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How to Lose Motivation in Ten Days

Updated on January 17, 2012

How Your Diet Will Fail if You Let It

*You're Dieting - It is true that a reduction in calories is the only way to lose weight. But, if you're thinking like a dieter, you're more likely to fail. The better solution - think about what you like to eat. Make a list of healthy food (ie whole grains, vegetables, fruits, fish, etc.). Cross out the stuff you refuse to eat. Put the stuff you are willing to try in one column and the things you like in another. Add these things to your diet or substitute them for the bad stuff. Learn to eat healthy for the rest of your life; not just so you can lose the weight.

*You're Starving - If you're eating less than 1200 calories a day (for women), you are probably very hungry. I wouldn't want to be you. When I lost 70 pounds I never went below 1600 calories a day. On most days I ate about 1800 calories. I lost the weight slowly - 1/2 pound to two pounds a week. I've also kept it off. Reduce your caloric intake 3500 calories a week per one pound a week you want to lose. You can figure out your resting metabolic rate here - Use your Harris Benedict Equation to determine how much you should be eating -

*You're Burning Out - Whoa there partner! You took how many classes at the gym today? If you are just revving to go, that's great, but balance is important. Choose a variety of activities for your workout. Exercise three times a week when starting a new diet. Otherwise, you'll be ravenous by dinner time. Yes, exercise makes you hungry. If you learn what to eat before and after a workout, you'll make it through the workout and you won't eat an entire cow afterwards.

*You're Not Measuring Your Food - You don't have to measure for the rest of your life, but until you know how much to eat, measure your portions. Meat should be about three ounces which is about the size of your palm. Measure nuts, pasta, rice, vegetables or anything else in a measuring cup. Otherwise, you're probably just pouring a guesstimation into the pot and going over a serving for sure.

*You're Eating Out Too Much - Fast food is not good for you. Eat at home and you'll reduce your sodium and sugar intake. The only way to know what you're consuming is to make it yourself. To know how to eat, look at a food pyramid. These are the things you should be consuming. All the rest is junk.

*You're Not Tracking What You're Eating - See, the stuff you were saying before starting this new plan are things like, "I don't eat that much so how am I not losing weight?" You are eating that much. At least for the first month, track your calories. Even if you don't change how you eat, track them and see the reason you're not losing the weight. Or, if your thing is, "All I eat is salad," break that salad down. Do you eat bacon bits, croutons, cheese, meat and dressing? These things add up. On occasion, they add up to more than a double cheeseburger. So, track online or in a journal. Tracking online will also give you an idea of how much of the other stuff (salt, sugar, fat, cholesterol) you're consuming. makes tracking easy online.

*You're Living With a Saboteur - In a perfect world, your significant other would jump on board the health train with you, but this is not a perfect world. Not everyone is as gung ho as you. If you're spouse, roommate or parents continue to bring home pizza, you must have self control. Have a healthy meal ready to go. The crock pot is a great solution. If you've already made it, you're more apt to eat it instead of the pizza.

*You're Your Own Worst Enemy - Hey, Debbie Downer, you had a piece of birthday cake at the company party. Get over it! You haven't messed up your diet forever. Eat normally the rest of the day even though you've probably gone over your calories, and start anew the next day. A little "mess up" here and there isn't reason to give up altogether. That negative attitude doesn't help either. Quit calling yourself a failure or fat or an idiot or whatever other offensive phrase you have on a loop inside your head. You wouldn't put up with it from other people. You definitely shouldn't put up with it from yourself.


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