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How to Lose Weight & Fat in One Month?

Updated on August 23, 2010

There is enough time to lose weight, so throw away from your mind; all the debilitating diets and avoid yourself from starving.It will be enough to modify a bit your daily ration (or diet). You have to drink a glass of non fat yogurt, Instead of dinner. And a cup of coffee at breakfast, add only some plate of oatmeal or buckwheat, but without butter and sugar or cereal. Reduce the amount of servings by increasing with the number of meals to 5-6 a day.This restructuring will reduce the caloric content of food ration by 400-700 kcal.

But it is important, that you will have to say no to cakes, pickles, and so on, but in return you have to eat more fruits and vegetables. To loose weight and to decrease in volume, the daily ration should consist of 55% from carbohydrates, 30% - of protein and 15% - of fat. At the same time we must not forget that there are different carbohydrates. Two days a week should try to have only "natural" carbohydrates such as vegetables, fruits, cereals and on the third day you can afford: bread (better than grain or bran), porridge.

In addition, you have to include necessarily in your daily menu proteins like: meat, fish, poultry, nuts and legumes. Every day you can have two types of vegetables of different colors and better fresh. Dairy prod-cuts are also needed but not quite fat, but just low-fat.

But you have to remember it is not allowed to say a complete no to some products, because it will not lead to anything good! And most important is that, we must not forget that the body is created for motion and after loosing 3-5 pounds, and then, 10 extra pounds you bode and power will not support you to move. To say it in a more precise way, you will loose your energy and would not be able to make a simple movement or after a simple movement you became tired very fast. We must remember, no diet will be successful if it is supplemented by physical stress. Training needs to much energy and the addition to diet this disbarment of energy will simply cause the loose of mind, because of lack of energy and power. If you have decided to loose weight not using any diets, there are several choices to loose it for example: aerobics, yoga, swimming, gym, dancing.


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