a lot of fat in my abdomen. That is when I decided to cut down my diet and restrict my lifestyle anomalies. Dieting did not really help me because I could not ignore the temptations of delicious foods available everywhere. Therefore, I had to configure something that would not compromise my taste yet would be effective for losing what I have gained. I wanted something that I could follow with dedication for a long term. So I designed my own fitness plan.

The following flexible regulations did help me to get a flat stomach and lose the unwanted flab in a short span but it is needed to be followed with a long term plan to maintain that flat stomach. My body responses to changes very fast so I put on weight quickly and also lose weight fast. But people with slower responses can also see results. It is a healthy habit to be inculcated so it can never be unwelcome.

Step 1: Move Your Body

The more we sit and work, the more we are prone to lifestyle diseases and we are more likely to gain weight. Our bodies are made to move and not just sit. Along with using our brains we need to use our muscles. Involving the muscles in our regular activities, keeps them happy and increases the blood flow in the body. So, whatever your occupation may be, make sure you exercise regularly; at least for 30 minutes a day for 5 days a week.

If you are someone who loves to go to the gym, then it's well and good but if you are the one who does not want a vigorous workout regime then you can just practice a few light exercises at home. Do 20 sit-ups daily or try out standing crunches, squat 5-6 times, that would be more than enough. There are many workout videos available on YouTube that give creative ideas on exercising. You may not repeat the same exercises regularly as the body gets used to it. Therefore try a variety of postures or put your own creativity and innovate new ways to involve all the muscles. If you do not like exercising at all and find it boring but you have a soft corner for music then play some nice music of whatever genre you prefer and shake your legs to it.

When dancing is not your niche and exercise pushes you away then go for a walk in your neighborhood. Observe the people around, feel the breeze, look at the flowers or be lost in your world. Add a round of light jogging in your walking schedule and that will escalate the process of burning calories. You can also burn calories while doing your household chores. Play any music and that will boost the pace of your work at home.

If nothing from the above motivates you then you need to look at the mirror and think of missing the flab that has become your new friend.

Workouts For a Tighter Tummy

Step 2: Massage

Most women and also a few man tend to suffer from the problem of cellulite or orange peel syndrome. Cellulite is caused due to various reasons and crash dieting is one of them. Cellulite also occurs in women due to hormonal factors and physiological changes.

This disease is primarily symbolized by the presence of Adipose tissues that swell into fat, expanding into the dermis (layer of skin between epidermis and subcutaneous tissues) causing overlaying skin to protrude thereby resulting into flab. Therefore, it is important to massage the areas with flab and dimpling skin with an anti-cellulite oil or cream. If you do not get any anti-cellulite product, massage the area with any normal massage oil. Massage the belly in circular motion with medium pressure for 10-15 minutes, then wrap the area with a hot towel for 15 minutes or apply steam on that area for 5 minutes.

Coffee also has great anti-cellulite properties. Thus coffee mixed with sugar and olive oil can be used as a scrub to massage the flab area.

Step 3: Eat Whatever You Want

I don't believe in crash diets. The idea of cutting down carbs does not seem to convince me. It is essential to have all kinds of nutrients for a proper metabolism and cutting down a particular nutrient can do more harm than good. Everyone has specific taste depending on their location, ethnicity and availability. A particular diet plan might not suit all. Moreover, it might not be accessible to all. I have tried to follow a few diet plans but they have hurt my pocket more than doing any good to my body. Therefore, I feel it is always good to eat whatever we feel like because when we give up on something we love, that generates a sense of sacrifice which demotivates us. If we have to give up something, we have to give up that flab and not what we cherish. So, eat anything but eat in right quantity. Stop eating at the point when you start feeling heavy. Do not skip meals. Eat often but eat in small quantities. Drink lots of water and add some fibers to your diet. If possible restrict your soda intake as sodas tend to cause bloating. Eat slowly and eat happily.

Step 4: Sleep

Sleep is essential for your body. Inadequate sleep tends to promote weight gain. Sleep as much as you can. When there is too much of stress and there are problems that you can't solve by thinking, take a nap. Sleep relieves stress and it also adds glow to your skin. Sleep until you feel fresh. Working is important but the most important thing to you is yourself. Therefore, take care of yourself. Have you observed babies when they sleep? They seem to epitomize peace. We all are babies somewhere inside and growing up should not snatch that bliss from us because no one cherishes life so beautifully as the babies do.


Never compare your body with others because it's you who adorns it and you are unique. Your body is a work of art, try to construct it the way you want and the way that makes you happy. Love yourself and love your body. I hope these tips will help you to get the body you admire.


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